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  1. It isn't his hardware or drivers. I had the exact same issue since release. Personally i fixed mine by uninstalling from my SSD to my HDD.
  2. Same; game continues to crash ... info sent to Ob support ... really just looking to see if anyone has a fix for this. I feel like I have tried every troubleshooting technique on the interweb so far. Open to suggestions. Is your game installed on an SSD? I was able to fix my crashing by uninstalling from my SSD and installing it on my HDD.
  3. I got my crashes to stop by uninstalling the game from my SSD and reinstalling it on my HDD.
  4. Since release, my game has been crashing every 10-20 minutes, anytime, anywhere. Sometimes it would bluescreen my pc entirely, sometimes the game just crashes and closes. All the components of my pc are new, and no other game crashes like this on my SSD so i don't think its a personal problem, since many others have had the same issue. As a last resort (After trying everything under the sun) i uninstalled POEII from my SSD, and installed it on my HDD instead. No more crashes. If you're having the same problem, try this out and let me know if it works. I've got no idea why this worked f
  5. I'm in the same situation. Crashing every 10/20 minutes without fail. Sometimes it'll close the game, crashing to desktop. Sometimes it'll freeze my entire pc and requires a hard reset. The recent patch did nothing to help. I've spent more time looking for a fix than playing the game itself.
  6. This is incredibly frustrating and isn't even being acknowledged by the team. Come on, Obsidian.
  7. Before you say it, no, it isn't my pc. This pc is new and has no problems with no other game. I keep getting crashes every 10-20 minutes that completely freeze up my computer and i have to restart. Whats going on?
  8. Imagine a real-time combat system (Not unlike the regular combat) where you fought the enemy ship using cannons, positioning, etc A real shame. That would have been a very unique feature done in a game like this. The current system just gets dull very, very quickly. What do you guys think they didn't go for a real-time ship combat system? I'd be interested to hear from some of the devs on this decision, too.
  9. It can't be my PC, its new and i've had no problem running games such as Witcher 3 and heavily modded skyrim and countless other games.
  10. I'm getting the exact same issue. I've tried a lot to fix it, nothing has worked.
  11. The game has serious crash issues. Its bluescreening my entire pc and it happens anywhere, any time. Is this being worked on? Its honestly unplayable.
  12. Pillars of Eternity 2 is causing the game not only to crash, but my entire pc as well. It happens anywhere. On the world map, in fights, in cities, in dialogue. A lot of other people on the steam discussions are having the same problem. I've tried verifying game files, changing the graphics settings, resolution and audio. My drivers are all up to date. Its nothing to do with my specs. Is this being worked on? The game is unplayable in this state.
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