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  1. For the highest difficulty I would imagine (which requires eating and drinking). On hard difficulty I haven't found a need for them and I usually sell them since they tend to be heavier.
  2. Obvious troll. The game is 49 hours long if you do all the quests and go through all dialogue and reading. Only speed runs will be that fast.
  3. After having just finished I feel like it's actually better than Fallout in some ways. Mostly in the humor and world building. But fallout 1 (and even 2) have a better story and better character motivations. Not quite as good as Fallout: NV in my opinion. That will still be my favorite, so unlikely any game will dethrone that at the top of my list. I still feel like it's missing something. Better followers would have been nice, Pavrati was the only one who seem fleshed out. Maybe the Vicar as well. I ran with the Vicar and the black lady most of the game, those are the only 3 with any real personality. The rest weren't that great. Though I admit I didn't use the bot, maybe he has some good one liners.
  4. I would like to see a difficulty between normal and hard. Although hard for me was about perfect. Only 2 battles I ran into trouble where I was getting 1 shotted. Seriously, how do you deal with being one shotted? Perhaps if I could have figured out where the damage was coming from I could have avoided it, but the game isn't clear how you are losing health (at least not that I can see). I had to lower difficulty to normal because I didn't feel like reloading the battle over and over. But normal really is too easy. At least once you get past the initial planet where you are battling primals (they can be tough at level 2). The places I was getting 1 shotted was a guy with some kind of energy weapon at the lab where a certain someone gets taken prisoner near the end, and the mech at the very end of the game. I didn't have the patience to keep reloading so turned it down to normal.
  5. I can see where some parts are boring, and I feel like the music could be a little more energetic (though the music is good for the most part), but I still found myself going back to it every time to finish. And I most likely will do a complete 2nd play through since there's an obvious 2nd path you can take in the game. Not sure if I'll play much after that though until any DLC is released. I will say it gets better. The beginning part does seem a little lackluster. But if you don't like reading the terminal entries, you may be missing part of the world building of this game and humor.
  6. After actually finishing the game I can see where some of the too short comments come from. I felt like Byzantium should have been bigger with more quests. I felt Monarch was dragging a little because of the sheer number of quests, but Monarch is about right. I was thinking there were several planets left to explore because of the system map, but those are only for show it seems. So the game did turn out shorter than I expected when I was in Monarch. Ending can go by really quickly too if you have the tools to bypass all the combat aside from that mech (I had to fight it). epic games launcher is showing 49 hours. A little bit was idle time while cooking my food yesterday, but most of that is play time. That seems buggy, doesn't seem like I played it that much, but maybe I did. 40+ hour game is about right where I want it. Which is also the length of Dragon Age: Origins, another great game. 40 to 50 is the sweet spot for me. Granted, I did a lot of exploring (a little less later in the game), and talked to every named NPC I could find and explored all dialogue options with no skipping dialogue.
  7. I'm trying to figure out where people are saying the game is too short. If anything, it's too long. I have the same problem I have with most open world games, too much to explore. I get bogged down exploring everything and lose interest in the story. Even great games like Witcher 3 have the problem of being too long, which means I have only finished that game once. I have no idea how long I've played since EpicGames launcher seems to be a pile of crap, it shows 3 hours, but I'm surely over 24 hours played. I'm still trying to get quests done on Monarch. There's far too many quests in this game. Monarch alone is taking a long time to get through. I've gotten used to not exploring everything and concentrating on quests, but the sheer number of quests means it still takes a long time. anyone who says the game is too short is high on crack. Good game, but I still feel it's missing something. I love the humor, and it's probably their best humor in any game, but I feel like something is missing.
  8. So did they fix her nakedness in the most recent patch? Or did the previous one actually fix it despite some comments above?
