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  1. Hey Torhal, Go to you Obsidian account https://eternity.obsidian.net/login -> My Products -> there should be the list of Digital Items you have available for the Tier you have backed and there should be the digital key for game itself.
  2. I understand that cooldowns on skills or some kind of stamina changes combat a lot. And I don't want to change that. I really like how it is right now. There is big difference to have only two or three knockdowns on warrior per fight or have it on cooldown and use it how many times I want. Just wish they could make pure warriors a little bit more fun to play. Maybe some rage/momentum bar which could be filled by critical strikes or kills to give extra use on special skills and so on.
  3. Sure, I just stated that in Tyranny it was achieved through cooldowns on skills. Obviously it wouldn't work so well for PoE. But I do hope they will somehow rework melee classes. Maybe introduce synergies system or something like that.
  4. Exactly my thoughts Badgerconda. Combat with melee chars in Tyranny was so much fun and combos with companions were refreshing. In PoE it was same every fight. Get aggro, activate shield, use knockdown and then forget about them for the rest of the fight. I know there was ability cooldown in Tyranny which helped to keep fighters active for the whole fight. Would be really great if they could do something about it in PoE. But maybe multi-classing is the only way.
  5. Hmm, who would have thought that such side content as giant statue in Od Nua dungeon will play major role in sequel. Just wondering, was there any info about statue identity in base game ? Me and many others just thought it was statue of Od Nua himself. Also presence of Eothas disappeared from world after defeat of St. Waidven. So, how did he end up under Caed Nua ?? So many questions. Hopefully new lore will give us the answers. EDIT. Might that be that statue under Caed Nua was only a empty vessel (made from Adra) and Eothas choose it for physical body ?
  6. I was searching for how to activate Zahua's quest and came upon whole new area called Mowrghek Ien. So I went to Stalwart to activate it but assassin's body is not there to open new area and start a quest. I am already past the Iron Flail Quest will it appear later and when ? Not sure if this is bug so posting it here.
  7. Quite strange you have encountered this bug. I thought this was fixed a long long time ago. Anyway, I used solution described above by Powerpaul. It forces "WINDS OF STEEL" conversation to appear with Clyver. I was then able to get support of Crucible Knights at Hearing.
  8. Good to see others share my view. I like art in PoE and lack of free wallpapers, concept art and so on saddens me. Hopefully, background theme will appear soon somewhere. And I'd like to hear new main menu music for White March, too! But I guess this is because of how WM is actually implemented to the main game.
  9. I just started White March for the first time and...got hit by nostalgia. I have always loved Icewind Dale series especially because of winter theme so I was pretty excited about White March announcement. But to get to the point. I love that live winter background. Is it possible to get it as simple or better as living wallpaper for windows? Do you know how to extract it from data files ?
  10. I did it too and it works. But I think whoever you choose it WON´T change the outcome.
  11. Well, maybe that's your problem right there... Looks like this game is not afraid to (sometimes) punish mindless meta-gaming and reward role-playing & careful choices. That's a good thing imo. Not if it's poorly designed though. The knights were clearly also interested in the weapons, so there should have been an option to do the same quest for them. Yet there wasn't. There should have been an option to give the weapons to the scripted patrol encounter instead of having it unconditionally turn hostile. Yet there wasn't. There should have been an option to bring the weapons to the
  12. So If I accepted first quest from the Dozens and Knights and then accepted second quest from Dozens (before Winds of Steel quest) then there is no way for me to get second quest from Knigts and therefore invitation for hearing (even after patch) ?
  13. Hello, Can you please comment on this problem and if it will be patched in 1.05 ? It is game-breaking for me :/ http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/75262-unable-to-join-animancy-hearing-103-patch-did-not-fix/
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