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  1. cool thanks for the tips. how cipher/chanter combo, is it dps or support? i'm looking for range dps or range dps/suppor but not the wizard kind dps. prefer use bow/rifle at range type
  2. is Seer a good Range DPS or DPS/support build? if not whats good multiclass for cipher or ranger for range dps or range dps/support?
  3. any recommendation on builds? there are so many variation now look for : Ranged DPS prefer bow or rifle or Ranged Support/Heal
  4. is ranger any good to multiclass for good range build such as dps or support? if so what class and weapon i should partner with? if not whats the current top range build right now?
  5. any recommendation of range dps build? have all the DLC bow vs gun vs magic? plan play with full party.
  6. War Bow should work fine. I would probably swap out Sharpshooter's garb for something else, maybe Fleshmender or Miscreant's Leathers. A handful of Monk skills were nerfed for range attack. The most notable I can think of is Swift Flurry, which is now melee only - this build uses Lightning Strikes instead. Edited to add: If you're looking for a good bow build, the "Frostyboy" build is very, very cool. so lightning strike is not Melee only?
  7. any build for ranger/monk bow then? like stats, ability etc and how to use it properly. also how much of dps lost if I do ranger/cipher(ascended) a lot, or little. I do like the idea of charm and use cipher spell, but don't want give up too much dps compare to ranger/zerker/Helwalker also I thought some monk skill change to MELEE only so, barb is better now?
  8. between the two for range using bow, what are the pro/cons or both basically has about same dps. also what subclass I was think ranger/cipher too but heard I might lack the dps but with cc.
  9. have try ranger with barb or cipher or else, if so how do you like it compare to monk?
  10. compare ranged dps ranger/monk, barb or cipher, are they about same or one is obivious better than other. also how does ranger/monk play? i thought monk is more melee dps.
  11. pallegina‚Äč is better with fighter or chanter, cause eder gonna be swash, so I though I need a main tank.
  12. for bow or rifle ranger multiclass, I know rogue is good, anything else that's on par with rogue or better such as cipher or barb or fighter. whats the pro/con of these multiclass?
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