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  1. Hi guys, I have a few comments/suggestions that I'm not sure have been posted before: Equipped Armor should not take up inventory space - it should only take up the armor slots when equipped Food should be stackable inventory - I find it pointless to waste inventory slots on having more than 1 of the same piece of food Upgradable backpack maybe? - So you can increase inventory space, and maybe it slows you down a little I also would like to share some bugs/glitches I have encountered: Audio bug - when logging into the game the audio is sometimes scratchy and staticy - not just for a few minutes, but the whole entire time until you restart Building items sometimes disappear when I put them on the ground - they just go right through the ground and I am unable to pick them up after My friends armor disappeared after he died (I didn't take it I swear) - he went back to his backpack and his armor was not in it. I am playing the game preview on my Xbox One console. Those are just some of the things I would like to see and some bugs I have encountered, let me know if these are good suggestions or not.
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