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  1. It can, after my first PotD run, dieing risk is betweet level 1-4 highest...can be dogded by leveling to level 5. All small room encounters can be dogded, until you oultlevel them with "easier" quest. Only hard fight I found in game, which cannot be dogded, is Thalos. And Thalos is a practice question. After you know, how it works, you can kill him to 100%. With this pictures, I have seen 3 different PotD tactics for him. I personal try at the moment the kite tactic in my game for the 4th variant to kill him.
  2. 5.) crafting... crafting suxx at some points...the crafting mats are split all over the world to traiders...and high level crafting mats are sold in act 3 village, only... weapon enchantments from good --> fine--->to perfect do not work, because you get message, this weapon already has a enchantment in this slot...same goes for armor... highest level enchantment (level 12) on weapon needs to kill encounter for mats, for which you acctually want this weapon armor... it is easier to buy high level weapons at the traders...than to update your weapons...in this systems...+6 accurcy weapon focus talent isn#t good...because it can happen, that you go at level 12 with a non weapon focus weapon, simply it has +12 accurcy +1,3 enchantment...and you do not find a weapon for your weapon focus with this enchantment.
  3. 4.) items Cloak of cold damage DR and LL on it... it is level 2-3 random loot...and one of the strongest items ingame (ghost are all cold damage). you can get it in random loot chest....for example inn second floor...temple chests....the problem...it is random, and these chest can have all the other rings blacksmith sells, too. if you want the mantle, my advice, go inn...open chest...check loot....it mantle...perfect...if not...attack the person next to chest, escape button,leave game, reload save....go down to frist floor...rest...open chest....check loot....rince and repeat until you get it.
  4. you need 2 lore for fan of fire...with trader start, it means 1 point into it. the phantoms are about fort defence and stunning, if you do not get stunned...you can fan them to death in bottleneck at entrance to the chest. if you fear stunlock...you need lore 4 for sunbeam...if you run there...a shadow will to 100% the mob which blocks the entrance, (no stun) and you can sunbeam the phantoms which are waiting behind...so no stunlock. import is firedamage...only 5 DR on them.
  5. penhold? forged affidavit... we speaking of solo run, you cannot forge it without 2 companions, if oyu speak about the LL spear. ___________________ o, found it, you speak about knight questline with breast item Part 5: Conclusion - Winning Favor with the Dozens Osric can’t believe you managed to retrieve the breastplate. Choose from among the following: Inform Osric that you put Penhelm in his place and you’ll receive 2,000 cp and benefit from a minor positive Reputation with the Dozens. Let Osric know you slaughtered some people to obtain the breastplate. This concerns him, and he tells you to get lost. You keep the Osric Family Breastplate and get a small negative Reputation decrease with the Dozens. Lie to Osric and reveal that Penhelm gave it willingly. This is the best outcome if you are cool with fibbing. You’ll keep the breastplate, score 2,000 cp and receive positive Reputation with the Dozens.
