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  1. Don't really see the point of ranged martial attacks as a backup option on a Bloodmage, who can regenerate his resources. Can't imagine a scenario where firing a gun with minor bonuses only would be preferable to casting a spell. Well, maybe once per combat, before you need to reload (more with Black Jacket weapon switching maybe). Pure Bloodmage probably best overall. For a damage oriented nuker, an Assassin multiclass works well (although needs to be careful in real time).
  2. I'd still go for Ectopsychic Echo (especially for tough enemies) and Disintegrate (fire and forget, move to next target and leave them to die - works best on squishes, but with morningstar debuff might stick also on bosses). But you do you.
  3. Personally not a fan of the various Fighter Resistances you've picked: Body Control, Fearless, Unstoppable. Highly situational and effects ca be gotten from items, food, spells or Chanter Invocations. So I see some room. I'd pick Ectopsychic Echo ASAP (same as Secret Horrors). Mule Kick or even Hammering Thoughts could wait. Charge is also situational - quite expensive for what it does. I guess some mobility would be nice. But maybe its not so urgent. If you're using Offensive Parry, Superior Deflection could be nice. And Conqueror Stance maybe? Also no Vigorous / Refreshing Defense? Why? Doesn't it stack with Borrowed Instinct? (maybe it doesn't).
  4. My understanding is that in group fights aoe CC is essentially "free" for a Beguiler. So you still have some Focus to use on an offensive power now and then. I do like most of your power picks for this kind of character. As already said, I'd pick Disintegrate at least (and I'd eventually want to get Seeker's Fang rapier from SSS DLC for its mini-Disintegrate on crit - could be fun with Clear Out - but that's late game). I also like Ectopsychic Echo a lot. That's a great damage power if you're willing to micromanage it a little. Also helps vs even high AR enemies, who are often susceptible to Blunt. Psychovampiric Shield would make hitting a tough enemy much easier - while making you more tanky (and more likely to proc Offensive Parry on misses). I also like Mental Binding - but I did play a Transcendant with Duality boosted Int - base duration IS not very long. Pain Block could be nice for party support (not that I've used it).
  5. Nope. Btw., no offensive powers on the cipher, just CC? Not even Disintegrate? Also I'd push Secret Horrors higher. I'd want to use it ASAP on a CC character.
  6. Personally I think a Crusader is pretty boring. And the damage output.. well... it will outlast the enemies, but its not exactly exciting. Inquisitor would be more interesting indeed. Or a Trickster Holy Slayer.
  7. Well, its a typical frontline character and enemy backline charger. I don't see a scenario where he doesn't get hit. Although Repulsive Visage helps a lot and if he uses Tuotilo's Palm with Shield Style he can be decently tanky, I tried it (trying to maximize Ripostes and provoke Disengagement Attacks, even had Tumbling and Graceful Retreat at one point) and I vastly prefer the "in-your-face" aggressive approach with offhand rapier with modal to generate a torrent of extra hits. Repulsive Visage does make this much easier. As for resource management, Stunning Surge is quite the game changer. As you crit very often (and should focus squishy targets first), the cost gets refunded and you can spam it. Plus Forbidden Fist is free (with no curse instances accrued), of course, and very often worth using. Guile I mostly spend on buffs (Mirror Image and Repulsive Visage mostly), the occasional Escape (although can be also used defensively for the huge Deflection bonus). I only use Confounding Blind and Toxic Strike on really tough cookies and/or bullet sponges. And Crippling Strike is also used conservatively - mostly when I'm left with lots of Guile but Mortification is nearly empty (or if I have issues with Penetration - but usually I don't). And yeah, in longer fights I use Empower to recover resources (very rarely, other characters usually run out of resources much faster). When the fight is longer and the enemy defenses very high, you simply rely on autoattacks more - they are still very potent (even more so when Scordeo's Edge Blade Cascade triggers...) and can cause extra hits with the critical conversions. Don't have a cipher in my party. Although I've only killed one megaboss so far (Sigilmaster). Will see if I don't want/need a cipher for the rest.
