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  1. For magic and ranged damage you can go with Cipher, Wizard or Druid, maybe even Priest. Cipher - Weapon damage is very important as builds focus for powers. Powers are mostly offensive damage or debuff or CC but also has a few self and team buffs. Wizard - Relies more on spells for damage, though has spells that modify weapon damage (level 3 blights for example plus DaOM) that do more damage than implements, especially at that point of the game. If using standard ranged weapons I prefer to use debuff/cc implements rather than trying to do lots of damage with them. Spells are mostly self buff, enemy debuff or damage. Druid - Lots of different spells, aoe DR/defense buffs, enemy debuffs, and damage spells. You can ignore spirit shifting (melee), but some of a druids best spells (storms) are based around him so having him far away in back makes them less effective. Priest - most spells are to buff himself and team mates in a aoe but has a few that debuff, cc or damage enemies. Can get good accuracy for weapon damage due to some talents but really will be secondary to spells. I think Wizard or Cipher fits best can could put both in same group. You get aloth early, his might could be better for damage but can cc and debuff well plus add some damage. I'd build the cipher with high might + int, add some perc, can take points out of con&res but I wouldn't min them if your not used to it. Dont worry too much about fancy item combinations, just keep the armour light or robes and prioritize a good Int item on them if buff/debuff/cc and good might if damage. If weapon damage is important then give a perception item. Not casting quick enough then add Dex. Focus more on the talents and abilities adding what you need. Wizards early I prefer to improve there kitting/survivability to get away from enemies that get past your tanks. Cipher I prefer to add accuracy and damage to build focus quickly so can use cc/mind control to protect themselves. You can always respec once you've got cash which I find isn't an issue mid act 2 unless your buying lots of items.
  2. If making chanter do weapon damage, especially using 2 hander then your going to sacrifice a lot of tanking. All chants + invocations need is might+int, same for scrolls (+lore) and spells bound to items. Through then he can do really nice damage and able to focus everything else on defense to keep him chanting (not stunned etc) and in range through shield, heavy armour and talents. Weapon damage needs lighter armour, then no shield means less def, talents for weapon accuracy+damage means further def lowered... Its a lot to sacrifice for not much extra damage. Then consider your other damage sources. DPS Barb is one I'd focus buffing (if not aoe) for weapon damage, the firebrand Cauterizer is fun. Pallegina I think is best with weapon + shield (+def aura) and could give her 2 hander as backup to switch to when need more damage to help finish "bosses" with high DR. Fighter I'd be tempted to go 1 handed build, he can get high DMG bonus and acc so extra crits will hurt. Cauterizer also benefits from crits with it's high damage which makes priests 3rd level crit spell very good for 2 characters. Having weapon+shield in one kit slot for extra deflection and in the other have a 2 hander or DR reduction weapon gives some flexibility. Character with DPS focus taking too much damage? Switch to weapon+shield, yes less damage and might be wasting talents but better than unconscious/dead. Struggling to break through high DR, switch weapon+shield for 2 hander or a DR reduction. This is why I prefer support paladins, there increase defenses in aoe instantly and can help massively at start whilst buffs/debuffs cast and opening volleys fired. Once damage is reduced due to debuffs/cc/killing them can then switch to weapon (in same focus) that has more damage (base due to 2h or DR). Your wizard is only one that can really debuff as DPS barb won't, priest is more buff focused except interdiction (plus durance is slow) and you lack druid/cipher so not really reducing enemy accuracy hence why I'm recommending boosting stacking defenses where you can, especially on low health/endurance characters like chanters. Just adding DPS to everyone isn't as effective IMO, buffing and debugging is important at POTD level. Due to some things not stacking there's only so much buff/debuffing you can so hence doing both and stacking what you can is important.
  3. Well it's 4 melee characters rather than 4 tanks. I never have pure tanks, they have to offer something more be it buffing+healing, debuffing or damage. You cant force enemies to attack your main tank, especially with so many melees. Fighter as a pure tank is a waste, enemies aren't as mindless as they used to be and will disengage or go straight for squishies. With so many melee characters I think its even more advisable to not have a pure tank, if someone needs extra help have a backup plan like priest deflection boost, moonwell scrolls on chanter, cipher boosting dodge/DR or debuffs to enemy accuracies (or just CC them). In your group a heavy plate+shield chanter still does good aoe damage. Fighter can be tanky and good single target damage plus with charge ability the option to dive squishies. Barb chewing through mobs with Paladin buffing all the melee characters around her. I'd have Paladin + chanter in center, engage the first enemies, once buffs/debuffs are cast have fighter and barb flank or pick up enemies trying to run past the paladin+chanter.
