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  1. Multiclassing with Wizard sounds like the way to go. I've never done a solo playthrough but maybe after my current play through I'll give this a try. Thanks for the great theorycrafting! Yeah, fun probably isn't the best way to describe the actual gameplay. I think I was more trying to say that the theory is interesting. I probably could have made a better post title.
  2. Has anyone commented much on usage of Blade Turning for a Monk? I could see it being a pretty meh ability most of the time but for a Nalpazca tank in particular it seems to really shine. Nalpazca passively generate wounds so they don't need to be attacking or taking damage- they just constantly get wounds as long as they are on drugs. They can spam Blade Turning more or less forever and make themselves essentially invulnerable to melee attack while putting out pretty decent damage at the same time due to the melee attackers hitting themselves. You can still take damage from range
  3. Yep- I should have specified that if I use ringleader then I'm only getting hit->crit on the AoE charm around the dominated enemy. If ringleader won't hit multiple enemies or I'm focus poor then I'd use Whispers of Treason or Roguish Charm. Good to know about how crits work with DoTs, though. Extended duration is kinda weak I'd say. I assume any +crit damage effects do nothing for a DoT that crits if the crit just extends duration by 25%? Hit to crit on charmed enemies seems difficult to really take good advantage of. TheLee's idea of timing big hits for when charm is about to
  4. Are you aware that the Debonaire must land the hit in order to get the crit conversion? Graze/miss will not convert to crit I believe. I've definitely gotten hit to crit conversion in the combat log with [Debonaire] listed as the cause.
  5. Hello, I managed to mod Rekke to be a Fighter(Devoted)/Monk(Shattered Pillar) subclass. However, I don't think I did it entirely correctly as he still has his default greatsword and sword proficiencies auto chosen at lv 1. I decided to just roll with it and give him Whispers of the Endless Paths. However, I really want to change course with him now. He's got the Heaven's Cacophony helm and if I give him Lord Darryn's Voulge then he'll have this whole storm/lightning damage thing going on (and he's a storm-folk...). Is there a way to mod him to change his proficiency? Or at leas
  6. Maybe I'll try to pay attention to the combat log and do some tests with her. I definitely see [Debonaire] listed when the hits get converted to crit but often the duration and tick damage seems to be the same as a regular hit.
  7. I modded Ydwin to have subclasses but I'm not entirely sure I'm playing this combo right. The Debonaire part seems particularly difficult to pull off correctly- you want to attack charmed enemies to utilize the hit to crit mechanic but attacking them breaks the charm (which is arguably more important than a crit). I've been trying to get around this by using DoTs (Disintegrate primarily) so that the charm doesn't break but I can't tell if a crit DoT actually does anything- in the combat log the tick damage and total duration seem to be the same as a non-crit. Maybe the combat log is inaccur
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