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  1. Grab the bow, quaff invisibility potion, run to the exit and wait until combat canceled. Just theorical :D
  2. Yes, certain quests give you unwanted dispositions, no matter of your choice during dialogue. It is annoying.
  3. Only single class wizards need buffs, otherwise people will still go subclass for their passives, such as enchanter/any. This is overall hard to balance, I'm not sure devs will give this special treatment to wizards, usually they just leave it be.
  4. Oh boy I really need the pale elf version, someone please~
  5. I hope they'll change the description of enchanter, so people don't get befuddled by it, the subschool only has 1 or 2 cc spells after all.
  6. Well, turns out the quest is bugged, that swamp witch won't drop her grimoire if she died during transformation
  7. So where do I find the swamp witch's grimoire? I found a bunch of swamp witches but they are druids so they don't drop any grimoires. I also found a brawler's grimoire which updated the quest while it is not on the to-find-list, is this quest bugged? Can some one just tell me where are these grimoires?
  8. How do you get the game to display that cool looking fake language? You can also get the game to display this fabled language by choosing it in game language option xD
  9. Playing a Beguiler can be quite fun when fighting tough mobs, by spamming charm you can remove one enemy from fight for a very long time, and as your level increase charm becomes free spammable as long as it hits. But after level 10, combat will soon gets really bored even play on PoTD, you won't need cc anymore and my Beguiler​ falls to a pure support char, doing "Anyone needs pain lock?" that sort of stuff, my game is quite boring now. Here is some fun time pics, and I hate Huana commoners btw.
  10. I prefer blunderbuss, wearing the pre-order hat makes you immune to blunderbuss active skill's debuff~
  11. It would be great for sharing and perfecting each one's AI settings if we can export/import them. The AI settings are not save dependent, so I guess there is way?
  12. Summoned weapons are bad... really bad. You can try though, but many have tried discarded their builds very fast.
  13. Any weapon is viable so far, I prefer magic missile! Or any weapon that has dual damage type.
  14. As far as I understand it the TCS type achievements aren't yet in the game. They shouldn't! Berath's blessing protects us!
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