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  1. This is exactly what I was looking for. I guess there must be reasons why you've put Endless Path 2 / 9 / 12 on each specific place. Also I haven't thought about opening both THM1 and ACT3 at the same time. I really appreciate your detailed answer.
  2. Please don't call someone troll because you have different thoughts. I had exactly same experience, especially after the white march DLC patch. There are many areas, many quests and exps, so you get to achieve too high level too fast. However, the game difficulty doesn't seem to catch up with the player's level. TWM areas provide enough gears to make you invulnerable, and Act3 after THM becomes a bit ROFLSTOMP. The game system needs either slower level ups, or higher scale ups. I know there are some important reasons that devs made THM as an independent area rather than Act4-Act5, but I think
  3. I understand your frustration, but you can easily reach lv.14 mechanics. I gave 12 mechanic points on Devil of Caroc, and there are mechanic+2 gloves in the game. Have a try on using traps in combats. Traps are hard to use at first, but it gets fun after a while, especially with high mech accuracy.
  4. Actually, I'm not sure if 'the quest order' is the right nomenclature because I'm not a native speaker. Of course there's no rule about the quest order, but for the beginners like me, it would be much better if there are some guide lines about where I have to start first and finish later. As far as I know, these are the contents that I can access now. 1. Act1 2. Act2 3. Act3 4. The White March 5. Endless Path 6. Cragholdt I know The White March / Act3 scale up the enemy level so I could face some tough fights, but still some of the fights in the end game don't seem to scal
  5. I just started The White March 2, and discovered the Quick Items slot is hidden under the 'bag shaped icon'. I can understand why devs made some changes on UI, and most of them are quite neat, but I think hiding 'quick items slot' was the worst decision. What's the point of the 'quick items' if I have to dig up every bag to find quick items? I use many scrolls, potions, and figurines and have to change them quite often. Please bring back the former 'quick items slot'. At least give me some options to reveal my 'quick items' list.
  6. I was confused about this, and I couldn't find any information about this matter. It might not be a big thing, but I wish this could be a good tip for others. So Mail Armor has DR reduction calculation orders as below Normal : BASE 9×1=9 SLASH 9×1.5=14 CRUSH 9×0.5=4.5 Exceptional : BASE (9+4)×1=13 SLASH (9+4)×1.5=19.5 CRUSH (9+4)×0.5=6.5 Exceptional + Crush Proofed : BASE (9+4)×1=13 SLASH (9+4)×1.5=19.5 CRUSH (9+4+3)×0.5=8 Consequently, 'Proofing' enchants are always applied at first, so 'crush proofing' your mail armor might not be a good choice. CRUS
  7. I enchanted 'Lost Meadow Mail' with 'Crush-Proofed' It was Crush:7, so I thought it should be Crush:10. However, it turned out Crush:8. I think there's some problem with Damage Reduction stacking. Am I doing something wrong? or is it just a bug? Thanks for the great game. And I really wish this would be a help.
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