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  1. I for one love how every faction is pretty much made out of ****. It very much reminds me of New Vegas without the Yes Man loophole. Sure you can go independent but it ****s up the deadfire in the process.
  2. So I've reached the point where I've sided with Aedlys and betrayed Furrante, then claimed the floating hangman. I've heard others say that there should be a final mission where you are supposed to attack Kahanga palace but I've never received it, instead I'm simply told that the fleet waits to attack Ukaizo. I also have not received the achievement for siding with the principi after completing the game. Has anyone had a similar or different experience?
  3. Depends on your values. Huana - Traditionalist, rigid, naturalistic, best de jure claim to the deadfire Royal Deadfire company - imperialistic, nationalistic, progressive, intrusive Valian - Mercantile, less aggressively colonial than the royal deadfire company, slower and longer term plan, seems to suffer alot of in-fighitng and individual incompetence Principi -PIRATES! Obviously PIRATES! are the best.
  4. Witch - cipher/barb I've always built my watcher to be one even in poe1, both mechanically (big focus on melee, just stuck to a few key cipher powers) and in terms of roleplay. Now the game properly supports it :D
  5. Well, by multiclassing into swashbuckler, he's going to be losing some survivability, so I'm just wondering if there are any rogue abilities that would benefit a tank and make up for the loss of hp in general.
  6. My planned party atm PC - berserker/soulblade - dps Xoti - priest - heal and buff bot Eder - fighter or fighter/rogue (which one is more efficient?) - tank Aloth - wizard - dps and cc Maia Rua - ranger/rogue - dps
  7. Such a shame, thanks though, might consider going devoted/cipher instead, my main's a cipher atm, but my playstyle tends to revolve around mental binding and auto attacking (seeing as I didn't get much mileage out of the top tier abilities in the first game) so I've looking at frontline/dps options to round him out.
  8. Has anyone been able to ascertain if soulblade/berserker is any good? At least as a pure dps character?
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