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  1. I could have sworn i checked in with her right before heading to the keep and making the save I sent in. Maybe I got my ordering of what I did mixed up. Oh well, thank you
  2. I haven't noticed anyone else post about this. Strange, maybe they all just gave up on a proper fix and just kill all 3 factions.
  3. Well I signed up for Drop box just to do this. This save should be me standing in front of whatever his name is in charge of the Knights. Ive killed off the first floor of the Doemenels, and killed a small group of Adventurers in the Adventuer Guild Hall and my journal shows I've broken my ties with both those groups. I can ask him about the fact that the knights are attending the hearing, but not actually ask for him to represent me. https://www.dropbox.com/s/q4fmxft6vzvd07i/output_log.txt?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/iy79l6jvl97rmi2/6044696e6df04611aaa356a3b4cdaaa2%20
  4. I should have included this. House Doemenel also gives the same response when I do their quests, I'm too buddy buddy with another faction. And Lady Webb doesn't give me the option to go with her. I haven't yet attempted to kill members from the Knights yet because I really liked them. I really don't want murdering NPCs to be a workaround for something that should have been fixed.
  5. I had worked myself into a corner by doing quests for both the Dozen and the Knights and so neither would represent me at the Animancy hearing. Once the patch came out, I went around and talked to both the dozen and the knights and the dozen still tell me they won't help me because im a lackey of the knights. When it comes to the knights, I'm able to talk to their commander about the hearing, but my dialog option to request them represent me is just plain missing. I went and killed a few people at the dozen HQ, my journal entries show my ties are broken with the dozen and that other thieving f
  6. I'm in the same situation Reverant is, very frustrating. I've also done just about every quest there is up to this point. I guess I'm going to shelve the game until the next patch and see if the Knights will represent me in the hearing, after doing them the slight favor of saving them from complete annihilation.
  7. Frobisher, that's exactly what I experienced as well. I'm really contemplating going back there and killing the guy myself just to get to recruit Pallegina.
  8. Under graphics options is "Cage Cursor" that will keep the mouse from leaving the game window, letting edge scrolling work.
  9. This really is one of those things that makes me want to shelve the game until its fixed. But I'm also worried that its not fixable for someone that already killed her and doesn't have a save to go back to. This also makes me wish the game did something like cycle between 3 autosave and quicksave slots, would make me feel a lot happier right now. Does this game have console commands? would it be possible to force the journal update?
  10. Gotta say its happening to me too, I'm guessing its required to get Pallegina and I was really looking forward to getting her.
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