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  1. I honestly don't know what the developers intended but I've never gotten that vibe from the game...then again, maybe I just don't have a problem with strong female characters.
  2. 1 - Not nearly as important as it was in POE 1, it's used largely to resist assaults on the mind or to impress your will upon someone else 2 - 10 is sufficient though 12 might be a better starting point depending on your difficulty setting 3 - Yes.
  3. I've played Pillars of Eternity, Divinity: Original Sin, Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition, Divinity: Original Sin 2 and Pillars of Eternity 2. I think they're all great games but none of them make me want to not play the others.
  4. This occurs because the spells in your grimoire are not "known" by Aloth, he is able to cast spells in a grimoire but if you change grimoires then he can no longer cast those spells. The spells you learn each level are spells you will always have available regardless if you have those spells in your grimoire or not.
  5. I tried but honestly I find a lot of the mechanics of the first game frustrating.
  6. I believe you can also hold down "shift" while hovering over the modified attribute (in this case deflection) and it will show you all of the conditional effects.
  7. As this topic arises the second time in this forum, I can no longer keep my question to all those with nudity problems for myself: That is no joke right? The only person that I know personally, that has serious problems with that kind of stuff is a member of a religious sect, so I have a hard time imagining, how one can have a problem with 2cm high figures on screen which are nude, meaning that you can see their buttocks (I love that word. Learned it from a Monty Python sketch). So what's that about? Is this a religious, a culture-specific or a personal thing? First, I did not complain about the presence of nudity in this game, I simply stated that I wasn't aware it was in the game when I purchased it and therefore didn't buy the game for it as the "let's all come clean" post suggested. Second, I don't actually have a problem with nudity in the game. I haven't been back to the bathhouse since because my character was hit on by an old man who wanted me to experience how "vigorous" the bathhouse waters made him and after reporting the man for using the bathhouse as his own personal brothel, my character decided he could take a bath in private by himself or with whomever he wanted and didn't need the bathhouse for that. EDIT: I should add that just because I don't have a problem with nudity in a game doesn't mean that I want to see it everywhere I go either. I don't purchase video games (or movies) for that kind of content because it simply doesn't interest me. I'm not put off by it, it's just not on my list of things to look for when purchasing a game. I will state that excessive nudity or adult themes can be a negative for me as again, it's not content that interests me.
  8. There's a third way to complete this quest, ye olde "kick in the door" which is actually quite fun. You, uh...lose Mirke though, if you care about that. (I didn't care).
  9. I didn't. I actually didn't realize there was nudity in the game or its rating until I got to the bathhouse, at which point I went, "Oh...hm." I haven't been back to the bathhouse since.
  10. If you're on Steam then when you click "download," it will automatically start the game and bring up a window asking you if you want to download it or telling it you already have Steam. If you tell it you already have Steam the window will close and the game will resume without installing the DLC. To address this, log out of the game and navigate to the game in your Steam library, check the list of DLCs and you should see the DLC in your list but it will say "Not Installed." Uncheck the box and check it again and it will install it.
  11. I don't normally post links... ...so I'll just reference the video. But the Angry German Kid video is all that I can think of when I read a post like this. Seething with rage is an inappropriate response to this situation and I'd strongly recommend you get some assistance with that. For your own health and sanity if nothing else.
  12. It is highly unlikely that the game would cause a blue screen error, these are almost always hardware related or operating system related. For the purposes of diagnosing the causes of your crash, a crash dump file would be useful.
  13. Not everyone prefers a face-to-face engagement, the point of a bounty is that they don't usually care how the job gets done as long as it gets done. There's still no comparison though. Assassin = Contract killer for hire, generally employed by private interest parties, operates illegally Bounty Hunter = Contract killer or collector for hire, employed by a government or other legal authority, operates legally Pirate = Self-employed plunderer, marauder and/or murderer, operates illegally and often at the edge of civilization Privateer = Self-employed plunderer, marauder and/or murderer commissioned by a government or legal authority, operates legally Generally "assassin" and "bounty hunter" refer to individuals operating over land while "pirate" and "privateer" refer to individuals operating over sea.
  14. I'd have to say the "Blow the Man Down" because I've done it several different ways and there's something really, really enjoyable about marching right in the front door, armed to the teeth, and laying waste to them.
  15. It is located on Atello Valera and can be obtained if you side with House Bartallo and kill the Valeras when commanded to.
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