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  1. Ship boarding, IMO, is the fastest and best way to 1) Get all the bounties and 2) Get easy money. Once you load a ship up with the fastest movement speed possible (sails, wheel, lanterns, etc.) just choose full-speed ahead each ship battle. You'll gain around 100 meters a move, you generally never take any cannon fire and if you do, its only once, and then you board. From there, wipe the deck clean, get loot. It's a shame they didn't make the ship battles an in-game, dynamic mini-game or something--not text. For a game where you are at sea a great deal, they should have done a better j
  2. Definitely bugged. I have all of the achievements in the game except for this one. Actually, the last stage of the game (from the point you go towards the storm and into it) has a ton of bugs. You can tell it wasn't QAed all that well towards the end. They obviously wanted to get it out the door.
  3. Great game Obsidian, and good job recreating the old Infinity feel with a more modern spin. Not here to rehash on all of the positives, but I do want to make a quick comment and hopeful suggestion moving forward: Reduce the loading times, please. Honestly, in the year 2015 it gets tiresome to sit for a cumulative total of hours (in a given 60 hour play through) watching slow loading screens. I expect this from Bioware (Dragon Age being a massive culprit, but it's also fully 3D) but for an old-school game that is relatively graphic-friendly it gets a little old each time I have to move
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