  9. I felt Dragon Age: Origins handled it best. Your melee fighters mostly had melee abilities. You had some pretty cool ones, but they seemed to exist within our normal realm of physics (or close to it). I know magic is beyond our normal realm of physics, but that's why it's called magic. Origins had a mana system, so your mages were limited. And I enjoyed playing a heavy 2 handed sword user. Having a mighty blow hit for massive damage can be kind of exciting. Who doesn't like seeing big numbers? But I suppose everyone wants eye candy these days. Blame World of Warcraft for that.
  10. I was just wondering if a recent patch has made this game easier. I have seen some updates in the past year, and I wasn't sure. Playing through with a Wizard this time around after finishing POE2. Things are so much easier than when I played last year. I used to struggle through some fights, and now I just annihilate everything. Though I do admit I used a guide and min maxed stats like INT, Per, and Might. What a huge difference this makes. I believe I made the mistake before of having balanced characters and was too afraid to drop stats down to 3. Only fights I've struggled with are fights where my Wizard has died (she is kind of squishy and sometimes I'm not careful). I know Josh doesn't like people to do that, that's why we have this ridiculous Might mechanic for wizards, but really the D&D system made no sense, and there was no reason to change it. I was foolish enough to listen to Josh and create "balanced" characters in the past. I've also started using spells more. I used to "save" spells too much, and now I'm not afraid to throw a few fireballs around. One confusion spell can make a hard fight into a cakewalk. I can't go back to the old way of saving spells after POE2 and Tyranny. If it means I have to rest more, so be it. It's a dumb system from D&D days. POE2 isn't perfect either with what they did to Wizards, but we'll see when I bring my wizard into POE2. Anyone else finding the game easier? I've only played the game 2 other times, and it was extremely hard both times. Not this time.
  11. hey now I'm generation X who thinks free dlc is a good value. Don't lump me in with millennials. I work for a living.
  12. So many complaints about might, but I actually have more issue with intelligence being a useful stat for barbarians. The system is whacked, no amount of explaining will make it right for me. That said, I can put my issues to the side and enjoy my game. But I feel if it wasn't broke (the stats of Baldur's Gate/D&D games), there was no need to fix it. They may think they have fixed the problem with dump stats, but they haven't. I have discovered in my current play through of POE 1 with a min/maxed character I find the game so much easier than past play throughs with a "balanced" character like Josh likes it. I think Josh is a great designer, but he's wrong here. My min/maxed wizard is smashing everything. I used to struggle so much with POE1, now I know why. I made the mistake of listening to Josh.
  13. I'm replaying POE1 now, and it's still a damn good game. It still feels more in depth and complex than Deadfire and Tyranny. And while I like the brighter colors in Deadfire, the art style in POE 1 is pretty damn good and superior in a few areas. Tyranny was a good game, and I did enjoy just throwing spells out left and right. I enjoyed my first play through, but still haven't gotten around to playing it again despite buying one of the DLC's. I may play it after getting my fill of Deadfire. Deadfire feels like the better game. Probably because I like the class system better for characters. The world of Tyranny was an interesting world though, and it's kind of sad we'll probably never see a sequel to that game. There were a lot of interesting things in that game.
  14. I do have screenshots of the naked Orlan. I figured I'd take them before they patch her out. But I have others as well. Like the little rainbow effect in the water falling into the watermill in Neketaka. Sorry I don't have any others with the interface hidden other than the one with the play (after you complete the quest)
  15. Yeah my guys with lighter armor I prefer to have ranged weapons like bows, crossbows, arquebuses, pistols, blunderbuss (though I can't stand these), rod, sceptor, or wand. I generally give this to my mages, druids, and priests, and rangers for obvious reasons. Ciphers and chanters I prefer to be ranged as well. When combat starts I usually already have entire party selected and click on a foe to attack. And everyone will auto attack at the start and be focus fired on who I want. They usually eventually start using their abilities. But honestly for spell casters, I prefer to cast my own spells. They tend to cast stupid stuff, at least in POE 1 (I haven't really fully utilized the AI in POE 2 to comment on that yet)
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