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  1. I was thinking Riposte would work like a Retaliation build but I overlooked that Riposte is chance based so not only do you have to roll for the miss/graze you then only get 20-30% (i think) of those as Riposte attacks rather than 100% that retaliation does. That really killed it as a center piece of the build as Boeroer rightly said "You should see Riposte as a nice addon, not as the centerpiece of your whole build.". By time level 10+ enemies tended to try to avoid due to defences being so high so extra help wasn't really needed and I found myself just wanting more damage, probably because i had too many off-tank frontliners (paladin + barb). It was pretty simple since I stacked mostly passives and avoided active abilities since most were only ~6s long due to min INT. I'll probably use that kind of build on Devil in future but doubt i'll do a player character like that again.
  2. Yeah early game is an issue when it comes to tanks as Eder is the only natural early tank unless your PC is. At that point I'd have kana take a shot with his gun then switch depending if he needed to tank. Not having shield helps his accuracy. My PC reposte rogue would also help engage in melee but like kana cant tank multiple enemies. Playing 2nd line using scrolls and spells on top of his chants and invocations I find is quite flexible talents wise since dont need offensive talents. Early on I'll ha e him in the heaviest armour I can and typically will get Weapon and shield style to act as backup tank until I pick up Pallegina in act 2. I tend to rush through wildend plains (think that's the map) avoiding fights to go get her. Even after got her its useful on wide open areas to have the extra help to protect the back liners. Same! Depends on the group. I've just completed kana story so wont use him again this save so Palaginas getting that armour. She's going to be my fire specialist in that group, dont like having too many for when fighting fire immune enemies. One run I had PC barb (cauterizer), kana dragon thrashed, pallegina and durance all using fire then realised my error, thankfully wasnt an iron mode run!
  3. Pretty much the same as I do. I tend to try and keep him as 2nd line, especially early with his CON and RES he isn't tanky. I tend to focus on making sure Priest is immune to CC and mind control but yeah having a dragon thrashed chanter turn on you is painful. With his MIG + INT scrolls are great. I like the reach 2 hander weapons rather than ranged weapons, especially the staff with 3x fireballs per rest. Sun-Touched Mail of Hyran Rath is the typical armour I use for even more fire spells! Typically I'll use the 1st level damage chant then add a higher level chant at end so get a quick paralyze type invocation or 7 nights etc. Lots of options depending what group needs, CC, buffs and debuffs! The worms invocation does work well but some enemies dont leave corpses and I think enemies who should leave a corpse sometimes don't or it's just a UI bug and doesn't highlight them when aiming worms. The level in endless paths with all the skeletons and the 3 coloured symbols to open the locked door, you can kill the initial enemy group near the narrow entrance and pretty much one shot the next group if you pull them to the piles.
  4. I thought the same as you but played multiple PotD runs with them now and they're so strong. Sure, if not doing a theme or min/max there's plenty especially tanky frontliners. Typically to get them really tanky you minimize Dexterity which limits there weapon damage, you can choose to rely more on retaliation which mean's maximizing might+con and not increasing Res or they will never hit you. I used very similar build to Monksterlash and just switched on/off the AI to let it use Swift Strikes and/or Torments Reach. If want it even simpler and not use AI i'd just focus on retaliation and debuffs, will just be relying on rest of group for damage. There's a lot of abilities that are strong and don't require management: 1. Swift Strikes / Torments Reach 3. Turning Wheel 5. Soul Mirror (if using AI then Swift Strikes / Torments Reach) 7. Rooting Pain (damage isn't great but its a passive and can interrupt) 9. Duality of Mortal Presence 11. Iron Wheel 13. Enervating Blows 15. Crucible of Suffering Force Of Anguish is very useful for when taking too much damage but shouldn't have to use it often. Could replace Swift Strikes, Torments Reach, Soul Mirror or Rooting Pain for it. This gives a very tanky character if you've dumped Dex to boost MIG & CON. After that PER, INT and RES depends what you want. I think a retaliation with some debuff build is simple and effective as a lot of good items need you to be hit or you to hit enemies and a couple need crits. Hence would increase PER and/or INT and not increase RES. Race I went Fire Godlike for the retaliation when < 50% health but I found it hard to micro it so i'd just go with a standard tanky race for ease of use. Talents are mostly Defensive. If letting AI use Torments+Swift for you then opens up Offensive talents and Fire+Lightning utility otherwise not worth it. Maybe Vulnerable Attack to help retaliation damage. Weapons have a lot of options, could just use Fists for traditional monk style. If using Torments then can use any good damage options or try Monksterlash. If going more retalation / debuff i'd look for weapons that give "Guarding" or debuff on hit but not chance based and don't need a crit as not stacking accuracy buffs and slow attack speed. Things like Captain Viccilos Anger, St Wygelts Cudgel, The Vile Loners Lance etc. Armour: He Caries Many Scares - High DR plus Extra DR in emergencies and Regen to keep health topped up. Helm (if not godlike): Garodhs Chorus - I prefer Preservation over Retaliation but I used AI controlled Torments Reach for more damage. Tempered Helm - More might and elemental DR, various affliction defence but get hit more from -Def... but if retaliating they're hurting themselves! He Caries Many Scares - +ATH for healing burst if needed and Stun+Prone defence which can't be defended by a Priest. Executioners Hood - Accuracy when missed by attack is wasted but Frightens in AOE which could be useful if no one else in group does it. Belts: Belt of the Royal Deadfire Cannoneer - Flame Shield when your crit so don't have to drink a potion. Firebrand and Torrent of Flame is a bit wasted but also get Might and Int in one item (plus dex). Binding Rope applies stuck and gives CON if want debuffs from belt Rings: Ring Iron Circle for more tankiness from DR in an emergency and CON or the usual +Def or +others. Ring of Protection Ring of Deflection Gloves: Blood Testament Gloves for more damage (applies to retaliation and strikes) Gloves Glittering Gauntlets causes Dazed when you hit them or they hit you and gives Deflection Cloaks Cloak of Protection Cloak of Comfort Hiros Mantle (the only retaliation item i'd consider but rarely) Boots: Shod In Faith - AOE healing Boots of Stability - Defend Prone / Push attacks
  5. Oh wow so many TIL! I was looking at the top left where it tells you what buffs/debuffs are on the selected target and only ever saw one whilst things like Dragon thrashed would appear multiple times!
