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  1. You can only use "targeted defense" stat but its personal, every member personally needs it to deflect.
  2. Im curious about this bug and im annoying about "discord only" news, this is the official site and there is nothing about their schedule, like time is frozen. Anyway thank you for this news, i appreciate it.
  3. Thank you for your effort as an envoy and i hope deadfire will be enjoyable again, hopefully, soon.
  4. Obsidian is not developing the port, however they do need to finalise the game for the port to happen (send the final code of the game to the party responsible for the port so they can finish and release it). There was no official announcement as to when console port could be released, so it could take a while, depending on how much work there is still to do with DF. I just want to know if they still care this game or not, if not, ill delete the game, i cant play this game at this state, many things are broken, so im writing for any respond.
  5. My guess would be that they work on finilizing the turn based mode and, hopefully, fixing existing bugs. Would be nice to have ETA, but the silence would suggest that they are not ready to announce it just yet. They can say "we are working", many player feels forsaken. They are not responding.
  6. Please, say, when you relase next bugfix patch? Actually there is nothing for long looong time and this keeping us away from playing this game again! Items not working, inspirations/afflictions and most other mechanics (you can see on technical forum) not working, any working team on the Deadfire atm? if not we are not deserve this. Please, respond.
  7. No one care bugs like this from technical team i guess, this game is a high quality game but in broken, forsaken, buggy mess state atm, no offense.
  8. This issue really heartbreaking... So they abandon the Deadfire? No expansion (more levels, more companions, more spells and skills) means, deadfire never catch up POE1 imo. I need to continue my POE1/POE2 comparission but i realized develepors will never care this work, aside this, there is many major issues which is interrupts most of things, like creating builds... I dont think, we deserve this. Happines of core players more important than creating new games, at least it must be... Especially, buggy items, buggy afflictions/inspirations, infinite loops really reduces my desire to play.
  9. considering how many bugs i'm finding on a daily basis, they're swimming in work, it'll be a loooong time, especially if they aren't doing anything. Thats sad.
  10. Before continuing to play the game, i'm waiting a major patch which will fix all issues in the technical support forum. Is there an estimated date for the future patch?
  11. Im playing devoted/ascendant with 18/3/18/18/18/3 stats and no rest, many other classes include monks ideally requires more con and i dont like investing to other stats. Try devoted with essence interrupter bow. Extra acc, no minus crit damage (unlike firearms) and double damage type creates a marwel for weapon phase with devoted/cipher bonuses. Also this build even better at late game, monks better as single class imo. Ill look into monk multi again but i prefer devoted bonuses atm.
  12. ============================================================= ENURALE’S DETAILED “PILLARS OF ETERNITY 1 AND 2” COMPARISSION TO BE CONTINUED - NOT COMPLETE YET. ============================================================= Which did you enjoy more, Poe or Poe2? This question really important for everyone and it potentially can affect future of game, in that case ill give an extended answer. This article consists of three parts, the PROS of POE1, PROS of POE2, BETWEEN POE1and2. While these two games were so important for the continuation and existence of this genre (imo, at least), i was reluctant to use the words “cons”, "bad" or "negative". PROS OF POE 1: ======================================================== 1 – STORY: Winner, POE1 _____________________________________________ WHY POE1? In POE1, from the first time we met Biawac, the game was drawing us in with its main story. After this stage, a chain of curiosity and uncertainty never left us until the last moment, we had dozens of questions in our minds. After learning that we were both awakened and watchers, there were tons of situations to solve. Mystical machines, other watchers, a mysterious castle, deep organizations, a completely different perspective on the soul, the creation of the gods, the eccentric enemies and friends. The main story and task of the game contained dozens of steps and its mystery newer left us till the very end. SO, POE2? In fact, considering the overall content of the game and its total content, POE 2 has a privileged quality compared to many other RPG games. However, the main story is extremely limited and predictable. To summarize the main story: to find the first stone, to find the second stop of Eothas, to find and talk to his third stop, to prepare and meet his last stop and the story ends here. There is no other step, and all stages are similar, just a little more questions are answered each time. The is only one main question! Why he doing this and what we can change? The first game can never be summarized in this way with only one question. 2 – CHARACTERS AND PARTY: Winner POE1 _____________________________________________ WHY POE 1? Many people will join me, and so many people will not agree with this. But in the first game all companions had a colorful past, and they felt the effects of the past deeply. The companions had a lot of pain, joy and regret that affected their past and present, and that would affect their future. If you want me to tell you the history of the companions in the first game and their future goals, I can tell you a book full of stories. Also in the both games, there are many curious characters outside the companions; like Thaos, Iovora, Raedric, Lady Web, Adaryc, Furrrante, Onekaza. However, i have more characters in my memory from the first game than the second. Besides, The Watcher of the first game was like the Grey Warden of Dragon Age Origins for me. I could never establish a link with “already named” characters as strongly as my own creations, main protogonist must be “me”, in this respect, i appreciate