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  1. it doesnt have to become bigger but it can become more meaner looking
  2. Everything we're discussing on this thread has occurred to the developers, and they've engaged us in discussion about all of this extensively... numerous times here and elsewhere in the last couple of years. The design was deliberate. No, more than that. The Design was a result of a very strongly held game philosophy.If you ask them why you can backstab a Spore, or how in hell an amorphous blob of goo can be knocked down, or why a flying creature can slip and fall on slickened ground that it's not touching, they will respond by turning the entire issue upside down and giving you stupid, casual-gamer-centric, answers that don't actually address the LOGIC issue, like:1) If we limit the number of creatures that can be knocked down, people playing fighters will complain that knockdown isn't useful!2) If we make some creatures immune to a certain element type, then we will be screwing over those players who filled their Grimoires up with Fire spells! Or Ice spells, or shock spells etc. Not to mention non-spell casters, who, without meta-knowledge, decided to enchant their weapons with a specific element damage type and then later find themselves screwed when entering a cave full of Fire Blights! (remember the goal here: No Bad Builds. No useless talents.)^^^ And in case no one's connected the dots yet, this is exactly the definition of "dumbing down". The "Everything works on everything so don't worry about your combat options!" may sound great on paper, but in application it ends up making encounters less tactical. We already see people complaining that combat in this game is boring because every encounter can be successfully won exactly the same way. Well? That's what happens when enemies lack immunities. @Stun: they did make monsters immune to certain elemens, see the table PBJam posted. Well not completely immune but highly resistant or vulnerable, which is similar
  3. some tips to help use the table better: Most weapons and abilities target deflectipn AOE abilities target Reflex Mental abilities target Will Diseases/Poison abilities target Fortitude
  4. Is there a command that unlocks all dialog choices? I'd like to know too
  5. This website explains it: Pillars of Eternity: Grimoire basically you can use different grimoires for different situations, like requiring AOEs, Debuffs, etc
  6. I recall finding the same plant, am assuming it was in the same location. So it appears they spawn in the same place for everyone Added brief description on where to find it in the encampment becaue it can be missed if you go west from Sparfel instead of going north
  7. Zone is a bigger area that has a whole map For example, Encampment and Dyrford Village are zones Think of zones as "Big Areas" So Area, as you guessed, is a smaller location inside the zone. Kind of like a "Subzone". But "Area" is a better name than "Subzone". For example the Temple of Berath and the Dracogen Inn are Areas Note that all zones are also areas, but areas are not zones. Sounds confusing at first but like I said just think of Zones as Big Areas and youll get the jist of it! Ok thanks for clarifying, so I understand buildings (such as shops) are "Areas"? What about a specific room in a building? Also are dungeons "Zones"?
  8. I have a question, I noticed some locations are categorized as "Zones" and some as "Areas" whats the difference exactly because am working on some new locations and not sure how to categorize
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