  6. Oh thats good. I must of misunderstood when I was looking at the log last night, it was very late I was thinking of making INT minimum in my next attempt as I noticed it didn't stack and just refreshed the time, unless i'm mistaken again? Yeah that makes sense, earlier on when companions have less available I guess thats even more important to.
  7. I just tried Devil at level 14 as this build and works nicely. Defences seemed good enough without needing lots of help, just paladin with defence aura + shield. Had cipher available to slap extra DR + healing + dodge if needed but so far not been focused with monk as main tank and the paladin. Had that much focus I could use mindweb though Rogues deflection was highest. Didnt have the golden dragon but think they could of replaced the monk but it was my main char with reaping knives to build focus for cipher. Melted groups so quickly (high level vs dragons and elms reach missions) but damage against high DR targets seems to be the weak point. Maybe due to using a dagger (drawn in spring) even with a lot of the damage abilities. I thought the raw damage would help but it's based off the base damage, vulnerable attack (dr reduction) didn seem to help much. I think the shield was doing more damage consistantly. I need to check but might of been against targets immune/strong to the debuffs. I had cipher throwing out some combination of Eyestrike, mental binding, phantom foes and secret horrors. Thinking my backup weapon should be a 2H weapon with better base damage and/or -DR build in. Next run will be more offensive early and backline.
  8. Accidentally moved and stood on a trap that killed everyone on potd iron mode I was a bit underwhelmed by the run anyway, felt too squishy for a retaliation build but probably needed more levels and items or a different group setup. I think I'd gone a bit too defensive and could of done with more damage for when they didnt attack the riposte rogue. Either that or I shouldn't of taken so many defensive talents early in preparation of riposte.
  9. For me it depends on two things: 1. Do they have potions to drink or spells/scrolls to cast before engaged? 2. Do I need an alternative melee weapon setup? If weapon&shield do I want a 2 hander as backup to help finish high DR enemies? If main weapon is single damage type do I want an alternative as backup for high res/immune enemies? The damage burst at the start could be nice to take out an enemy at the start but if hit chance is low I don't think it's worth it over the options above.
  10. A lot of whats in the guides list are really powerful. Some are themed but still really strong and can be tweaked to be stronger without the theme or depending what you have in your group so need them to do. Typically some weapon/ability will be the super strong thing so its about getting the most out of it. For example Firebrand is (i think) the highest damage melee weapon in the game and The Cauterizer maximizes this. Can still tweak the guides build for your play through, I didn't need Dragon Leap to relocate so used Echoing Shout. ------------------------------------ The Drake Ambassador is themed and an example of using Dragon Thrashed which I think is OP against anything that isn't immune to slash/fire, even then its not weak depending what other options you bring such as raw damage from a level 1 chant! You can take that builds attributes, some heavy armour and add what you like really. I had quite a bit of CC already so I focused more on invocations that added damage White Worms, 7 Nights, Biting Winds with a few support ones thrown in rather than CC which I had enough of already. I'd say this is stronger but only because I removed the theme. ------------------------------------ For Druid the Thundercat is a good example of spirit shift and the storm spells. I'd say the storm spells are OP, the ability to buff/debuff and attack at the same time just tops it off. ------------------------------------ Monk I think the most powerful is Monksterlash. It's so tanky but also so much damage from retaliation and weapon damage. I'd say the Bittercut makes it OP, even if you don't make use of Bittercut it would still be really strong due to how lashes stack including raw damage from Blood Testament work on retaliation and Torments Reach giving an extra full attack. ------------------------------------ No guide for it but I think Cipher is one of the most OP classes, so much weapon damage but with access to raw damage, utility and some really strong CC. Mental Binding and Silent Scream are 2 really strong AOE powers. Amplified Wave I think is OP, I find the game becomes vastly easier once I get this unless something is immune. Fast cast time, good range, big AOE that knocks prone and does damage for 60 focus. By this time your accuracy should be great so hit first shot and cast this before they can hit your party. Then build more focus hitting prone target before they get back up! I typically play Cipher as ranged (bow or firearm) and you just take accuracy + damage talents and throw high attribute items on (might, dex, int and perc). Just got to body block for them and watch out for wizards/firearms/archers firing at them. Got a Rogue? Level 1 Blind spell with long AOE for 10 Focus? LOL. Want some extra help? Level 1 Charm spell for 10 Focus! Then a range of debuff's to enemies like making flanked easier (2 debuffs for Rogues Deathblows) or buffs to help support a team mate... or just do more damage. Don't even have to attack yourself once cast Reaping Knives on a teammate.
