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  1. Sure. Although... if you play in a party, you might as well trigger those combos with another character's companion (like Maia's Ishiza).
  2. Adra Ban is pretty much the only problem. All other ingredients can be shop bought (at random...). Since you can camp at shops, it's only a matter of patience /persistence.
  3. Well, I've mostly used it on Berserkers and never had trouble racking the crits. I guess a druid might have trouble.
  4. Hmm, I've noticed Moonwell countering several effects (on allies, effectively making aoe-all spells into aoe-enemy only). Not sure which now. Ray of Fire perhaps? Rays in general?
  5. Hmm, use CC effects to lower enemy Deflection (for example Blind, Flank, Resolve drain) or better yet, paralyze enemies, since that adds 25% crit conversion, I think.
  6. Megabosses aside, nuker mages are plenty strong enough with the likes of empowered high end spells and/or Deltro's Cage helmet lash. Don't need SoT/WoD/Brilliant really to clear normal encounters.
  7. I think weapon damage counts. I remember leveling it up was trivial. As a Druid, you can stack the +3 PL from Voulge with +2 PL from Deltro's cage fullplate for a hefty +5 PL for lightning spells. Edit: Eh, Ninja'd by Boreorer. Again. Btw. the Voulge is a VERY cool weapon, one of my favorite style-wise, however it does suffer from enchantment capped at Superb. Meanwhile other weapons scale to Legendary or even to Mythic with end game stuff.
  8. Arguably dual aoe hand mortars are more potent/fun then a slow rod blast. But again, that's not a wizard. Regarding Blood Mages, of course eternally extending a healing effect (to keep recovering spells via blood sacrifice) is one way to do it. But generally in most fights, particularly in a party setting - you don't need to. Vs enemy mobs Concelhaut's Corrosive Siphon drain spell will keep you topped up just fine. And of course, if in a party, you can benefit from party-wide healing/regeneration effects. In a party I rarely use Wall of Draining. Usually no need/no fun.
  9. ...at level 19 with Whispers of the Wind. Before that I still think that a Blood Mage handily wins.
  10. Defensive spells garbage? Really? That's news to me. There is an authentic tradeoff between defensive buffs and more offensive spells. But a Blood Mage doesn't even need to choose...
  11. Or with a Fighter. Unbending with Wall of Draining should be fun. In fact for melee with Citzal's Lance, a Fighter's Clear Out is particularly fun (aoe weapon x aoe ability).
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