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  1. Just to get clear on the project, it looks like Method 1 would assign “(s0), (w0)” to all of the immunity to afflictions benefits, because they don’t add anything to spell and weapon damage. Is that what you intended?...
  2. You might consider a Paladin/Trickster multiclass. Very good offense, fantastic defense, lots of abilities (with two classes to get abilities from), and party-friendly with the Paladin aura.
  3. Obviously a lot depends on what kinds of things you find fun, and what kinds of things you find irritating. But here are a couple more data points from another perspective. Given how slow reload times are, I find having to reload all the time pretty annoying. So I tend to like parties that are tactically robust — that is, aren’t usually micro intensive in a “you have to reload if you make a mistake” kind of way. If you’re doing one playthrough, doing all of the companion quests is fun. So having builds that aren’t too dependent on one another (so you can swap em out for each other) is
  4. It’s true that single class Paladin probably isn’t worth it. But single class Barbarian can be great.
  5. The soul mirror’s stats are set when you enter the arena, before the fight starts. So if you unequip everything before entering the arena, and then equip stuff before the fight starts, you’ll be much better than your soul mirror. (That’s how I handled this fight in my solo run.)
  6. Huh, weird. I did this part before going to the stacks, and I don’t recall getting a wound. (Though I wasn’t doing a no-rest run or anything, so I just might not have noticed because it wasn’t a big deal.) I was definitely able to make the flesh constructs friendly before going into the stacks, though.
  7. If you tickle the gland in the organic device, you can get the flash constructs on your side. In my solo run, I made the flash constructs friendly, and then lured the frightened child + companions out into the room with lots of flash constructs, which joined in the fight. That made things a lot easier.
  8. I’ve also managed this fight with a Holy Slayer (Goldpact/Streetfighter). I agree that this is the easiest of the four megaboss fights. It’s the only one I’ve managed to solo with a Holy Slayer without using the “gouging strike and then hide” tactic.
  9. Just finished, and I think this is my favorite DLC, by a fair margin. Lots of fun lore, and chances to interact with big name players in the game. And a cool premise and plot thread. I enjoyed them all, but overall, I think I’d rank them: FS > BoW > SSS.
  10. With the severe weapon nerfs, I think the "burn" part doesn't trigger reliably enough to build a character around. The paladin/monk combo in general is still very good though.
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