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  1. Two observations so far. 1 - Disengagement doesn't seem to be a thing any longer in turn-based? I seem fully able to run a wounded character away from an enemy without him taking a free swing. That can't be right? 2 - Duration for abilities can be strange, I had a priest that acted at the end of the round, dropped her Sunbeam spell, and flanked/blinded the target. And then the round ended and those debuffs fell off. Maybe duration should end at the same initiative number in the next round as they started in the previous round?
  2. Is that why there hasn't been much dev attention in the "Patch Beta" subforum lately? (hint) Anyhow, I wasn't suggesting a new subforum for the turn-based mode. I was mostly trying to question why the OP posted this particular observation in the Tech Support area. Too subtle, I guess? Too subtle for me, I guess, I didn't catch your meaning. Since the turn-based mode is a beta, I figured it didn't belong in General and this seemed like the best place for it. Shrug, I guess.
  3. With the reveal of the turn-based mode beta coming in a few days, I thought we should have an easy place for devs to get feedback on the system. My first piece of feedback after watching the reveal video is it seems like after moving and attacking, or initiating the casting of a spell, the player has to manually click End Turn. This may already be an option, but I suggest if a character has no further actions that can be performed, their turn immediately ends for the sake of brevity. Plus, the sense that you have to click end turn makes me think I'm forgetting to do something. It's a short gameplay clip so I could be misunderstanding, but that's my two cents so far.
  4. Unfortunately that's a sloppy bandaid for the game not being able to recognize that you have any given buff on in the first place. It also only works well with buffs that already have low durations. Once you start factoring in spells that last 45s - 80s, it starts falling apart. You can set a condition for "not having a given buff" as well.
  5. Not too much has changed, they added at least one thing since release I wish (in the video) we would have - they added self or ally as a target type for like Lay on Hands. Probably more than that as well, but that's all I noticed so far.
  6. If you go to YouTube and type "Deadfire AI Guide" you'll find my video, which I made during the beta, and you may find a good launching point.
  7. Can you explain to me how is this a HOTFIX if tuesday was planed time for 1st patch release? You posted this exact sentiment yesterday, let it go. For MOST people, a patch one week after launch is indeed a hotfix. Sorry if it's not fast enough for you? O i will let it go then i be able 2 play a game a payed money for. Sorry if i a little upset i can't do it for a week after a bought it. Well for a 3 week actually cause i wasted my free time cause i was dumb and expected game 2 work on release. Also this HOTFIX with was announced as patch before is really really silly. I don't even know what this means.
  8. Can you explain to me how is this a HOTFIX if tuesday was planed time for 1st patch release? You posted this exact sentiment yesterday, let it go. For MOST people, a patch one week after launch is indeed a hotfix. Sorry if it's not fast enough for you?
  9. Which is a bummer, I forgot to set it when I started and didn't notice for like 12 hours. Not wanting to start over, I'm just going to have an easy critical path I guess.
  10. Where is the note with the pass phrase in it? I can't get into the vault...?
  11. The port map, where you first enter - he's in house along the northern border of the map. It's the only point of interest on the map, iirc.
  12. I cleared that area out but I can't figure out how to get into the vault, after replacing the missing gemstone. You mention a note - where might it be?! I held down TAB and went up and down that damned place several times.
  13. I keep meaning to bring this up, but you should be able to right-click on your Unarmed icon in your inventory or combat UI to get a stat card for your Unarmed weapon same as any other weapon, complete with attack speed, recovery time, penetration, and etc.
  14. I wanted to suggest this myself, and already had one IRL buddy suggest it as well. Give us the option to start seated at the desk I think, skip the "previously on..." stuff.
  15. O That is cool stuff right there. I haven't had the chance to complete a ship battle in the final release. Looking forward to all of this. Any word on if the Scavenger Code items help out initially? I don't actually recall most of them having any bonuses on them, but I could be mistaken. They seemed mostly cosmetic, though the food (captain's gourmet meal or whatever) is a crazy +10 morale and awesome boons if used for camping, and you get 10 of those. The cat was pretty good, but not quite as good as pets I'd found in the game. The cosmic pig has the same bonus, for instance, as another pet I'm already using (reduced armor recovery for the Watcher), but it's party wide bonus (+5% ranged damage with rifles, I think?) isn't nearly as good as the Party Wide Effect on the amazing dog I found (+15 health, modified by individual Might, gained when a party member drops an enemy). Ahh, yes. The cannon. I figured that would help. Does it replace a current cannon on the ship, or is it an additional one? I am probably mis-remembering, but I thought the sails didn't do anything. I ended up buying some for a few hundred coins. The lantern might have had a bonus, too, but the only one I remember cost 7k in the store, so if it's as good as that it was a terrific use of a single code. The cannon I did forget, it's actually a pretty good cannon, slightly better than the starting cannons. I put it on my ship right away, as you only start with 2 of the 4 cannon slots in use, iirc.
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