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  1. They live hundreds of years. You would expect them to be generally wiser, more experienced, and more capable in most mind-related tasks than any other races. You would expect them to have a great knowledge of world history, whether by studying or simply by experiencing it. You would expect their wizards to be vastly superior to other races, since they had far more time to practice it. You would expect them to see any other race as some toddler who knows nothing about life and the world. Yet, ingame, they behave just like any other race. Why?
  2. The archmages are indeed appearing too frequently, and, more importantly, are weaker than the Watcher. For unique geniuses who probably have access to spells that nobody else has, it is not reasonable for them to be defeated by another level 20 wizard (who, few months earlier, was at level 1), at their own turf. If they are to be fought against, they should have been more of an end-game boss, with an entire main plot revolving around them (including find some way to defeat them), not some optional sidequest. I also think that we met too many gods, but I suppose it is somewhat expected since we are hunting a stray god. This is kinda controversial. RPwise, your character could be a battle- and life-seasoned veteran, for example, Anitlei-type monk, who simply believes he is punching that mage's face hard through all his protections, and it really happens in life. Or a trained aedyran battlemage, adept at countering other mages' protections and then running them through. If you are a pure level 20 specialist wizard, it is unreasonable to assume you will defeat an Archmage, full of enchanted equipment, at his own home, with his guardians and wards, without being at least a superior spellcaster. Concelhaut is experienced, old, can summon an entire army of elite undead, has numerous named spells, his home is full of wards, and created many famous spells. If I am to defeat Concelhaut as a specialist wizard under these conditions, I must be an absolute Master Spellcaster, probably one of the most talented that has ever lived, and come with a plan, instead of simply charging while butchering an army of living elite mercenaries and an army of elite undead, meeting the guy in his room, and butchering him, with borrowed spells. Having my own named custom spell is the least I could expect.
  3. Can you see the spells of your spellcasters normally?
  4. The archmages are indeed appearing too frequently, and, more importantly, are weaker than the Watcher. For unique geniuses who probably have access to spells that nobody else has, it is not reasonable for them to be defeated by another level 20 wizard (who, few months earlier, was at level 1), at their own turf. If they are to be fought against, they should have been more of an end-game boss, with an entire main plot revolving around them (including find some way to defeat them), not some optional sidequest. I also think that we met too many gods, but I suppose it is somewhat expected since we are hunting a stray god.
  5. You are a level 20 Wizard, capable of defeating multiple Archmages (a feat that they themselves didn't manage to do). So why don't you get your own "Watcher's Vortex of Doom"? I think it would be interesting if the watcher could craft his own custom spell, depending on specialization, after reaching level 20 (similar, to a certain extent, of what you get in Oblivion). It doesn't need to be anything complicated. For example: Evocation: Select the elemental damage, the AoE and armor/defense debuff; Conjuration: Select the damage type, the AoE, and Dex afflictions OR a custom made weapon; Illusions: Select the damage type (if any), the AoE and Res afflictions; Transmutation: Select the damage type, the AoE, secondary effects (like life draining) and Con afflictions; Enchanting: Select the AoE, any of the attribute afflictions/defense and armor debuffs OR some self/AoE buff. Use a point system, where you can select damage, spell level, AoE, buff/debuff duration and types. As long as the strongest spell you can create is on the same power of other spells of the same level, it shouldn't be an issue. The icon and spell graphics would be fixed depending on some primary characteristc of the spell (elemental damage, type of debuff, etc). It would also be interesting if you got a reaction from an archmage if you happen to battle against him (some acknowledgement or surprise after you cast the spell, in the middle of the combat).
  6. Yes, I happened to me too. I fixed it by deleting windows registry of the game. The bug also has affected the Esc Menu. If I tried to change certain things, I wouldn't be able to exit the Menu. If you want a fix (assuming you are on windows), here is how I have done it (do it at your own risk, it is generally not recommended to mess with windows registry if you do not know what you are doing, though if you follow these steps there will not be any problems): In windows (7), click on Start->Search-> In the field, type: regedit and then press enter. It should open windows Registry Editor Just to be safe, back up the entire registry Go to File->Export-> write a name, choose a folder and click on save. If anything goes wrong, you can use the options File->Import-> Then select the file you created to restore it back to how it was. After doing the above steps, do the following: Navigate the folders: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Obsidian Entertainment/Pillars of Eternity II Back up the folder: right click on it->select export, choose a name and location and click save. After backing up, delete the folder Pillars of Eternty II. WARNING: Do not mess up with any other registry entry of any other folder, it can render windows or other softwares unstable. You _might_ have to reinstall your game, though it was not needed for me. All your configurations of the game (graphic settings, combat auto pause options, key mappings) will have to be redone. It does not affect Berath's blessing nor your savegames.
  7. Nevermind, I was able to fix it by deleting the registry entries of the game on windows.
  8. After creating a character, Berath says nothing, the door won't open and I remain in spirit form. If I press esc to go to Menu, I can't close menu screen.
  9. I get the maximum damage of some the spell, and multiply by (1+(Power Level-Spell level)*0.1+0.2 (from MIGHT)). I select the most damaging AoE spells from their respective spell levels and sum the damage of all of them.
