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  1. It seems like Rogues get +2 Insight with Berath's Blessing - Bonus Skills, instead of +2 Sleight of Hand, which they should be getting.
  2. The first time you get to talk with Arkemyr, he talks about the Deadfire... not the "Deadfure", like in your answer, I assume. :D
  3. For the ones that don't have the DLC: Do you have PoE1 installed? I remember not having the ring at first, but then installing PoE1 again to check something. I don't know if the ring came back after that or not, but it may be something you could try.
  4. Description: All of this started just around yesterday evening, after already playing it multiple days without this issue. Whenever I try to edit or make a new AI Behavior Condition the game won't save it after hitting accept, or maybe just save it partly. Prioritization seems to be the biggest issue here, it's nearly never saved. (I checked some things, apparently when you pick "Target Type: Self" it always deletes Prioritization. Is that intended?) Spells I add to a Condition may or may not be saved, it's seemingly at random what changes are saved and which aren't. The first Condition rarely makes any issues, but once you start to add more to it, these also disappear... What I tried: - different classes - it doesn't matter if the behavior is cloned or completely new - older savegames that didn't have the issue previously - different Difficulties - custom companions and sidekicks, etc. - verifying data on steam - using the BETA-version - deleting old savegames - deleting custom behaviors Always the same outcome. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: 1. Start game 2. Go into AI Behavior Editor 3. Try editing something 4. Accept 5. BUG Important Files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q2a51i0xrsuw7ii/bug.zip?dl=0 Savegames I just added my whole PoE2 Save-Folder into the .zip, it's not very much, and the bug is happening on every save. Output Log added, just in case System Specs added, just in case Screenshots I added two pictures. 1.jpg shows what I set up for one Behavior 2.jpg shows what I got out of it after pressing accept I tried different classes, older savegames that didn't have the issue previously, different Difficulties, custom companions and sidekicks, etc. Always the same outcome.
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