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  1. Quit game.....clicked on download (Rum Runner's Pack))....clicked on "I have steam" A-N-D nothing nada zip I don't expect an answer from the Dev's at least so far thy have not responded to my LAST POST.
  2. In the morning I booted up the game and the title screen came up and the resolution was very low because everything was really big. I got to the game menu and figured everything was good so I exited the game. The latter today I booted the game and no title screen and it returned to my steam library scree with the game icon in the tray at the bottom of the screen and the music was playing. I could not activate any icon or close the game except by Ctrl/Alt?Del and then clicking log off. I ran verify local files which said all files were good. I tried to reboot the game after rebooting the computer and sometimes it went to the black screen/library screen and sometimes it tried to boot the intro screen with the very low resolution any ideas?
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