  10. Why would you want to wildshape? Does it improve your spellcasting in some way? Druid VI and VII spells are neither good for CC nor damage, it seems (they all seem crap, for their level). Wizard's Level 8 and 9 CC spells don't seem that impressive, if you compare with what you can get with lower level Druid spells. On the other hand, wilting wind and meteor shower do seem like gamechanging spells. It is also important to consider that the base powerlevel of a wizard is higher than a sorcerer. Wizard/Lifegiver is a solid choice, IMO. Life giver is probably better than Fury for the sorcerer, and the Wizard/Lifegiver combo is the most versatile spellcaster in the game. But if healing is secondary, I wonder if going sorcerer instead of full wizard is a good choice. WIth some simple calculations, I can estimate the 60s of spell unleashing would make a wizard deal at most 1350 damage (not considering Wall of Many Colors), while a sorcerer could do at most 1190 damage under the same conditions. It seems reasonable to assume that you won't be losing that much DPS as a sorcerer. In terms of CC, they seem to be at the same level. By the way, how does the Major Grimoire Imprint works? After stealing a spell, can I cast it infinitely many times in combat? Can I cast on an ally?
  11. I believe Fury bonus only works with druid "elemental" spells. Wizard spells are of other category (mainly evocation and conjuration for damage). Regarding Amira's Blessing, is it cast per encounter or per rest (though, considering you can rest anywhere, I suppose it is a moot point)? Even if you have Amira's blessing, it won't change the fact that a wizard could cast 3 wilting winds instead of 2, and if you have that grimoire that gives one additional cast for each spell level, you get the opportunity to unleash 4 wilting winds as a wizard (5 if you empower), vs 1 as a sorcerer. Sorcerer is probably the best support/control/damage hybrid spellcaster there is, but I am wondering how much it would suffer in the damage department against a full wizard. Maybe it is worth it: consider that Wilting wind can deal 117 AoE damage per cast if you have +3 power levels over the spell and 20% damage bonus from might, vs 78 AoE damage per cast from from Hails Storm (assuming 1.0 penetration) under the same conditions (+5 power levels+20% might damage), perhaps the sorcerer won't suffer that much. Why would pure wizard be better at CC? The only really relevant CCs that I see from spell levels 8 and 9 are Caedebald's Blackbow, Petrification and Cloak of Death, none of them which seems much better than Relentless storm, Embrace of the Earth Talon and Overwhelming Wave. If 60 seconds is the average time for a typical endgame encounter, then you could reliably throw around 10 spells. A nuking wizard could throw 2 spells of each level from 5 to 9. A sorcerer would probably nuke with 6 spells from level 5 to 7 on the wizard's side and 4 spells from level 4 and 5 on the druid side (since VI and VII levels of druid spells don't come with relevant AoE damage-dealing/CC spells). It is indeed a significant downgrade from wizard to sorcerer at later levels, it seems.
  12. So, how does sorcerer fare against wizard in the control/nuke department,? Specifically, I am looking at the mid (8-12) and later levels (16- onward). At levels 9-12, the sorcerer will be missing out one key spell that makes wizards shine during this part of the game: Ryngrim's Enervating Terror. On the other hand, you will be gaining 2 extra casts per spell level (up to level 4) from druid's class, that includes some nice buff/healing spells, Returning Storm , Overwhelming Wave and Calling the World's Maw, besides the AoE damage spells from level 1 and 2. It seems a somewhat decent trade off. What worries me are the later spells (from 16 onward). I never reached that level yet on the game. However, it is clear you will be missing what seems to be some godly spells from tier 8 and tier 9, which doesn't seem to have any remotely close match in terms of Damage in the wide assortment of Druids spells between levels 5-7. I wonder if the additonal 2 spell casts per level of druid spells would somewhat offset that loss. From some simple calculations, 4 wizard spells spreading level 8/9 could deal 400 AoE damage. On the other hand, if you unleash some of the most damaging 14 druid spells you would have access to, spreading levels 1-7, you could possibly deal 500 AoE damage + 180 Single target damage, which could make a sorcerer somewhat superior in a more drawn out, difficult combat (which is actually what matters), if penetration is not a problem. I have no doubt that the sorcerer is very good if we consider him a support/control spellcaster, due to the wide assortment of control, buffs and healing (better than a priest or druid, imo). However, how would it fare against a wizard in the late game control/damage department? Has someone actually played with both to be able to give some insight?
  13. I do not see the issue with empower doubling spell damage. If you empower yourself, you get +1 spell use of the all spells. You could have cast 1 high level spell, 1 empowered high level spell, or you could cast 3 high level spell + 8 lower level spells. As it stands, I find empowering self far more useful.
  14. Yes, in the sense that: 1-You will avoid some of the hits (that is why I called "hits"); 2-You will get more grazes than hits; 3- You will avoid criticals. I used the term "hits" so I could properly compare to Health. If you have 10% avoidance and 90 Health, and each hit, if proc'ed, would deal 10 damage, you can take on average 10 "hits", because one of the "hits" will miss. Yes but the greater your Deflection, the more of those hits will graze/miss, so you're taking less hits not more hits. On the other hand the lower your Deflection, the more hits/crits you will take. What you're saying doesn't make any sense. Well, read again, then, while changing word "hit" to "enemy endurance-subtracting action against you that targets deflection", whenever we are talking about resolve. I prefer to use the word "hit", even when it does not actually hit. Because I'd rather work with real numbers (as in, the set) instead of devolving the discussion toward the strict meaning of a word.
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