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  1. I remember playing around with the swashbuckler kit in BGII:EE and i tried to replicate something similar in PoE. So a made an pale Elf rogue with following stats. At lvl 5 i have 102 EDU/407 hlth. 12 MIG 17 CON 15 DEX 14 PER 10 INT 10 RES. I have 75 deflection and reflex, 50 fort, 38 will and DR 12. I have taken weapon and shield and cautious attack as talents, i also have bliding strike and riposte. From my limited testing the biggest weakness outside the low health pool is that there is no good way for a rogue to raise engagement limits like the figters defender stance, my defensive stats seems ok and she´s quite durable, but i dont think i will main tanking for a group anytime soon. However it might be a decent off tank. What do you guys think , could it be viable? (Im testing it at normal diff). Do you have any suggestions to improve the "build"? Have you guys tried any off beats build, if so, i would like to hear them.
  2. I dont know if i want full AI, but something like DA:O commands would be nice. Also i dont see why we should remove abilites from fighter/rogue/barb, since they are allready to simple/easy i rather see them get some more abilites to diffrentiate them from one and another.
  3. I found the guildmasters staff, it says minor spellbind: minor stamina? what exactly does that do?
  4. You can allways try. I will warn you though, 4 GB ram (what i have) is kinda minimum right now, if you experince crashes during loading screen it might be that and when that happends go to this site http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/67213-concerning-crashes-system-out-of-memory/
  5. So i got to the final encounter of the area, where you fight the cultist´s that captured the girl, and the encounter goes on fine untill one of my characters get the deep wounds debuff or whatever and the character dies in an instant, this has happened 3 times in a row now. Combat log looks some thing like this Deep wounds 13 damage Deep wounds 13 damage Deep wounds 13 damage Deep wounds 13 damage Deep wounds 13 damage Deep wounds 13 damage Deep wounds 13 damage Deep wounds 13 damage Deep wounds 13 damage random character action Deep wounds 13 damage Deep wounds 13 damage Deep wounds 13 damage Deep wounds 13 damage Deep wounds 13 damage random character action character dies this takes like 1 to 2 seconds anyone else had this problem?
  6. 1.Fighter 2.Barb, im thinking high INT high PER with some CON for an interupter 3.Druid 4.Wizard 5.Priest 6.Chanter
  7. honestly regardless of the might != strenght, i want this so bad. so YES pls
  8. No, I fully understand that. The problem with might is that it's abstract while the other attributes are concrete. The thing is souls aren't abstract in this world, nor are the ways they tie in to your overall physical condition/abilities. And in that case, I think part of the problem is the intellectual disconnect between physical attributes and soul / mental attributes. People think of might more in regard to the physical world. So a person just looking at the attributes would probably say PHYSICAL Might Dex Con Mental/Soul Perception Intellect Resolve I haven't given the stats much thought (its not an area I tend to focus on, to be honest) but it seems like the problem isn't really pure definition (ie who cares if might is strength is damage is whatever) but the fact that contextually some of the stats like Might seem to have situational meaning. In practice it seems to me from the der characterscriptions that Dex and Con are the only truly physical traits. Intellect and Resolve the only purely soul/mental related. Perception and Might straddle the two and it isn't necessarily obvious (might can be physical might or it can be soul might, perception can be visual acuity and ability to sense motive with intellect/soul) based on concept what the intent is. This leads to questions over whether a high-might mage is musclebound or soulstrong; there's now an inability to visualize the character due to ambiguous relationships between the stats and the character being built. I would say its up to you how you imagine your character,its not like the models changes depending on stats. Personally my view on might is the strenght your soul and in this world it has literal effect on your body making you stronger physically and magically, HOWEVER. just because you are physcially strong dosnt mean you are ripped like arnold "terminator" negger. So if you imagine your wizard thin and lanky he is that, however his soul makes him strong.
  9. You are talking about meta-gaming, but whole idea of Might stat for example is meta-game-based. Cause again, I can ingame descripe physically weak but powerfull wizard in old classic RPG system, but can't in this new one. Sure you can, dont touch CON stat and you wizard will be dead as soon someone looks at him, cant get more physically frail/weak then that =D
  10. Not to be "that" guy, but a poll with around 100 votes dosnt really mean anything....
  11. It's not that it invalidates doing things - I'll happily go through mobs and explore areas with no-xp ... for a while. But if it gets to the stage where you're playing for 5 hours and actually accomplishing things and still receiving zero-xp since you didn't ask permission from a villager first ... then it becomes a problem with the progression system. Obs said the demo would be 3-6 hours with the ability to go from level 5-8 (with exaggerated xp-rewards to test the level-up stuff) - but it sounds like you have to play in a certain way to get that - against the stated design goal. Really? I was sure that Adam got it in the 2nd gamescon vid without talking to the farmer first - was it the same ogre? (Just checking that this mightn't all be an xp-bug) While i agree that going through/exploring a map without xp is pretty bad, especially if it locks out quests, I think the best way to approach that peticular problem is to have quest able to be completed without the permission of a villagre. As an example, if you kill the ogre before talking to the farmer, you still get xp for him or mayby even an item as proff of killing him.
  12. So i actually didnt thin this would be such a hot topic, but after reading through this thread (and some of the other threads) i have to ask: is the sole purpose of playing an RPG the accumulation of experince points? because the more that i read this less i see interesting disscussion of pro´s and con´s of both systems and more "if i dont get xp for it, it invalidates me doing it so i should not even bother with it". I dont really get it.
  13. Im not a 100% sure on this, but i think its counted as an addon and you cant buy the beta untill you buy the game.
  14. The change was made to allow people to chose non combat ways to solve quests since alot of quests seam to have non combat options, if you got XP from kills you would allways have an insentive to kill for no other reason then to get XP. ' "As I understand they've said they just want combat to be for the fun of it. Taking away experience rewards from enemies just seems like it will leave the combat a bit unrewarding. I feel like I will skip even trying to get in fights because there's not much benefit and mostly detriment. You risk your characters getting hurt/knocked out/killed for what, beating enemies juts for the fun of it? There's always a balance of risk vs. reward in these kinds of games and it seems that balance has been upset." not really, you will still get crafting materials/items/money. "Sure some enemies may drop items, but that'll be the only reward of combat? I think it's a mistake for them not to give any exp. Perhaps cutting the exp gains from enemies down so that you don't gain a ton, but none? That means the only point of the game is to just grind through quests as fast as you can with no reason to kill enemies and skip all unnecessary stuff." Well the point of the game is to do quests, that is how you advance the story. However i can see the point off not wanting to do all quests every playthrough to get all the xp you want/need. "It pigeon holes players into playing one specific way. What if players don't want to do many quests? The only way to play if you want to get anywhere is by questing now. There's no just going out and adventuring around killing things as a form of progression. " "Let's face it, players want to be rewarded and they want to get that reward via the fastest means possible. That means is going to be skipping unnecessary combat and leaves combat in general feeling like a chore that you must do along the path to grinding out these quests." well the point is to have choice, you can solve quests by not killing creatures and find alternate routes, or kill the and get loot/money and have fun by killing. I haven't played the beta myself so this is just as I understand it from what I've heard and read. Just wanted to get my thoughts out about this. Overall i like the change, its not ideal, but it gives the game a stronger focus on letting people roleplaying their characters. However some people dont like to RP and plays mostly for character progression and loot, so i can see from that point of view how doing lots of quests over and over again seem lika a drag. IMO ideally i would like an option when you start the game where you can enable/disable creature XP, and obviously both modes will have their own XP table changed, so you dont lose out on xp either way you play.
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