  6. 1.) Xaurip Skirmisher, Phantoms, for Temple, Bridge and Mother Questline in the first 4 level. if you have 65+ Fort defence, they cannot perma stunlock you and you get chances to kill them with Fan, Summon or outrun them (simply run so far as possible) or get position for bottleneck (Stronghold, for fan strike of death) 2.) Mechanics is must have, it gives early free XP and better loot. 9-10 points are never wrong. Stealth...situational, I had at the end 4 points into it....but i put most of them at level 10+ into it...you do not need it,if you have running speed and know how to spilt pull. Lore...all your rest points after mechanic should be going there, Fan of fire with level 1, heal and rolling flame at level 2, heal and paralyse at level 3, moonwell + wall of flame at level 4, maelstorm at 5. Really strong spells, which make your non caster into a caster...really strong. But in realtiy, you will get 4 points into it at level 4, and than you put more points in mechanics until it is level 9-10 (at level 11) Athlectics....3 at your first level up....than you have -90%...and it is maxed out. Survival....i never put a point there, but at level 12 you can put 1 point into it, when you cannot skill up the other skills anymore. 3.) Figures: 1.: Blacksmith, 6000cp...it is only item worth to buy there, normally you can buy it at level 3-4, when you done raedric quest line...my advice...speak with raedric for help, than plunder his basemant all floors....you should now have 12kcp. and let the quest, which one to kill in stalemate, until your level is higher. you only want the income from the stronghold. 2.: Act 2, wood summon, 15000cp...copperfield market, you can buy it directly, if you know, how to fight first room of stronghold without figure (fort defence, bootleneck, 4 fan of flame) beatles, secret on copperfield market shadows, embrassy, needs mechanics 7-8 big beatle, graveyard, needs main quest and mechanics and high stealth, if youdo not want to fight heavy strong zombies early 4.) items retilale strike item for mellee characters, there are 3 source... cape, random offer from stronghold trader, trader shows as event message in your window...the offer cost 600cp, he only offers one item...and even when you have buyed the item, he can offer it again...you have to skip time abuse and it is random plate armor...trader house in harbor distrect quest...you get delivery quest/than killing or protecting quest/than you get in embrassy trading stolen items quest...this quest ends with a perma fight encounter against a really strong foe, they drop as only act 2 source items with +12 accurcy enchamtment and dam mod (level 12 enchantment). shild, mainquest, dryford ruins for mainquest, you get the item inside were small adamit pet also drops (in my game) your character should be able to kill Trolls...and adamits...and small group encounter when you leave ruins...it is a small shild (no accurcy penaitly) and perhabs best item next to cap to get.
  7. barbarians drink every night at the campfire and singing the lore of the world..and brawl with each other...and the winner get her.
  8. That what i see...sword and shild...my monk worked until lvel 12 in PotD without ever touching a shild into a fight. And this fight seems to force you to a shild in PotD. I have a "backup" save and try to do act 4 with other level 12 talent. lets se how it works.
  9. Than you have the follow up quest, read agains,you should meet with a group at the bridge as "buyer" of rar items. The group drops your armor. Questname: "the forgotten"
  10. I do not say Wiz is weak...he shines at late level with crazy strong spells....Stoneing and ring of death.... I only say, if somebody want to play battlemage, he should pick druid, because he will get a easier gameexperience on every difficulty. The spell system of druid has no missskilling of your spells, a wizard, if you d not know what to skill, can go totally wrong And the grimore system to avoid missspells, is a gamble. because in 90% of cases, they have always the same spells.
  11. I wish I could pick on even number level up not only the gerneric talents, but missing class talents, too. As barb, monk or fighter...the missing talents would widen your playstyl....generic talents are in most cases boring, but some give good reward for picking.
  12. I repeat, the life leech level 2 buff, mark of the hunt is a extra enchantment for your weapon you carry, which adds RAW damage on attack. (DR indeptent) The good point, there are many good weapon...with crazy strong elemental bonus or cast, but you will not take them, because the lack LL. LL gives you in a normal group fight like 20 extra endurance...at the moment you get retiale strike, it is 40-60 extra endurance. There is in my PotD on a small number of fights, were LL wasn't good. Thalos, Fire Dragoon, Sky Dragon....because they drop 100+ damage cast on you. But in this fitghs, a druid has good extra heal...
  13. next step from deliery quest is kill or protect the trader... if trader got killed, the embrassy rewards you with new quest. the group you fight in this quest drops the plate amor
  14. I think strongest battle mage is druid without shapeshifting. You get your spells for free (no 4 active spell limit). You base stats are higher than mage from level 1 on. You get a raw damage level 2 buff, which has Life Leech...which means you are only class which can enchant Life Leech on there weapon. Like mage, at level 9 your spells become per encounter. You have good AOE damage. You have good sources for RAW damage. You have summons, so you can flank your enemies with them. You have O-**** heals for the O-**** moments.
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