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  1. That's correct. You want Shadowing Beyond for action economy efficient stealth attacks in Turn Based mode. So better make sure to have that Devil of Caroc Breastplate. A non-bloodmage at least can use Empower to squeeze some extra uses. That or Arkemyr's Brilliant Departure spell for CC/debuffing.
  2. Well, an Assassin pairs exceptionally well with (non-cipher) casters in Turn Based. They really benefit from +25 Accuracy, +4 Pen and +50 Crit damage on their aoe spells. With one wizard spell its even possible to maintain stealth while Crowd-Controlling and debuffing enemies. And they have very large active toolkits... Not sure if that is what you wanted, though.
  3. I kind of disagree with that (gasp!). On PotD, before Heartbeat Drumming, IMO Swift Flurry with good Accuracy is still better then Lightning Strikes (when melee, SF doesn't work on ranged attacks, duh). Although it depends on your priorities, of course. And party composition/roles, I guess. LS will be better vs bosses and small groups of tough foes. But its usually the squishy enemy casters and rangers that give me the most pain - and Swift Flurry is strictly better vs those.
  4. Monk is really great at this: he can stun a lot with Stunning Surge and, perhaps more importantly, the dangerous robe-wearers tend to have lowish Deflection -> lots of crits -> lots of bonus attacks from Swift Flurry / Heartbeat Drumming procs. This can be a monk multiclass too! Often the enemy casters would instantly "explode" when my monk reached them. Even nicer when he gets Flagellant's Path, as often the initial full attack from the ability + SF/HBD procs from it were enough to kill enemy ranged chars. So you end up zig-zaging trough the battlefield, leaving corpses behind
  5. IMO no speed boosts will compensate mostly loosing Swift Flurry / Heartbeat Drumming chains of (animation-less) attacks - triggered on crits.
  6. I've fought that too. Particularly that I don't like babysitting characters other then my main char. Until I've tried using him as SC. Oh boy, did his value go up. Getting better spells faster is a great boon. Eventually getting the absolutely best spells is even better. Plus I've set up buffing routines, so he's not even that squishy. You mention using summoned weapons. Well, as a hand-off filler when I don't feel like controlling his nuking, no other summoned weapon comes close to the usefulness of Cadebald's Blackbow. Passively terrifying remote enemies with bouncing arrows with a dam
  7. Yeah, Kitchen Stove Thunderous Report is frankly ridiculous. Even if enemies survive the attack, they'll be Dazed and far less dangerous.
  8. For CC Accuracy an Assassin multiclass is cool. Vanish with Arkemyr's Brilliant Departure and enjoy +25 Accuracy for your spells as long as you remain in stealth (and CC spells don't break this variant of stealth - unless they also have a damage component).
  9. I'm VERY much into number crunching and builds. Yet I could never even remotely consider the Blood Pool or the Gift of the Machine bonuses. They are really tiny and inconsequential, while carrying a heavy burden indeed. Indeed, maybe if they were more substantial, like the DoC BP....
  10. If you've solved Gorecci trough combat prior to visiting the Digsite, then its actually quite an achievment. It much easier once you return to Port Maje. Then again, also the Excavation Site isn't exactly easy. Or the skellies in the training area there. But after that its mostly smooth sailing....
  11. Enemies in areas do seem to have "level ceilings", so you can still grossly overlevel some areas/content even with full scaling active. But the higher level areas remain a threat.
  12. Don't think there is another item that could provide all of them. When you look for individual ones, there are some items. Like the Brilliant cloak... or the Slayer's Axe.
  13. It is the most universal rogue subclass. A no-brainer for nearly all builds. But for certain builds not only the already mentioned Streefighter, but also Assassin (particularly for offensive casters) and even Debonaire (maybe with a cipher?) can offer a lot as well. The vanilla class is the least interesting here, by far.
  14. Well, Trickster IS pretty great. That is unless you're willing to exploit broken Streetfighter speed and damage, that's even more broken. Or a monk... oh, wait. WotEP has its uses and gimmicks, where its very nice indeed. But for me it fails as a primary damage weapon. Its base damage is just too low. So I wouldn't exactly call it phenomenal. Just very interesting.
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