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  1. Why non-FF? Less Wounds initially, but a potent, free special attack/debuff that works great with rogue DOTs.
  2. It might. But still, 2 engagements is not much. Not when I have Eder with like 5, who grabs the attention of most melee enemies when combat starts. My initial plan was to use Tuotilo's, it really was. Took Weapon & Shield. But after experimenting for a while, I dropped it. It just wasn't great for my playstyle of a fast and furious striker who rapidly eliminates the main threats. If I didn't have Eder or another sturdy tank, things would likely be different. But for off tanking, the shield isn't necessary on a Trickster.
  3. That's very cool. Now if only the enemies wanted to stick to my offtank like that and not go after easier targets. In practice I think actively disabling dangerous targets with high mobility beats a more defensive playstyle on an offtank. At least if you also have Eder or another proper tank along.
  4. Cool in theory, very situational in practice IMO. Not to mention a boring playstyle that would take forever to accomplish anything. So yeah, at least for me, definitely not Fun.
  5. Well, I was definitely noting a significant difference between a dual offensive setup or weapon and Tuotilo's Palm. Enough to give up on the shield after a while - its not like I haven't tried it. True about the FF and Toxic Strike not caring about the weapon. But FF on average was only every 3rd/4th attack for me and usually Stunning Surge with dual real weapons was more damaging - due to more frequent SF/HBD procs. Toxic Strike was very helpful when facing tough/durable enemies, but otherwise used sparsely due to the very high cost, so its use hardly matters in regular DPS calculations.
  6. Forbidden Fist is a (single) attack that also Enfeebles enemies (cannot heal, +50% duration of hostile effects - including DOTs/CC/debuffs already in place, -5 Con/-10 Fortitude/less max health), inflicts you with a Forbidden Curse stack and has a scaling additive damage bonus that depends on Forbidden Curse level you currently have: +50% if you have no curse, +100% if you have 1 stack, +150% if you have 2 stacks and +200% if you have 3 stacks. Also its cost scales on Curse level: its free (0 Wounds) when you have no FF Curse, but 1, 2 or 3 when you have 1/2/3 stacks. FF Curse also continuousl
  7. The thing is, enemies die so quickly to a Shadowdancer that Riposting doesn't really matter. Even moreso if you use the Repulsive Visage - they will hardly even attack. For bosses simply FF + Confounding Blind + Toxic Strike, spam Stunning Surge and watch them melt. As for Flagellant's Path, its insanely good with high Accuracy weapons. Squishier enemies will explode outright on arrival (due to SF/HBD) and you have no Recovery and can kill again...
  8. While Clarity of Agony is nice in theory, personally I've never wanted to spend my Wounds and Recovery time that way. Its not like hostile effects last long with high Res and Mohora Wraps food (I always had this effect active from Nekataka onwards as a FF). I consider Stunning Surge kinda mandatory, since its a nice spammable Full Attack & CC. Also I like Confounding Blind for tough enemies and bosses - to further debuff enemy Deflection and get even more crits -> more Swift Flurry/Heartbeat Drumming procs. And don't forget Flagellant's Path! That's fun! Also, while Tuotilo's
  9. That's... quite unnecessary IMO. Move your tank first, maybe move with party stealthed - unstealth tank first. Maybe charge forward with Escape or something. He'll gather the attention of all enemies and then the rest of the party can unstealth and act.
  10. I agree, a Trickster MC would be a great fit for your playstyle, I would think. Like Boeroer wrote, Trickster/Monk is particularly deadly, while being quite survivable due to Trickster buffs. Particularly I'm very fond on Forbidden Fist / Trickster. Landing a nasty DoT, like Toxic Strike, and Forbidden Fist Enfeeble feels like an execution on even the hardiest opponents. FF makes even the usually annoying, durable enemies with Unbending feeble. The various CC and debuff effects also benefit a lot from the extended durations (like the monk's spammable Stunning Surge). Another archetyp
  11. I have one comment/question to the above. Doesn't Blood Sacrifice break Brilliant Departure? (I don't know it). I know that it does break Shadowing Beyond.
  12. Okay, weird. I tested again and I confirm, no double turns with Red Hand. Wonder if it might have worked differently before. Or was I simply mistaken.
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