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  1. Yes, it's perception now and to find all hidden objects and traps by end game one will need a score of 20 perception (buffed).
  2. I like the idea of a more clearly explained system, but if that doesn't happen, what I do is: quicksave game, enchant an item, and quick load the game if i'm not happy with the results.
  3. Roll the old Berath's Wheel is so good. Lyrics below: Oh, a drop of good spiced rum wouldn't do us any harm! x3 And we'll all hang on behind... And we'll roll the old Berath's wheel along We'll roll the old Berath's wheel along x2 And we'll all hang on behind And a bowl of Huana stew wouldn't do us any harm! x3 And we'll all hang on behind... And we'll roll the old Berath's wheel along We'll roll the old Berath's wheel along x2 And we'll all hang on behind Oh, a stolen chest of Pires wouldn't do us any harm! x3 And we'll all hang on behind... And we'll roll the old Berath's wheel al
  4. So, from what I've read in these forums, it seems like the 15% fire damage chant and Sure-handed Ila are the go to phrases (are they still called phrases in PoE2?) right now. I've been using 15% fire dmg + ancient memory on my beckoner or just 15% fire dmg at the start of fights then switch when I need healing. They must have nerfed The Dragon Thrashed or something from the first game, or is it just that the other chants are better now?
  5. Okay, so it seems I just haven't landed on the right island yet. Thanks for all the helpful replies. I really appreciate it.
  6. Hmm, yeah there's a good chance it may be bugged, in that case. I definitely talked to everyone in the town with no results pertaining to this quest. Ah well, hopefully it gets fixed.
  7. It tells me that the first step is to sail to Tikawara which I did. I talked to every NPC in town, I cleared the island map and killed everything I encountered. I saved the caged creatures before killing the broodmother. Nothing I did will trigger this quest to update and I don't know what to do at this point to complete it.
  8. So from what I have observed in my game, it seems that for inspirations, the same one doesn't stack with itself but instead refreshes the duration (if it's longer) of the first instance of said inspiration. I think that modals do stack with inspirations and constant sources like gear. Am I wrong here?
  9. I'd much rather a game have an abundance of currency available for the player to use to test different gear, ships, and consumables. Also, it's nice to be able to retrain whenever I want, supply my ship for as much exploration as I can do, enchant, craft, etc. I dislike when games give you so little currency that you have to pick what not to get and you can't get all the most powerful items in a single playthrough. Dragon Age: Origins would have been so much better with a lot more available gold. Shadowrun: Hong Kong suffers from a lack of money too which I feel really hurt these games
  10. I personally found this build on youtube to be pretty damned insane for dps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HisHGoWvHU Check out his channel because he has a lot of builds recently posted and many for dps characters.
  11. Thanks for posting a great build that I will definitely have to test out. In the screenshot, it's showing ancient memory at 3.1 health per second. I'm guessing this number has not taken into account the +100% healing bonus from your other phrase, is that correct? So it's actually 6.2 health per second, right?
  12. I really like the mental fortress thing completely removing the downside of picking Berserker. Another cool thing that works even though you can't see your health is low is setting up auto-pause when a character is low health and it will tell you when your Barb is 25% health or below even though you can't see his health.
  13. Isn't might one of the only ways to increase healing done, making it more important for healers? What other options do healers have besides might that will increase their healing? I know there are some items that increase healing received but that's all I can think of at the moment.
  14. Okay, the wiki was changed today after I made my last post in this topic and it now correctly reads that it adds "additional bonus damage to their weapon attacks when the target is Flanked, affected by any Affliction, or within the first two seconds of combat starting."
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