  4. My favorite builds are the chillfog or dragon ambassador. If not going themed the basis is front line tank in heavy plate with big shield, dont really care about weapon damage, just get defensive talents and let him chant and do invocations/scrolls/item spells, if want weapon damage have to invest a lot of talents and I think other classes do that better. In front line the best basic spell I think is the raw damage, put two in one phrase (they overlap and stack). If got Combusting Wounds (wizard spell, item bound or scroll) it applies it. With a Paladin and Priest you likely have enough defenses. The main problem with higher level chants is how they slow getting to your invocations which are very powerful (wide area aoe paralyze for example). The dragon thrashed is a good damage chant (esp with fire utility bonus and fireballs etc), but to build invocations quickly i would put as many level 1 chants (raw damage) to get 1 chant short of the invocation you want then 1 higher level chant. What "utility" you give him depends what the group needs really. Durance is pretty slow casting due to his dexterity so maybe help him with anti-frighten mixed with a level 1 spell and use when needed. I'd make eder more off-tank DPS and have paladin as main tank+support. Armoured grace allows fighter to do good single target DPS if invest some extra abilities and talents in that side rather than defender etc. Aloth is really the only class with CC, eders is single target prone or per rest aoe prone and durance will likely be busy casting buffs. I'd probably have the chanter help with paralyze invocation and body blocking in front line. If enemies are immune then summoning dragon etc to body block. Unless barb is debuffing the enemies, aloth will have to do that as well as CC since no one else in group really does that.
  5. Not really front line, you dont want him in heavy plate or will be slow casting and dont want him getting hit by lots. More a second line who can pick up single enemies that gets past front line. His main job is still casting buff spells, spells are also how he will do most of his damage and cc. If you want a Priest front liner I'd probably take two and do like boerer suggested. Frontliner casts things like minor avator and tries to get tankier and buff whist other casts from second line as more tradition priest casting prayers etc. Depends what builds your thinking really. Druid can be another second line as a spirit shifter DPS. I'd probably not have them as a pure spellcaster / ranged damage with those two other two picks. Cipher has to do damage for focus but then you have lots of choice how to spend it. Great early low focus cost aoe cc options. Beam is strong damage spell but you lack someone who can get behind opponent groups (and survive) and lack someone who can make good use of the blades late game to build focus. Has a fee options to buff others/themself, debuff opponents but also some amazing mind control powers. Rangers pet is another second level type, can't tank a lot but does good damage and buffs ranger. The twin sting or stormcaller type build can do lots of damage plus some cc, especially to enemy soft targets (wizards etc at back).
  6. Makes sense plus the jump ability comes quite late so got used to the sticking with group hence considering what the best alternative would be.
  7. Firstly I agree that your group can work if built and used right, but your two main "DPS" are single target and don't really add anything else. They also don't have any really interesting combinations, like a Cipher could have with applying Ectopsychic Echo power to a Fighter who charges in or in late game giving blades to feed the ciphers focus. I think one of: Paladin Main Tank + Support; Chanter Off-tank; (Dragon / Chillfog) Priest Support (with some fire Dmg + CC); I think this is a great "core" to the group, they all heal (Chanter passively AOE), 2 are tanks and if needed later on the Priest can self buff to go melee to. Paladin and Priest buff the team plus can chip in with some decent damage due to high might which the Chanter can also do due to AOE true damage to chip away and to get to invocations quickly. I'd pick one of these to play, Might and Int are good for interactions which should be maxed on all 3 IMO. The other 3 need to add Debuffs and Dmg, plus maybe some more CC so Priest doesn't have to spend too many spells doing it and Chanter won't have Invocations (or wants to save for better ones). Personally i'd have Fighter OR Rogue, both are single target damage and whilst Rogue has some abilities to proc there Sneak Attack neither really has AOE Debuffs or CC which puts a lot on that final member. I'd take 2 of Cipher, Druid and Wizard. All are flexible and able to Debuff, CC and do damage through different methods depending what is needed at the time. Then the 3rd can be a pure damage role, Fighter, Rogue, Ranger, Barb etc. If taking a Rogue i'd also pay attention to who can help proc the Sneak Attack passive.
