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  1. anyone know any trick to level the vulge faster, especially the "critical hit" part lvl. I'm using serafan
  2. cool thanks, is 2H weapon typically better or worst compare to dual wield, this is mainly for my cipher/monk and pallegina build.
  3. its says require lightning dmg to lvl up, is this from the weapon or i can use scroll as well? seem diffcult to get lvl up
  4. is lord darryn's voulge useful for SC barb Serafen or SC druid Teke? what type weapon these two typically used?
  5. so beguiler or another subclass? should i keep as SC or multiclass with monk in term of dps dmg?
  6. for turn base, is helwalker/cipher any good for dual mortar or bow range dps build?
  7. for turn base, does dex matter for blood mage, should i just concentrate on con/per/int keep might/dex at 10/10?
  8. i remember read something about mortar/pistol monk build, but i can't remember the detail such as stats, single class or multiclass. is this good build for 5.0, turn base? is monk one of the better class for dual pistol build that output good dmg?
  9. which build usually better for party. evoker vs blood mage, also is it recommend to multiclass with either? if so which class/subclass. as for stats, i understand perception, intel, dex, might in this order? i heard bloodmage+helwalker is good?
  10. just come back to the game after got forgotten realm and other DLC. what is a good range character for turn base? is ranger still underwhelm compare to some other range dps or support class. chanter summoner/healer any good? what about ranger/rogue or dps/healer priest? also for xoti is it better with priest or monk?
  11. cool thanks for the tips. how cipher/chanter combo, is it dps or support? i'm looking for range dps or range dps/suppor but not the wizard kind dps. prefer use bow/rifle at range type
  12. is Seer a good Range DPS or DPS/support build? if not whats good multiclass for cipher or ranger for range dps or range dps/support?
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