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  1. Well, a Transcendant offtank with Grave Calling saber is very fun. Helwalker Int will extend the duration and damage of party friendly Paralyzing Chillfogs once you destroy some vessels - which can be summoned by your party Chanter. Enemies standing in those Chillfogs will even generate Focus for you at every tick!
  2. If this wasn't patched out, Ascendant multiclasses are also pretty fun with Grave Calling Saber and skelly summons (so either be a Chanter or bring one along). Summon skellies, kill them with the saber, create paralysing enemy-only chillfogs, gain focus from each aoe damage tick of the Chillfog. A Helwalker multiclass is nice, as the might will boost damage, Int will boost aoe sizes and all durations. One option, albeit a bit risky, is to use a Berserker multiclass to self-Confuse and make Chillfogs affect allies also - including your skelly summons. Rapidlystacks multiple Chillfogs over one area, that tend to melt enemies fast. But your allies also, if you're not careful.
  3. I feel its a shame that CC plays a lesser role in Deadfire. Personally I strongly support MaxQuest's suggestions.
  4. That is a nice mod. I hate per-rest items or items with charges and end up never using them 99% of the time.
  5. Why do you need a healer with such a durable character? You also have Unbending. Although a Priest for Salvation of Time for Unbending is nice, I guess.
  6. You have compared an active skill for Holy Slayer (FoD) vs passives for SD. At least add Crippling Strike for another +25% damage (and 2 more PEN!). Or Devastating Blow for up to 300%. And sure, you should add Lightning Strikes 15% IMO. Even if you're not gonna end using them, Swift Flurry is also a DPS gain. Monk also offers aoe attacks, such as Raised torrent, Flagellant's path, which are more difficult to calculate for damage output. Most of them primary though. And Skyward Kick for +50% primary damage. Stunning Surge for CC. On the other hand, a Streetfighter adds +50% sneak damage on top of the regular 30-60% (Trickster 20-50%) and 50% Deathblows for up to +160% total sneak bonus.
  7. Rogue multiclasses generally can afford to spam Crippling Strike for semi-permanent pen boost of 2 points. Also rogue damage bonuses far exceed the effects of a crit, even if it leads to overpenetration. So the only point are the increased effect durations on crit, really. And for that I'd prefer a monk's Int bonus. Who also can have an accuracy buff if ranged - which works VS all, not only single targets.
  8. The negativity towards disengagement attacks from grognards was really an ironic turn of events. Sure, the IE games, held as the Holy Grail of computer gaming by some, had no disengagement attacks. But their source material, the DnD system, sure does have Attacks of Opportunity. Another current popular crpg title, based on Pathinder system (which is basically a fork from DnD 3.5), Pathfinder: Kingmaker, also features Attacks of Opportunity - in fact on a scale previously unseen in computer gaming, as you can provoke massive AoO chains (via pushing or knocking enemies down - even two AoOs per character in range with Greater Trip, disarming, demoralizing -> frightening - forcing to flee, via Teamwork feats on crits: Outflank, Seize the Moment, rogue Opportunist feat).
  9. I mostly agree. But I would also include the Cipher in that group. Both strong and fun to play. Also can superbuff with Brilliant.
  10. If you focus on it, its doable earlier then many builds would "mature". I often see builds that rely on PL VI, VII or even IX abilities. Or DLC equipment. Meanwhile if you focus on the proper quests, you can get Engoliero around level 15. I did that. Probably much sooner if you truly do beeline it. Most quests, including quests from other factions, can be done after Engoliero is obtained. Its not intuitive and probably not advised for a first play trough, as you skip a lot of side content to focus on main-quest stuff and one of the factions. I even didn't visit Poko-Kohara prior to getting Engoliero. But certainly doable.
  11. Not sure how its supposed to work, but Strike the Bell Pen bonus used to work vs the primary target only, same as the ranger abilities (accurate wounding shot, concussive shot). Making it considerably less attractive then the cheaper Cripping Strike, which has a bit less Pen but vs all, carries a damage bonus and aoe debuffs.
  12. Streetfighter with Powder Burns debuffs Accuracy. A monk variant can buff Accuracy with Enduring Dance (as well as Might, Int, obviously). I prefer the latter. But I do agree there are better ways to Ascend then using a Hunting Bow.
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