  8. Yeah, I also like it the most out of the monk subclasses. As long as you are able to tolerate being a little stingy with special abilities (but your "free" one is very good indeed) and max Resolve, its great! For a build I'd recommend a variant of Frykas' Shadowdrugon - simply use Forbidden Fist subclass and max Resolve. Race: Wild Orlan (for Resolve affliction resist). Some resulting skill modifications: PL1: Monk: Swift Strikes(!); Rogue: Crippling Strike(S), Escape(!), Fast Runner(S)PL2: Monk: Clarity Of Agony (S); Rogue: Blinding Strike (!), Dirty Fighting (!); Mutual: Two Weapon Syle (!)PL3: Monk: Swift Flurry(!), Stunning Blow(!); Rogue: Confounding Blind(!), Riposte(!)PL4: Monk: Duality of Mortal Presence(!), Thunderous Blows(!), Rooting Pain(S), Crucible of Suffering (S); Rogue: Persistent Distraction(!), Withering Strike(! - pick later, before Toxic)PL5: Monk: Stunning Surge(!); Rogue: Deep Wounds (S); Mutual: Uncanny Luck (S - mainly if you use Community Patch)PL6: Monk: Turning Wheel(!), Parting Sorrow(!), Flagellant's Path(S); Rogue: Toxic Strike(!); Mutual: Improved Critical(S - mainly if you use Community Patch and skip either Crucible of Suffering or Rooting Pain)PL7: Monk: Heartbeat Drumming(!); Rogue: Deathblows(!) As for equipment, I actually used the rapier with modal offhand (eventually Seeker's Fang - although I needed a mod to use it offhand), other arm (Magran's Favor axe and sabers mostly - eventually Scordeo's Edge) main hand. That's because the Swift Flurry/Heartbeat Drumming bonus attacks use the main hand weapon regardless of the source of crit. Having highest crit rate in main hand would result in possible longer bonus hit chains, but top scimitars/Magran's Favor was doing almost twice the damage per hit and chains still happened. Also I've used a few pieces of other equipment: Helm: Helm of The White VoidNeck: Claim/RefusalTorso: Devil of Caroc Breastplate (with regenerate on crit)Ring: Ring of Prosperity's FortuneFeet: Boots of SpeedCape: Cloak of Greater Protection (though Giftbearer would be better if you focus history)Trinket: Kazuwari's Call (for boss fights)Gloves: Hylea's Talons (! - nice stream of bonus wounds and it actually ends restoring more health then it takes away)Ring: eventually Whispers from the Depths or Ring of Clenched Muscle from Forgotten SanctumBelt: Sash of JudgementPet: Pes and Eder with Nalvi. If your Eder can't have a pet, I suppose Abraham might be better. Eventually you may get Blinky from Forgotten Sanctum. Also try to always use Mohora Wraps when resting. That's what I've been playing lately and its a pretty great meatgrinder.
  9. Thank I might have been mistaken - due to double Crucible of Suffering entries on the character sheet and high ramping defenses in Will and Reflex categories. Anyway, I think the Forbidden Fist / Trickster is my favorite Shadowdancer flavor by far. Decently durable even without Tuotilo's, so that I don't need to babysit him much (far less then other melee monks I've tried). Although to be honest, this is mostly due to Repulsive Visage. Although healing on hostile effect expiring also contributes. Enfeeble + Toxic Strike + Confounding Blind shred even the nastiest enemies quickly. In general enemies don't last with healing/regeneration disabled. And his Wound limitations are practically gone when he gets Parting Sorrow (works also on kill). Also first time I'm using the AI scripts nearly as much and he basically runs on autopilot most of the time.
  10. Well, Wounding Shot isn't the only attack that only affects the primary target. Same goes for Strike the Bell and upgrades and also Concussive Tranquilizer.
  11. Yes. Rogues and dual-wielding monks usually rely on full attacks. And yeah, Might's impact on overall damage done isn't great with a rogue. Int to increase aoe damage radiuses might be better. Although if you multiclass with monk, you can get A LOT of Int from Duality of Mortal Body. Then again, a multiclass with a Sharpshooter isn't bad either.
  12. Its even better/more interesting. Hand mortars don't target Deflection defense (like pretty much all other martial weapons do), but rather enemy Reflex. That's bad against SOME enemies (mostly rogue-ish, agile types) but usually great vs everybody else! You should go dual style. Conveniently there are 2 such hand cannons from Serafen: Hand Mortar and Fire in the Hole (the latter is gotten when finishing his personal quest). And yes, you'll get the dual wielding penalty if you use dual weapons.
  13. Generally it is certainly not worth it to focus on Initiative in Turn Based mode. The benefits are very minor, as you cannot control when you will take your action within a round (for example delay after an enemy starts casting his spell). And all actions take 1 round anyway. The only difference is whether they resolve immediately (Free Actions, Standard actions) or later in the round and can be interrupted before that happens (Cast actions).
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