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  1. current party plan is herald pelli as frontline tank, heavy investment in deflection. fish boy as nuker/2ndary debuffer using frost and electric spells. mirke as shadowdancer, not sure if going to do duel blunderbus or something with melee for her yet. and i'm unsure on the last slot, likely xoti. fish boy is duel classed, would he work for the extra burning lash and sure handed ila? also, would getting shared flames on pelli add another flame bonus on top of the self buff from eternal devotion?
  2. I'm running an arcane archer/bleak walker using spearcaster as my main weapon and watershaper's focus being passed between me and fish boy whenever I'm fighting something immune to pierce, going for massive acc bonus stacking. currently my MC is hitting a max of around 110 acc at lvl 8 with spear caster at superb. I'm using thaos's headdress, ring of focused flame, maia's armor, and a pet that reduces armor cooldown penalty. struggling to find any major ways to improve the build at this point in terms of gear. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  3. I'm looking over the wiki, and a few very good items are listed as only being dropped at ukaizo. I was wondering if these have any purpose, or if they're purely flavor, as by the time you go to ukaizo and beat these encounters these items are effectively useless.
  4. Im struggling to beat the encounter with the young drake at the engwithin digsite, my party is a paladin/wizard, a monk/ravager, xoti as pure priest, and eder as swashbuckler. going in at level 4. The drake tears through my party with its breath attack early on, while i cant get close enough to get it prone due to the high amount of young panthers around. any advice would be helpful
  5. Im unfamiliar with how the exact mechanics of crit stacking work in PoE2. from what i understand they were additive in PoE1 but overhauled for this game. is there a thread i can find that has comprehensive details of some of the more advanced mechanics in the game?
  6. I was initially planning on playing nature godlike for bonus power levels and the ability to swap over to fists if i need a different damage type, but after seeing whats been said here about helm of the white void, would it be better to switch to hearth orlan for bonus hit > crit and the open helm slot?
  7. Im looking to make a heartbeat drumming/swift strikes multiclass monk build, and was wondering what some good options for multiclass/subclass choices would be. im unsure if devoted bonus affects fists with trancendent suffering or not.
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