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  1. any easy way to achieve Be Missed by Enemies 25 times to upgrade the robe? i assign to xoti
  2. i just test this, and it work, thought its only 2 charge, so i have to rest every time i charm someone
  3. for the weyc wand i need upgrade with int aff, but i'm using xoti, not sure what ability i can use to upgrade it. as for robes of weyc upgrade, do i just use empower 5 time to upgrade it?
  4. thanks, however most weapon/armor can't upgrade to mystic or lengendary? so still worth it?
  5. does any of the soul binding equipment weapon/armor worth it to upgrade? for melee or spell caster
  6. one of the lvling require dmg to spirit, but i'm late into the game not sure where i can find spirt to dmg. so if i summon ally spirit and dmg it, does it count? if not any place to encounter spirit?
  7. just curious how to kill these mega boss, i'm try my 1st one Belrang, but seem my Great Maelstrom is miss all the time, same with other spells. i'm on turn base my party is me monk, tek, xoti, eder, aloth. all lvl 20s
  8. anyone know whats the faction choice relate companion leaving?
  9. just curious when tekehu spirtshift, its attack are consider two-handed or two weapon style, this way i know which ability to use.
  10. is there way to reset or check companion dialogue to move on next stage. Try to romance maia, but i think i screw some dialogue option and now nothing every trigger for her dialogue anymore.
  11. anyone know any trick to level the vulge faster, especially the "critical hit" part lvl. I'm using serafan
  12. cool thanks, is 2H weapon typically better or worst compare to dual wield, this is mainly for my cipher/monk and pallegina build.
  13. its says require lightning dmg to lvl up, is this from the weapon or i can use scroll as well? seem diffcult to get lvl up
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