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  1. You can't go wrong with either, Both end up stupidly OP for multiple reasons. Stick with the one you find more fun.
  2. Needing 2 absurdly OP abilities to make 1 crappy ability work is a good testament to the crappyness of that ability Should be 3 zeal and 5 hp per 3 sec.
  3. This reminds me, Has anyone tested how much damage Fire God Battle-Forged does? How about Death God-Likes Death's Usher?
  4. I think Josh messed up his code, it should be 4.3 dmg per second considering how relatively bad that skill is. That being said cool build that can actually take advantage of Death/Fire God-Likes.
  5. Really? What abilities make the paladin so OP? Sacred immolation? How about being immune to death on LoH (unlimited with this invocation) and +gazillion to all defenses from faith and conviction. You don't need to do a lot of damage if you can't die. Btw you can spam Sacred immolation all you want if you can't die anyway . Pally is OP Multiclass, weak single class. Needs big buffs to T8 and Sacred Immolation to be more balanced overall.
  6. Looking at the spells alone, I used to agree with you. Then I discovered Brilliant Inspiration + Salvation of Time. You weave in short duration buffs and spam Salvation of Time over them. As an example, Barring Death's Door is right there. I don't know if Barbarian is BAD per se, but I think they've lost the most from their POE1 implementation and it makes me sad to see where they are now. Wait a priest skill gives Brilliant Inspiration? Then no way can they be close to the worst.
  7. Rogue, Priest, Druid are far worse off. Wizard is one of the strongest classes in the game. If not strongest next to Chanter's broken spells. But like any CPRG Wizard class, they are just kind of meh at the starting levels. By level 10 he should be among your top dmg and nigh unkillable. By 19 he should be all you even need 1 shotting the screen.
  8. I was wondering when making a Shifter melee build does it matter how much base might, dex, con, etc.I take, or do these change while shifted?
  9. My favorite is Chanter. OP Summons. OP Invocation that restores everyone resources. OP Chant that doubles all healing for everyone.
  10. Nice build. I've just started something similiar, been trying to Troubadour version to be casting heavy, a bit rougher but fun non the less. Btw what specifically makes Grimoire: Ninagauth's Teachings critical?
  11. I'd say Devoted or generic Fighter. However, unbroken might work with engagement breaks, but would be more passive. I'd go dual wield. Sabre in one hand and flail in the other. Sabre because Sasha's gives 3 phrases back on 1 empowered invocation an encounter, and can be upgraded to also give you your empower point back (currently bugged tho). Flail because it debuffs Reflex, and EVERY damage invocation attacks Reflex. If devoted use saber, but flail debuff is -25 reflex. It helps more than you know. Especially if you're focusing on damage invocations. If I wanted to focus more on weapon damage War Caller, I would probably go Devoted and Trabadour right? Sabre again would you say?
  12. For DMG. I want to spam dmg Chants as a Skald, so must have lots of critting. What Warrior subclass would be best for this? What weapon? Which stats? Thanks.
  13. Wizard subclasses are kind of crappy, but Wizard base class is awesome. One of the most powerful single classes, and one of the most powerful builds overall. It just takes a few levels to get powerful, they have a weak start like most CPRGs.
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