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  1. There are multiple other threads on this issue; look around the forums. People who keep telling people to upgrade need to shut up, because users with entirely new PCs, using SSDs, are getting 8-10s load times, EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT. YOUR LACK OF PROBLEM does not mean SOMEONE ELSE DOES NOT HAVE THE PROBLEM. Autosave seems to be one culprit, but honestly, with the super-fast PCs we have today, loading a 5MB file should not be causing these issues. Load times when starting the game - and reading the save game directory - are also way out of proportion. My time until 'continue' was available has gone way up, and I have less than 30 save game files!
  2. I just noticed that the Outworn Buckler gives +5 Defense (all) to EVERY PARTY MEMBER. Is it supposed to do that? Because, damn.
  3. Have to chime in here with a big "NO, NO, NO". I hate level scaling. I want to be able to enter areas and mop the floor with the mobs sometimes. And I want to be able to enter areas and have my ass thoroughly and completely kicked sometimes. I don't want to enter areas and know that every single time I'm going to be faced with monsters/encounters of exactly my level (or within one or two). It doesn't need to be a perfectly linear scale. We could have areas that have a min/max range: Say level 2-6. You'll get a minimum scaling toward a party of level 2, it will scale all the way to a 6ht level party, and then stop. You'll still get very hard or very easy areas depending on when you choose to do them.
  4. On the other hand, I want something to make my party move *faster*. Even faster than double speed, thank you.
  5. These arguments also make one particular assumption: That one should be able to complete the game without doing any side-quests. I would argue that players who don't do any of the side-quests should find the game harder to complete. I don't really have a reason other than to say that I think it makes sense for characters who do more to be more experienced and therefore better able to handle the end-game. I also think that it would have been better if challenges were scaled to the experience level of the entire party; buffing monsters as party experience increases.
  6. The armor that Eder starts with has an ability called Second Chance, but I haven't been able to find a description of this ability anywhere (manual, forums, wiki, tool-tip in game). What does this do?
  7. I registered on the forums here specifically to see if others had reported this issue. My load times are ~8-10 seconds. I'm using an SSD with plenty of extra space. The load time for reading the save game folders when the game first starts up is also quite long, something like 30+ seconds. I suspect it's not a disk issue: My largest save game is only 2.6MB. That's almost trivial to read for modern drives. The issue is more likely in the engine loading the information and then having to set up everything for game play (screen, characters, HUD, etc.). In either case, it's certainly something that needs to be fixed. I only have 24 save game files of total 35MB, for pity's sake. It should not take 30 seconds for the game to load them up, nor for loading between scenes to take the 8-10 second range.
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