  8. Thanks for the reply. For some reason I thought it would be "best bonus applies" so them both applying at same time changes my thinking a lot. I was thinking with Battle Forged (assuming < 50% endurance) and Barbaric Retaliation it might get the last hits that are just missed, whilst an extra 20% attack speed might not get the extra attack in soon enough. I do try and manage the other characters damage to "prepare" enemies but its a lot of micro. Another thought I had was to take Barbaric Retaliation instead of Dragon Leap as I typically keep my barbarian near my Paladin to boost accuracy etc. But now i'm thinking about it I could use Dragon Leap more effectively to get onto softer targets once he is buffed by Priest etc. Not going for back/soft targets has been a weakness of mine, i don't tend to isolate characters and instead line up and grind through opponents as a group.
  9. Do you know if kills with barbarian retaliation triggers blood thirst? Just thinking of replacing blood lust. 12ish secs of +20% attack speed after 2 kills seems poor value when got sanguine plate and frenzy or does it stack on top of them?
  10. Your "offtank" chanter has might of 2? Not sure what the point of him is, there's better pure support classes. At very least put con+per back to normal levels and increase might, perc doesnt need to be so high for spells. Might is needed for healing, as chanter doesnt have many ways to increase his tankyness he needs all the healing he can get. I'd recommend "chillfog" or "drake ambassador" for offtank, both heal and do damage but different methods with slightly different secondary focus (cc vs summons). Won't repeat myself too much but I dislike that use of fighter, I think your front 3 lack damage setup that way. So many abilities for engagement which really isn't effective CC. I'd let the chanter be the main tank adding some aoe DMG, healing and cc/summon plus the paladin tanking, buffing and supporting. That leaves the fighter to be more DPS build that can wear plate so tanky. If taking "inspired flame" for priest that IMO for the accuracy bonus as the DMG is to all in aoe so will nuke your own squishies unless you have him running into enemies solo. Hence either replace it if you dont care about his weapon damage or swap addition spells for weapon focus. Only 10 might on your DPS rogue? Wizard I'd focus give more perception and Gyrd Háewanes Sténes not for damage but for cc without having to spell cast. I'd avoid the missile spells, there damage falls off a lot vs DR and many have pierce DR. I'd take more burst DMG, debuff/cc and self buff spells.
  11. Most characters cover multiple roles, especially when the AI was tweaked so they go for weaker characters and dont just try to slug it out with your tank hence pure tanks dont really work well these days, they need to do damage/CC/support to. All of a fighters CC is "prone" which isn't a great option especially as most is on melee hits (nevermind if they're immune) so only negative to disengaging him is if he has good damage. Only other way he can help others is "take the hit" but if squishies are being hit its either too late or better things you can do. I think fighters make better DPS that can be quite tanky due to ignoring armour attack speed penalties. A paladin on the other hand has a lot of aoe buffs, healing, reviving etc that can be very helpful when one mistake could end your save. If want to engage more can use a weapons with guarding like shatterstar or the talent. Chanter can make a good tank with a big shield and just letting chants and invocations do the damage or support. Can add CC, damage, heals/buffs or summon things to help tank and do damage. They can be a bit squishy and short of health early on but just load up on defensive talents and buff him with paladin and/or cipher and/or priest whilst he chants and gets to invocation you want, don't really care if he can hit anything with his weapon (spell holding + art boost is handy) so can lower dex as it doesnt affect chants. Personally i prefer more than 2 melee characters, even if its a rangers pet helping as the 3rd or maybe a priest who has some good short range tank spells. Could also be more a DPS fighter, barbarian etc who have some survivability but can engage and chew through the target. Im not experienced with melee wizards or ciphers, I typically prefer a Druid rather than wizard so I have lots of choice of spells but who can then spirit shift if needed and smash the few that sneak through or transported past the tanks like spirits. Once druid + priest buffs everyone, the cipher + druid debuff enemies the druid can spirit shift and charge in with a paladin aoe support and chanters aoe chipping away.
