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[Minimal Spoilers!] Soloing Path of the Damned. Advice?

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Greetings, all!

A solo Cipher on PotD at early levels felt frustrating and like suicide.  (I only got to the first town.)  A Chanter's 'Thunder Rolls' and 'Summon Skeleton' and 'DR to Piercing and Slashing' abilities greatly help.

I was considering going Wood Elf Chanter, maxing MGT, DEX, and INT, dumping PER and RES and putting the rest into CON.  I use a (cross)bow as my main weapon and use a kite and smite strategy.  I Stealth as much as practical and lay traps to end fights quickly (Mechanics).

If I'm still allowed to take a second class later in the game, I'm seriously considering Wizard or Cipher.  Both give me crowd control and I know Cipher can confuse and Charm foes from level 1.

How much Stealth and Mechanics are practical for this build?  What specific abilities are notably spiffy or bad for me?

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You should pick orlean as class, and wild as subrace.


as stats, 

Might: 9 -> you need the def stat (theoretically, you can make it lowest as possible, becaus echanter has on every level chant and spells, whch do damage independet from might value)

Con: highest possible -> you need the def stat

Dex: 3 ->lowest possible

Wa: 20 -> 10 deflection, balance out the reflex from low Dex, high interrupt

Int: 3 -> lowest possible

Pe: 20 -> 10 deflection, balance out the low will from int, high concentration, needed that your long cast do not get interrupted


Defence stats at start:


50 deflection --> on level 2 you wil have around 70 with shild and shild specc

40 Fort --> you need it so high as possible, if you check negative status, poision can give you stun and -40 deflection....it is like instant death, when it triggers...

30 Ref--> you can buff it over shild talent, which convert shild deflection into reflex defence (first pick on level 2)

30 Will--> your race abiltity gives +10 to all defence stats after a will defence check (so really good)



good: +10 fort, +10 will --> if you find enemey who posion you to death...activate this chant, and you will survie

good: +10 ref --> against heavy mage combos

good: aoe damage --> at the start to get little more DPS :)


Summon: phantom ... phantom has highest defence stats of all summon, all for at 60, and his attacks stun the enemy...it is best summon at start. with phantom you can solo first solo map, without bear cave.


Good items at start: the horn from the blacksmith in first town, for 600cu you get a summon with similar stats like phantom, which can be castet 1 per rest at the beginning of fight. helps to get 3 chants to summon phantom.


scrolls: coin of fire scroll, this aoe makes groups easier, but you will get in your first 4 level only 2 scrolls of this spell. but this two make quest possible.


Stealth, useless--it only increase the time enemies need to find you, but they will find you.

athletic -->2-3 points,

lore--> very important, you need scrolls in solo run.

mechanik, very important ---> you need the extra XP from traps, and you need the traps you get, by useing this 

last--> unimportant, you should have always enough of food to rebuff it, when it runs out.


Items: you need different set for stacking different damage reduction stats...for example, phantoms in first town do fire and cold damage.-->you can find in early maps a cape what gives you 20% cold damage to endurance, very helpful to do it.


Shild (already told, you need shild talent, to boost refex defence with shild value.


Weapon-->1 handed, hatchet give +5 extra deflection as standart, stilleto and knife have +5 accuary.


Later you find a sabre, which gives you 20% endurance from damage done, as 1 hand.



The good point as chanter, he is flexible to his enemies. if you get killed by a group, check the damage log and see, what kills you. than restart fight over save game with a chant what increase your defence against this attack.

If this still not enough, switch items, too.


For example, in the map for the cure quest in fist town, the camp in north eastern have poision as attack, which gives a stun effect, and -40 to deflection....they could simply kill me. at this try I had 40 Fot defence, I increased over item to 45...still got the poision...than I added the chant and i was at 55 Fot....now i never got the poision...and i could corner tank this camp and won it with phantom.


Later, there are more nasty effects, but you get in defensive talent screen good buffs to counter it. (and ater even chants, too)

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Note that INT affects Chanter song areas and durations.

How effective is kite and smite?  I planned to run around until I could summon something, summon that, then use a ranged weapon to deal damage while waiting for my next Chanter spell to ready.

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