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  1. I was thinking Riposte would work like a Retaliation build but I overlooked that Riposte is chance based so not only do you have to roll for the miss/graze you then only get 20-30% (i think) of those as Riposte attacks rather than 100% that retaliation does. That really killed it as a center piece of the build as Boeroer rightly said "You should see Riposte as a nice addon, not as the centerpiece of your whole build.". By time level 10+ enemies tended to try to avoid due to defences being so high so extra help wasn't really needed and I found myself just wanting more damage, probably because
  2. Yeah early game is an issue when it comes to tanks as Eder is the only natural early tank unless your PC is. At that point I'd have kana take a shot with his gun then switch depending if he needed to tank. Not having shield helps his accuracy. My PC reposte rogue would also help engage in melee but like kana cant tank multiple enemies. Playing 2nd line using scrolls and spells on top of his chants and invocations I find is quite flexible talents wise since dont need offensive talents. Early on I'll ha e him in the heaviest armour I can and typically will get Weapon and shield style to
  3. Pretty much the same as I do. I tend to try and keep him as 2nd line, especially early with his CON and RES he isn't tanky. I tend to focus on making sure Priest is immune to CC and mind control but yeah having a dragon thrashed chanter turn on you is painful. With his MIG + INT scrolls are great. I like the reach 2 hander weapons rather than ranged weapons, especially the staff with 3x fireballs per rest. Sun-Touched Mail of Hyran Rath is the typical armour I use for even more fire spells! Typically I'll use the 1st level damage chant then add a higher level chant at end so get
  4. I thought the same as you but played multiple PotD runs with them now and they're so strong. Sure, if not doing a theme or min/max there's plenty especially tanky frontliners. Typically to get them really tanky you minimize Dexterity which limits there weapon damage, you can choose to rely more on retaliation which mean's maximizing might+con and not increasing Res or they will never hit you. I used very similar build to Monksterlash and just switched on/off the AI to let it use Swift Strikes and/or Torments Reach. If want it even simpler and not use AI i'd just focus on retaliation an
  5. Oh wow so many TIL! I was looking at the top left where it tells you what buffs/debuffs are on the selected target and only ever saw one whilst things like Dragon thrashed would appear multiple times!
  6. Oh thats good. I must of misunderstood when I was looking at the log last night, it was very late I was thinking of making INT minimum in my next attempt as I noticed it didn't stack and just refreshed the time, unless i'm mistaken again? Yeah that makes sense, earlier on when companions have less available I guess thats even more important to.
  7. I just tried Devil at level 14 as this build and works nicely. Defences seemed good enough without needing lots of help, just paladin with defence aura + shield. Had cipher available to slap extra DR + healing + dodge if needed but so far not been focused with monk as main tank and the paladin. Had that much focus I could use mindweb though Rogues deflection was highest. Didnt have the golden dragon but think they could of replaced the monk but it was my main char with reaping knives to build focus for cipher. Melted groups so quickly (high level vs dragons and elms reach missions) but
  8. Accidentally moved and stood on a trap that killed everyone on potd iron mode I was a bit underwhelmed by the run anyway, felt too squishy for a retaliation build but probably needed more levels and items or a different group setup. I think I'd gone a bit too defensive and could of done with more damage for when they didnt attack the riposte rogue. Either that or I shouldn't of taken so many defensive talents early in preparation of riposte.
  9. For me it depends on two things: 1. Do they have potions to drink or spells/scrolls to cast before engaged? 2. Do I need an alternative melee weapon setup? If weapon&shield do I want a 2 hander as backup to help finish high DR enemies? If main weapon is single damage type do I want an alternative as backup for high res/immune enemies? The damage burst at the start could be nice to take out an enemy at the start but if hit chance is low I don't think it's worth it over the options above.
  10. A lot of whats in the guides list are really powerful. Some are themed but still really strong and can be tweaked to be stronger without the theme or depending what you have in your group so need them to do. Typically some weapon/ability will be the super strong thing so its about getting the most out of it. For example Firebrand is (i think) the highest damage melee weapon in the game and The Cauterizer maximizes this. Can still tweak the guides build for your play through, I didn't need Dragon Leap to relocate so used Echoing Shout. ------------------------------------ The
  11. Not sure what you would class as 'op'. I think even very strong builds need good game knowledge to work, especially on PotD and/or solo. They will also feel different at different points of the game, some are strong early and other need time to scale or need items. The Cautorizer is a great damage dealer and its key items aren't super late. Probably biggest damage per hit you'll see plus carnage making it AOE. If enemy groups have some trash (or other tricks the guide explains) resets from Blood Thirst probably make it highest DPS in the game whilst being tanky. Dragon Thrashe
  12. Ah the unlimited procs definitely makes that shield worth it! I'll probably just use a small shield until I get that. Im thinking that the Ciphers 'Going Between' power could be useful and not limited to the Paladins aura range? I'm right in assuming Reinforcing Exhaultation doesn't stack with Rogues Evasion ability? Might make the paladin more offensive and/or non permanent member of the group...
  13. Struggling to decide which class to play on my next run, I have an idea of the two main characters which are a Rogue and her barbarian bodyguard. I want to build the Rogue around Riposte with the Barbarian built like the Golden Dragon with debuffs helping with the Misses/Graze rate. 3rd is an obvious addition with a Priest (Durance) for his Prayer spells and buffs. 4th is Paladin (Pallegina) for her Zealous Endurance and Reinforcing Exhortation to add to the number of grazes for the rogues Riposte. I'd say this is the core 4, I play on PotD and like to do as many of the quests/
  14. I use the companions on PotD and don't need to min/max them all. Just need a good balance and game understanding which really you'll only get from playing. Learning what enemies do what like confuse/paralyze etc so you can counter them and get control of the fight rather than responding and losing control. Once into act2 you can make lots of gold to reroll and try different abilities/talents etc. Especially if you take a weapon spec then find a weapon later you want to give them. In general act 1 is more about armour and weapons then progresses more into buff/rebuff, especially as
  15. Very true. My PC Monk only had swift strikes and torments reach for active (was more retaliation/lash build) and I switched ai on to cast them when wanted, rest was passives/models. Just read your witch doctor and sounds very cool and different from any monk build I've done. I agree having a few "fire and forget" characters is advisable or every battle can take ages and gets repetitive quickly. Fighter, paladin, ranger and chanter are my go to fire and forget classes. I tend to keep them simple with passives and modal abilities rather than trying to min/maxing every character in the gr
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