  12. My preference for your group would be: Melee Cipher (focuses on dps & self buffing, can CC if needed if backlash and other members don't have enough) Paladin (heals + support with a Guarding weapon plus Outworn Buckler then Little Savior) Chanter (The Drake's Ambassador - offtank fire casting summoning a drake) Priest (focus on Prayer spells and buffing with spells like Devotions for the Faithful) Druid (debuffer with stuff like natures mark, sunbeam, tanglefoot, hold beasts and DPS+CC from Returning Storm/Relentless Storm. additonal buffs from moonwell / Form of the Delemgan if needed) Cipher (CC / enabler as described below) -------------- Reasoning: If you don't want your Cipher to be spending so much time and focus casting CC powers i'd advise to add a Druid (Hiravias) with more of a focus on casting to debuff opponents and CC them rather than spirit-shifting. If you want Grieving Mother for that last position she is good as a CC / Enabler / Support (good Dex + Int, rest average) so i'd focus on powers like Eyestrike, Whisper of Treason, Mental Binding, Recall Agony, Psycovampiric Shield, Puppet Master, Body Attunement, Going Between, Pain Block, Amplified Wave etc. Recall Agony is a great 2nd level spell that can really help against boss type single targets doing raw damage based on the groups damage, I don't think your might affects this damage. Throw in Body Attunement (maybe your melee cipher uses this to benefit from the added DR?) to reduce the targets DR and your group + Recall Agony will be doing even more damage. If using Grieving Mother in that last position I agree with MaxQuest to swap a Druid (Hiravias) in for Aloth. The Beam powers are defended by Reflex and Druids have many spells that target Reflex plus have the amazing CC storm spells. I also agree with him that adding a Paladin in is a good idea as I'm concerned there's a lack of healing if a tank gets focused early by say a group of Lagufaeth. I think between Durance and a Druid (moonwell) there's enough potential AOE healing that a Paladin can help more with the auras +DR (i think helps more) or +Acc (should be enough other options to add accuracy when needed), direct heals+revive and maybe abilities like Aegis of Loyalty and can even get some more AOE healing at level 13 with Sacred Immolation if needed. I'd probably drop Eder, assuming your using Kana as a offtank (nice AOE heals to keep topping everyone up) who can do good AOE damage and summon something like a Drake (aka The Drake's Ambassador build) behind opponents for your melee cipher to cast Ectopsychic Echo on, could be a good combo. The paladin can help the tanks survive the earlier parts of fights easier whilst the cipher builds focus and the chanter builds phrases chanted to get to the wanted invocations. If not using Kana like that then i'd probably swap him for the Paladin and keep a Fighter/Barb/Monk who have mobility ability to combine with your Cipher.
  13. Interesting build, nice theme and maximising the fire damage! I'm planning a character very similar to this going the Barbarian 2 Hand weapon path and wanting to maximize the resets from Blood Thirst so planned on Death Godlike. Partly because I looked at the list of unique weapons on the wiki and Firebrand isn't listed and I didn't realise how much base damage it has before even considering Scion Of Flame! Might still give my idea a go, i'm not doing PoTR (planning the no reload run on Hard!) so want a bit of extra survivability for mistakes. Planning on Priest + Cipher to buff+CC, not sure on rest yet. My planned talents are: Veterans Recovery, Weapon Focus, Accurate Carnage, Two Handed Style, Barbaric Blow, Stalwart Defiance, Apprentice Sneak Attack, Savage Attack? Abilities: Frenzy, Savage Defiance, One Stands Alone, Blood Thirst, Thick-Skinned, Threatening Presence, Heart of Fury, Dragon Leap I was thinking of replacing the Gloves + Belt + Boots (since we already have Concecrated Grounds on Lost Periapt of the Winding Path) with: - Fenwalkers - Gauntlets of Puissant Melee - Girdle of Maegfolc Might I'm not certain on the weapon, very tempting to just go your build!
  14. @alesia_bH thanks, I think i'll just enjoy reading and seeing how other people do things whilst I finish my current save. I'm into WM2 + Act3, might join in after but don't think i'd last long without reloading! @enuhal I need to remember to enchant more often I think. @Serg BlackStrider I tend to give them shield+melee incase they get jumped... maybe I need to improve my positioning and CC then I can keep them dishing damage out using rod/scepter/wand!
  15. Just wondering what your strategy is against enemies who are immune to pierce attacks? Its always put me off having too many bow/gun users.
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