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  1. I know that i can steal Arkemyr's robe and fool his imps. But after i got his robe, imps in Arkemyr's house still turn hostile to me. Even I put on all his clothes, went into the house alone from the front door. What went wrong? Anyone knows?
  2. Will there be an upgrade pack on steam which allow us to upgrade standard edition to obsidian edition?
  3. any update or news about new fallout game of Obsidian?
  4. Hi Almostdead, Do you remember what triggered the blinded icon to appear? Such as fighting an NPC or some sort of trap. Thanks! Personally, i ran into this during a fight in which a blind spell was cast, i used the priest spell that delays enemy effects, and the fight ended before my spell wore off. After this, everyone who had been hit, specifically grazed so they all say .5x duration, retained the icon. exactly, i used that priest spell too
  5. This blinded icon didn't disappear after resting...though it has no real effect
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