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  1. 1) Go into hall with 2x Shadows, 2x Phantom 2) Engage them in any way 3) Get stun-locked and die because you can't ever do anything, the stun lock just repeats over and over It's not a thing I can bypass either. How does anyone else do this on solo Wizard? Solution: If you can manage to get around them somehow, you can engage them 1-by-1 if you go between the broken furniture on the left hand side.
  2. My problem at the moment is trying to figure out where to go next. I sided with Raedric so I need to kill Kolsc; and Caed Nua is there, and I really don't like the look of all the spirits in the main hall.
  3. Spell accuracy is actually kind of odd. I rolled a new Druid. His base (unarmed) accuracy is 28. His spell accuracy is 31. I can't quite figure where the extra +3 accuracy is coming from. Edit: A ha! Wiki to the rescue. "A level-dependent bonus is added to a character's Accuracy when attacking with an Ability or spell without the use of a weapon: an additional +1 per level. A first level wizard, for example, would get +1 Accuracy to all of their spells, while a wizard of 11th level would get +11 Accuracy to all spells." Good stuff, I never knew this.
  4. Sagani is easily one of my favorite NPCs. Her voice acting is excellent, her character is well designed, and I find her reason to join the party to be entirely reasonable. She's been searching for 5 years, another few months (if that!) with The Watcher isn't a big deal. The Sagani-Itumaak relationship is nice, as is her cross-party banter with Eder and Kana Rua. People seem to dislike the ranger, but I find her to be a reliable source of single-target physical damage. You can also max out her Lore skill and have to use scrolls from the rear. Durance is a nice change from most straight-and-narrow NPCs, with his mix of coarseness and love/hate relationship with Margran. My only character issue with him is that he does indeed seem to join the party for "just because" reasons. I slightly stronger joining plot, and a more developed quest, would have been appreciated.
  5. Yeah, Thaos is beyond any ability to change his mind. This is not some random NPC, this is a guy who has been manipulating events to deceive people for 2 millennia.
  6. Weird. I'm on a laptop and my max loading time is ~8 seconds.
  7. If you find the tattered note in Black Meadow, it has the password you need to introduce yourself to Curnd in Ondra's Gift: Yc Nybeon Eldfeon Has anyone figured out if this password translates into anything? It seems like it must be a code of some sort. I've tired all the character rotations, 1 through 25; and I've tried an anagram solver but nothing I jumping out. Any ideas?
  8. This is like opposite of my experience. At 4 I could sneak around things damn well. Remember it's not a problem if the circles turn yellow if you get by the thing quickly enough. Even red is OK if you get away quickly enough. You know the band of ruffians that have the stolen goods from the blacksmith in Gilded Vale, in the Black Meadow? If you time the approach right, you can sneak in, grab the shipment and sneak back out without having to fight a one. (It may take a few tries.)
  9. So I started over. A few things I notice: * Weapon speed really matters if you're going to fire off a shot and then cast a spell. Fast weapons good. * Draining Staff is a lot better than I expected. It hits hard for a first level spell. * Sneaking is waaaay better than I realized. I can't believe you can sneak right up to some enemies, grab stuff, and run away before they notice. * Luring enemies into other enemies is quite amusing. * Fleet Feet + Ray of Fire: run around groups of enemies and burn them while they chase you!
  10. This post needs to be pumped more. The tables are useful mainly only to determine what you *can get* from a particular container, and not really from what you'll actually get on a given day. Everyone is going to have different results thanks to the randomization based on character name.
  11. Thanks for the useful and specific info! What quests can I do by sneaking by things? I managed to finish the one where you visit Anslogs Compass for the potion, as well as finding the missing cook, but fights were required for those. Also, should I switch to a ranaged weapon and use that? Most enemies close to melee - even Slicken only lasts a few seconds - so fighting is all up close. Slicken seems to be *much* less useful than many guides say, did the duration get nerfed? Finally: does weapon bonus acc or shield penalty acc affect spellcasting?
  12. Having breezed through the game in a 6-person party (on regular mode) I decided to go back and try a solo on regular mode. Went Wizard. Ok, I see all these nice "solo builds" but can't figure out how to survive early on without dying constantly and/or tons of rest/agro one enemy/repeat. I went Weapon&Shield style for high deflection (plus hatchet). Chill Fog, Slicken, Wizard's Double, Breath of Flame. Hide armor (-25% speed) to not have sad spellcasting times. What am I not getting?
  13. Base pistol (and other firearms) have -5 accuracy bonus. You see it when you hover over character accuracy. However, on enchanted +accuracy (eg, Fine), it doesn't include the +accuracy bonus in the display. Is this a known issue? Is the accuracy being computed correctly? Additionally, I see that for the soulbound scepter weapon (Gyrd something something) at full upgrade is also not including the +21 accuracy bonus!
  14. Games have been that large for a while now. Because a 500GB drive costs about $60 these days.
  15. That moment when, three years later, you google "how to make Sagani better" and find a forum thread *that you wrote* asking the same topic
  16. The largest unnecessary feature of modern games is players who like to complain about everything, as if they get to define the game.
  17. There should be party banters for having the baby in inventory. Also, randomly, 'diaper (used)' should appear in your inventory.
  18. What? Good use of stealth and you can fire off several volleys of the 1st level Magic Missile clone spell before anyone gets in range. The 3x missiles allow for more hits. Has worked nicely for me.
  19. SPOILERS AHOY In the quest in Twin Elms where you have to kill the child for the clan-leader and bring the blood-potion back.... was anyone else surprised you didn't have the option to *drink the potion yourself*? For some cool bonus, but loss of reputation with both sides. It would have been a nice third route.
  20. Is the only way to get in there from the 'Bronze Beneath The Lake' quest, which you need to get from the Dozens? If you side with the Crucible Knights, you can't get the quest?
  21. Target enemy spellcasters or charmers with your opening salvo(s)/spells and make them a priority. This worked well for me.
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