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  1. Did you trigger the alarm on the wall in the secret passage? There's a perception and mechanics check to disable the alarm before breaking through the wall. Ah, that's probably it. Thought it wouldn't matter once I got the robe. Thanks for the answer
  2. Hello all! Currently playing the game and trying to kill as few enemies as possible. So I'm doing The Archmage's Vault quest. And I learnt from the assistance diary that wearing Arkemyr's robe will make the imps friendly. Using the secret passage from the bath house I manage to sneak up all the way to the chambers, without being detected, and pilfer the robe, I also learn the password from Arkemyr's note. However, even with the robe on the imps are hostile. Even tried equipping the hood and the staff that's in the same closet. Anyone know what the problem is?
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