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  1. Hey all, I was wondering, can I use Beckoner for potd solo? I'm using Troubador, it's good, but it takes a while for my summons to kill things, as Beckoner, I imagine my late game will be much better, and encounters much shorter. Is Beckoner any good now? And, if so, can it be used for POTD solo? My build is full damage sponge, Pali + Chanter that relies on my summons for kills by the way.
  2. Wow. They absolutely GUTTED Beckoner. There is absolutely NO reason to pick Beckoner now. Sure, you have more summons, but they have a shorter duration and all it really gives you is just Burst really. Plus, they'll die quick and you'll be powerless since you have to wait MUCH longer for your chants to come back to even summon it again.
  3. Hey all. I'm playing a Beckoner/Shieldbearer Pali right now and it's pretty fun but a slow playsyle. I was wondering, for end game which would be more powerful if I am to multiclass with a pali, Beckoner or Troubadour? Troubadour looks really good on paper. Wondering what's actually better. My goal is to be very tanky and solo potd with this. Thank you.
  4. I agree with that. Fighter/Kind Wayfarer would be ez mode to solo. Early levels Paladin heals + Constant Recovery will easly keep you up in early game hard solo fights. Later when you get Vigorous Defense and Unbending + gear it would be walking tank. And Two Weapons with Cleave stance would also be nice. Though I would not take Devoted as there is too many good weapons to restrict yourself to one imo. I would probaly get pure Fighter here or Unbroken to combo with Kind Wayfarer. Though it can be also quite boring to play as :D. I don't like solo with pure melee builds in isometric RPGs- t
  5. @Voltron I went with Beckoner/Shieldbearer. I don't know if this is a downgrade but I'm really liking it so far. I dumped Per and went full defences/might. This allows me to be tanky enough to channel my summons. I hope it won't be a downgrade late game compared to troubadour but all these summons make me into a killing machine while being extreamly tanky even in the early game. Soloing and did not have to sneak past any fights so far
  6. Are the damage/accuracy of your summons scaled off of your Per/might? Or are they all based off the creature itself?
  7. Ah what were your starting stats? Also, is int mandatory on Troubadour consideirng you have no lingers? You have no lingers only if you activate his modal and INT still affect your Chanter debuffs/buffs and Paladin buffs so I think it's still important. Starting stats were Might 18, Con 6, Dex 16, Per 10, Int 18, Res 8. Though Higher Per would help at the beginning before you start to get +ACC to every item you touch later. I dumped CON since I also went moon godlike to stack all healing possible so you can get away with lower HP. Though of course I am not saying those are perf
  8. Ah what were your starting stats? Also, is int mandatory on Troubadour consideirng you have no lingers?
  9. Hey all. I know the game is new and all but I was wondering if a TCS is possible. I nearly got the ultimate in POE1 as a monk, but with the Moon Godlike nerf really hurt my playstyle. Is TCS possible in POE2? If so, what builds would be good for it?
  10. Well, Im new to POE2. I'm guessing a pure monk with no sub class, unless theres another sub class that is much better than the base monk. I want to follow my old build from poe 1 where I dumped resolve and just went full might/con/dex
  11. Hey, I've done a bit of testing with a moon godlike. Looks like they were nerfed hard. It seems like their passive Silver Tide does not increase the healing as you level up like it did in POE1. It used to be 10 + 3/level. I am level 3 now and it is still 10 hp. Was this intended? If so, I do not think I will go Moon Godlike. What is a good race for Monk?
  12. Thanks a lot. What level should I start doing Bounties? I tried the Dweller but he destorys me. Want to do the Bounties so that I can eventually get access to Coat of Ill payment.
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