the fact that the Watcher character is our creation, not a certain person. In addition, there was a different use of companions in POE1; Stronghold Missions! In this way; we were collecting different items, money, crafting materials. Again thanks to this, idle characters gained an extra activity. SO POE 2? Actually, I don't know if we can make a fair comparison on this, because there are many characters coming back from the first game. Returning characters generally have no problem, they are all loved by the majority (actually i talked with many people who found Aloth and Pallegina to be extremely grumpy in POE2, compared to the first game). The other characters in the second game does not have a very deep past. For example, in the first game: Aloth is an "awoken" like a watcher, and he helped me to understand "What is awoken”, Durance was involved in a job (godhammer story) that affects the fate of the whole World, Grieving mother was unable to mend deep injuries of her past and she pushed us into a moral questioning, Sagani chased literally a ghost of past and showed us souls can take many different form. All the characters were somehow damaged and everyone needed each other to wrap all these wounds, each had a unique psychology. In the second game I actually liked all the characters, especially Tekehu, but no character could establish psychological ties with me like the characters in the first game. Besides, If the number of companions would not change in any way, it would be a plus to have sidekicks, but if the time required for the creation of sidekicks was taken from the creation of a compaion, I would prefer 1 extra companion to 5 sidekicks. As a "Dungeon and Dragon" fan, i would prefer to have 6 people in my party at same time, this is a factor that increases the number of people we can interact at same time. Also no companion missions in POE2. 3 – PLAYERS INTERACTION WITH DEVELOPERS AND NARRATIVES: Winner POE1 _____________________________________________ WHY POE 1? I don't know who belongs to this idea, but, it was great to be able to receive audio information from writers and designers about the creation and concept of places in the game. This is a sign of how much the creators love to do their jobs and this effort also shows us that they want us to love the POE as much as they love. In addition, in the first game we can see backers all over the game, in crypts, in gravestone writings, as gold tagged NPCs and many more, this was an active way of thanking, they had more communication with the players. There was a book full of texts made with gamers. SO POE 2? I'm sure they did their jobs with love and they wanted us to love what they did, again. Before the first game, however, there was no good isometric 2D party RPG since the BG series, and players were also starving for such a game, 77000 players flocked into the game. In the second game, there was already a job like POE, the expectations of the majority were met, and the expectations of the others were different than POE1. For POE2, developers would appeal to a formed mass of players, and being a backer fort he POE2 was not as important as the first game, because the continuation of this game was guaranteed. This somehow affected both the developers and the players, reduced the number of backers, reduced the tension of the producers, and made them less necessary to explain themselves. 4 – PLAYER'S HOME: Winner POE1 _____________________________________________ If we compare the places that can be called player home, Caed Nua offers much more content than our ship, Defiant. Lets start to comparission: Endless paths is a completely extra and very successful content. We can say that ship wars are more successful than castle defense fights. If we compare Crew with Hirelings, crew members are much more efficient than hirelings. Capturing and developing the castle is more extensive than repairing and developing the ship. Although we have many rest areas in the castle, I don't understand why we can't rest on board, at least Captain's Cabin could have his own bonus. In the castle, we could send our companions to the missions, there is no such option for the ship. The library in the main keep, was a great archive for the books we collected. Visitors and merchants of the castle, was adding color to the content. And it wasn't bad to have a steward. As a matter of fact, it is not very accurate to compare a ship and a fortress, but I still cannot keep myself from thinking that the content of the ship could be much more attractive. SO POE2? What we can do on ship is very limited and I don't know what the solution could be; maybe we could get a house on land for companion missions or we could try to get magical powers for our ship with missions, or maybe we could fight with sea monsters. As a final word, ship wars begin to repeat itself after a while and additional content for ship can be very enjoyable. 5 – ITEMIZATION (QUANTITY AND CHARACTERISTICS) _____________________________________________ 6 – INSPIRATION AND AFFLICTION SYSTEM _____________________________________________ PROS OF POE 2: ======================================================== ADDITIONAL PLAYSTYLES (NO REST APPROACH) AND ACHIEVEMENTS _____________________________________________ GRAPHICS AND EFFECTS _____________________________________________ ITEMIZATION (BONUS STACKING) _____________________________________________ HP AND RESOURSE SYSTEM _____________________________________________ BETWEEN POE 1 AND 2: ======================================================== ATTRIBUTE SYSTEM _____________________________________________ REST SYSTEM _____________________________________________ SPELLS AND SKILLS _____________________________________________ RACIALS _____________________________________________ CRAFTING _____________________________________________ ENCHANTING _____________________________________________ REPUTATION AND DISPOSITION VIEWING / PAGE _____________________________________________ *** Sorry for grammar and spelling mistakes.
  13. I never said devoted bonuses affects spells, i said "as you know, main thing for ascendant; extending ascended phase and minimalizing weapon damage phase" and devoted works very well with ascendant for shortening weapon phase.
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