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  1. Only Single Class characters get those, though. And before (if) they are available, I think a wizard has a significantly more instant direct damage potential. As well as more varied tools in his belt (most notably and frequently mentioned Wall of Draining, but also the like of Citzal's Lance, the bread & butter Combusting Wounds - although probably not very good in TB, Chilling Fog and others).
  2. I don't have much experience with Druids. Mainly played a bit with Fassina Sorcerer. They are not bad, but particularly when multiclassed I think they lack the direct oomph a bit. They seem to focus more on Damage Over Time effects and debuffs.
  3. Well, there is no Recovery in Turn Based mode. Come to think of it, Firearms have no Recovery in Deadfire in general. Only Reload. And using Red Hand was the only instance when I was able to make 2 actions in the same round (although the 2nd near the end of the round). Sadly Blade Cascade or Recovery cancelling bows did not seem to allow for this.
  4. In your average fight two Salvations is usually all you need. Of course you'd need much more for a megaboss.
  5. Delaying actions in this mode is the most lazy and simplistic implementation possible. You simply move to the end of the turn order. Its sadly not possible to effectively use it to interrupt enemy actions.
  6. Nice theme. IMO your party is a bit too caster (nuker) light for a turn-based playtrough. Combats may drag more then they need to. Would be fine in real time. But turn based combat is sometimes painfully slow even with heavy nuking.
  7. I always pick the upgrade with aoe Resolve inspiration. Getting Concentration ticks on my entire party is pretty sweet.
  8. Well, you do trade some end game power for a much stronger character in early and mid game. But if you have some neat combos, for example Forbidden Fist + rogue Toxic Strike, the loss might not be that big at all. And for example a Shadowdancer is no weakling.
  9. I might be mistaken, but I think: Paladin Aura, cipher Borrowed Instinct, weapon modal ACC bonuses....
  10. I'm not sure about Devotions stacking with many other active bonuses. Maybe with some, but certainly not with all. And you're right about the bonus stacking per hit in Turn Based. Again, passively riposting with the like of Scordeo's Edge could help here.
  11. Well, estocs would be the best in both categories. Specifically BotEP. Then again, if you crit all the time, PEN becomes less of an issue, as you get a +50% Pen bonus.
  12. Rapier has +5 ACC as standard (passive) and +20 ACC modal (active so doesn't stack with many active buffs; still 20 is a lot and trumps most other bonuses). Ranning's Wrath adds +4 ACC (passive) on top of that. Arquebus also has +20 ACC modal (particularly good in Turn Based). Although passive -5 ACC. Scordeo's Edge saber is notorious not only because of Blade Cascade (which is kinda poor in Turn Based), but also for its stacking ACC bonus each hit, up to +20. Blade of the Endless Paths estoc, as AndreaColombo mentioned, stacks +1 ACC every 6s, up to +10. I can also be enchanted
  13. That's.... not entirely true in my opinion. They are robe-killers. And rapidly eliminating enemies that are usually the biggest treat in a given fight does have great tactical value. Of course, there are other methods also, but monks are pretty great for this.
  14. Well, sorta, provided that they can crit a lot and trigger Swift Flurry (/Hearbeat Drumming) chains. So when they stack Accuracy (rapier with modal is really good for this) and/or target enemies with low Deflection (they are absolute beasts vs enemy casters, usually). IMO rogues are a little more consistent in general.
  15. Speed is mostly irrelevant for Turn Based, though. But I strongly agree with the earlier points: Fighter certainly isn't needed: neither for Accuracy, nor for Devoted Penetration. Rogues tend to bring a way higher damage boost to the table (their base skill, Crippling Strike, comes with a Pen boost too, many abilities come with a +10 Accuracy boost, Confounding Blind can be crippling enemy Deflection-wise). On the other hand, Fighters and Paladins are masters of survivability, of course.
  16. I think that'd work. Although IF I decide to dilute the monk goodness and sacrifice the OP high Tier abilities, I'll probably do it with a heavy-hitter class (like a rogue) to give it more oomhp. That's why I liked Frykas' Shadowdrugon. The offhand rapier is certainly a good choice for the Accuracy boost and Swift Flurry triggers. For more difficult fights can switch to Tuotilo's Palm. I haven't tried playing my variant in turn-based though. Not sure how fast you can effectively spam the Forbidden Fist there or how long it takes to hostile effects to expire (minimum one round th
  17. If you run high Accuracy, a FP can cause multiple Swift Flurry procs on target. Sometimes weaker enemies are killed outright.
  18. Definately Flagellant's Path. Not for its minor damage along the path, but for the instant, recovery cancelling (though that might not matter in turn based) Full-Attack at the end.
  19. It also triggers when you an enemy you engage is killed (whether by this char or another). So its actually much better then it sounds!
  20. Well, good news is there are quite many ways. Best is probably morningstar modal (-25). Monk has Enervating Blows and... yes, Stunning Surge (graze will simply have a shorter effect). In any case Stunning Blows/Surge is different from Clear Out/Mule Kick in that the attack roll works as usual and still targets Deflection (or Reflex if using mortars) and you only test Fortitude for the CC effect. Forbidden Fist also has its... titular ability (which trumps Enervating Blows, so probably not worth it to pick them on a FF). Different classes have different abilities. Barbaria
  21. Note Clear Out targets Fortitude, so crits aren't particularly likely without heavy enemy debuffing against most enemies.
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