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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys, I have a few comments/suggestions that I'm not sure have been posted before: Equipped Armor should not take up inventory space - it should only take up the armor slots when equipped Food should be stackable inventory - I find it pointless to waste inventory slots on having more than 1 of the same piece of food Upgradable backpack maybe? - So you can increase inventory space, and maybe it slows you down a little I also would like to share some bugs/glitches I have encountered: Audio bug - when logging into the game the audio is sometimes scratchy and staticy - not just for a few minutes, but the whole entire time until you restart Building items sometimes disappear when I put them on the ground - they just go right through the ground and I am unable to pick them up after My friends armor disappeared after he died (I didn't take it I swear) - he went back to his backpack and his armor was not in it. I am playing the game preview on my Xbox One console. Those are just some of the things I would like to see and some bugs I have encountered, let me know if these are good suggestions or not.
  2. Hello guys, So I am not ok with actual stacking rules, you know that since the time. And I am perfectly ok with that. I can do with that and keep my opinion for me... Except for one thing... So zealous focus is supressed by Priest and/or fighter. OK. No problem, I do with that. Balthazar switch on the other aura for adaptation ! Squalala ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r2HRgYrmgQ Obsidian WANTS my switch, this is the reason of this package of 3 elements ? So I test an other aura... But... What...? Also here ? So... No... Focus : No. Endurance : No. So... I must pick the most useless of the 3 auras ? : p : p So, yes I don't understand this choice. The first excuse is : No Balthazar, there is a RED LINE in character creation panel : Multiclass are not recommanded for beginners. But... Excuse-me but... here ? Stoic steel is also Paladin, like zealous endurance ? 2 abilities in the ssame class we are OK ? So why, there is also a problem here ? EDIT : Visibly Hardy supress the aura. More seriously, you understand my approach : since the beginning : Stacking rules are a non-sense. It is not logical, and it is not interresting. PS : It is not my character here, but an ugly hired for few tests : p
  3. Does an item with +1 int stack with an item that has +2 int for a total bonus of +3 int for example? What about inspirations? Do they stack? How about weapon proficiency modals? What among these things do and don't stack with each other type? Is suppression still around in PoE2 or will all items' effects stack with each other?
  4. Obsidian has an interesting idea about weapon proficiencies: Number of proficiencies is going to increase with character level and is constant between classes (with one exception). You don't need to pay for them with talents. It means modals are going to be more common in POE2, especially if enemies use them too. Sadly, current buff/debuff stacking mechanics are not that well suited for modals. Modals and spells are in the same category and it is a non-stacking one. You may be happy with your +damage - attack speed modal, but the moment your priest buffs you with +damage spell you'll like your modal much less - your damage bonus is now overriden by priest's buff and you get to keep attack speed malus. You'll end up not using your modal when buffed and you will be buffed because everything is per encounter now. Please consider making separate category for modals.
  5. Hi everyone! Do damage bonuses stack? How does its work, if it stacks? For example: Edér using a Great Sword 19-27 damage with +15% damage, has Weapon Specialization: Soldier +15% damage with Great Sword, and has Two-Handed ability +15% damage.
  6. I was confused about this, and I couldn't find any information about this matter. It might not be a big thing, but I wish this could be a good tip for others. So Mail Armor has DR reduction calculation orders as below Normal : BASE 9×1=9 SLASH 9×1.5=14 CRUSH 9×0.5=4.5 Exceptional : BASE (9+4)×1=13 SLASH (9+4)×1.5=19.5 CRUSH (9+4)×0.5=6.5 Exceptional + Crush Proofed : BASE (9+4)×1=13 SLASH (9+4)×1.5=19.5 CRUSH (9+4+3)×0.5=8 Consequently, 'Proofing' enchants are always applied at first, so 'crush proofing' your mail armor might not be a good choice. CRUSH-Proofing on mail armor only increases 1.5 CRUSH-DR, while SLASH-Proofing increases 4.5 SLASH-DR. If you want to defend against CRUSH damage, you'd rather use other armors, like brigandine or plate. http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Armor
  7. Does the Damage bonus from Weapon Specialization stack with the Damage Bonus from the "Damaging" Weapon Enchantment? From the looks of the Details screen on Inventory it doesn't look like they do. The damage range listed for a character with WS is the same as one without it. Though now that I've played with it some more it looks like Weapon Spec bonus isn't added to regular weapons on the Details page, either. Thank you!
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