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  1. 'Blast' ability modal on rod: "Attacks with greater energy, slowing the wielder's recovery, but hitting enemies around the target". ... But all the Rod items *already* have an area of affect (Target + x m radius). Activating the modal doesn't change this. What's up with this?
  2. See attached image. Using a 'probe with your mind' check returns an answer that comes from Serafen... and Serafen is not in the party.
  3. Just what the topic says. Does mechanics or other attributes change the damage/duration of traps? The number of traps that can be placed?
  4. Yeah this is one of my complaints about not being able to enchant common items now.
  5. Armor is directly related to recovery speed. What factors are you using to decide what armor to fit to particular classes? Front line tanks would seem to obviously want heavier armor, and casters less, but where are you drawing that line? What's your minimal recovery speed for any particular class?
  6. The race on many sailors don't match the portraits; see the attached screenshot.
  7. > I am not some uptight axxhole Here's where you went wrong....
  8. I think the easiest fix for 2H might be to just give all of them +3 pen vs. their 1H counterparts. Since pen is essentially mitigating armor, they'd be good against heavily armored targets, or just cause increased damage on lesserer armored targets. It would also be available from the beginning of the game.
  9. I really hope that two handers don't end up as the default bad choice. 2hers in POE1 made for decent builds.
  10. The 'Defensive Beacon' ability on the Shining Bulwark shield stops when combat stops; and doesn't return when combat starts. Only taking the shield out of the slot and putting it back in causes the ability to return.
  11. Based on my admittedly not complete playthrough, I'm having a lot of trouble finding a reason to use two-handed weapons: * Single-handed has the big accuracy increase; * Shields mean abilities/buffs from shields are available; * Dual-wield has the huge in-built speed bonus (-30%), which is even stronger if you take the -15% ability, and then you get the bonuses from two items. The only thing I see going for two-handed builds is that two handed weapons have marginally better damage and penetration, and this doesn't seem to offset the other weaknesses. You can make up for pen with potions. The best 2h weapon I have has a pen of 10, and other items already have 9-10. Is there some sort of huge item or class bonus that makes 2h weapons shine?
  12. NPC Weto in Sayuka gives me *missing string 66* on conversation attempts
  13. According to the wiki, four rank levels is the maximum any sailor can have. 2x Novice + Experienced, or any combination adding to 4, but never exceeding it.
  14. Serafen will give his unique quest item - a hat - to a godlike main character. Who can't use it.
  15. The unique item blunderbusses "Hand Mortar" and "Fire In The Hole" have the same item description.
  16. Are these useful... ever? Is there some part of the game I haven't hit where one is stripped of all their possessions?
  17. So I sided with the Valeras and after freeing the spy from the Bardatto vault, killed everyone off. Now the Valeras want me to kill off all the Bardattos - where are they all? No one is in the house.
  18. Raise your hand if you took the "no, I'm not doing your bidding" answer in the beginning and got the quick route to game-over. I'm pleased that exists.
  19. I've used the animat, but he ends up going down quickly since he also gets stun-locked. I found the best use to be to distract them while you set yourself up between the two debris piles on the left, and from there they can only come at you one-by-one.
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