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  1. I got my crashes to stop by uninstalling the game from my SSD and reinstalling it on my HDD. I can confirm that my game is running on an SSD too as I moved it from HDD to SSD when I saw that it is quite loading screen heavy. I might try moving back to HDD too. Thank you for the hint!
  2. I may have a guess on this issue. I am running MSI Afterburner 4.5.0 with the RivaTuner Statistics Server 7.1.0 to get some system information on my keyboard display (no game overlaying on-screen display). However, I remember some cases where Afterburner is causing some issues on certain games and I figured it might cause some issues here too. So I turned it off and had no crash so far. I wasn't able to play much further yet though (maybe half an hour), but I will report back if the crashes are gone. Might even replay some of the area around Tikawara from an earlier safe to confirm. Kind regards, Jan
  3. Dear community, my game startet crashing as of today. My party arrived Tikawara, and was heading north for the Hohina Ravine. The first crash occured when my party was trying to exit from the Boa Hika Pass back to the map (or at least I think so, I can not entirely confirm that the exit was reached or the game crashed a second before reaching the exit). The second crash occured just a little later. The GOG launcher patched the game to the newest version released today, and I restarted the game. My party was heading from Tikawara to the Old Battleground close to the west this time (the locations to the north are visited by now). After passing Sunepu Beach my party was closing in to the Old Battleground as the game crashed again. Both crash reports are attached. I did not experience crashes of this kind before and I'm about 12 hours in by now. I also attached the DxDiag report if this is of any help. If you need any more information I will be glad to provide you with what I have. Kind regards, Jan reports.zip DxDiag.txt
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