  11. Not sure what you would class as 'op'. I think even very strong builds need good game knowledge to work, especially on PotD and/or solo. They will also feel different at different points of the game, some are strong early and other need time to scale or need items. The Cautorizer is a great damage dealer and its key items aren't super late. Probably biggest damage per hit you'll see plus carnage making it AOE. If enemy groups have some trash (or other tricks the guide explains) resets from Blood Thirst probably make it highest DPS in the game whilst being tanky. Dragon Thrashed chanter gets better the later the game gets and is simple to play. Shapeshifter druids do amazing damage but need some preparation time each fight. Cant just charge into every fight as they are no where near as tanky as cautorizer but the spells to buff and debuff help and the storm spells stunning enemies just tops it off. Monks are really strong in general, tanky and can do good damage even with min dex through retaliation (flame potion etc), torments reach and lashes.
  12. Ah the unlimited procs definitely makes that shield worth it! I'll probably just use a small shield until I get that. Im thinking that the Ciphers 'Going Between' power could be useful and not limited to the Paladins aura range? I'm right in assuming Reinforcing Exhaultation doesn't stack with Rogues Evasion ability? Might make the paladin more offensive and/or non permanent member of the group...
  13. Struggling to decide which class to play on my next run, I have an idea of the two main characters which are a Rogue and her barbarian bodyguard. I want to build the Rogue around Riposte with the Barbarian built like the Golden Dragon with debuffs helping with the Misses/Graze rate. 3rd is an obvious addition with a Priest (Durance) for his Prayer spells and buffs. 4th is Paladin (Pallegina) for her Zealous Endurance and Reinforcing Exhortation to add to the number of grazes for the rogues Riposte. I'd say this is the core 4, I play on PotD and like to do as many of the quests/tasks as possible including the companions so will swap them in as needed in the other 2 positions. I think I need some ranged debuff and more damage from the other 2 members of the group, likely one of Aloth or Hiravias will be in the group all the time. 1st question: who do I play as the MC? Devil fits the Riposte build and Maneha (with the resolve reward) fits the Golden Dragon build. But both aren't available until WM so do I just make my main 2 characters ASAP then maybe replace one later on? I'm tempted to play Rogue as the MC as i've never done so before and it fits the story but Mechanics doesn't really help a MC and might be a bit squishy early? 2nd question: are there any other cool synergies with items/abilities to add to my idea?
  14. I use the companions on PotD and don't need to min/max them all. Just need a good balance and game understanding which really you'll only get from playing. Learning what enemies do what like confuse/paralyze etc so you can counter them and get control of the fight rather than responding and losing control. Once into act2 you can make lots of gold to reroll and try different abilities/talents etc. Especially if you take a weapon spec then find a weapon later you want to give them. In general act 1 is more about armour and weapons then progresses more into buff/rebuff, especially as you open up more spell levels (druid, wizard, priest) so can be casting for most of a fight where early on you would run out of spells in one fight. Ranged cipher is a favourite of mine as CC + Damage, just used one with stormcaller as I didn't have a ranger. Lots of weapon options though I'd focus on those that are damage focused rather than other enchantment. Early on focus on accuracy and damage, 10 extra focus wont go far if you cant hit or get past enemy DR with your attacks. Eder will be the main tank early, keep it simple and stack damage&accuracy and self healing. I like 2 hander with a weapon + shield as backup if taking too much damage or cc'd. Durance early on will have to help protect your cipher and hit things with weapon but don't think of him as a main tank as he's too squishy. Heavy armour with weapon&shield but later just casts. With some of his later spells he can be very powerful. Aloth isn't a great damage dealer due to attributes but can debuff well and do good damage. Probably earliest Raw damage source so hand vs high DR enemies early in the game. Kana is a bit squishy early but can do a tanky build once stack talents and armour + shield. Alternatively can have him ranged to buff other ranged characters. If using other characters or want more detail just ask! It's easier to answer specifically than being general as who you have in group might affect what they need to do.
  15. Very true. My PC Monk only had swift strikes and torments reach for active (was more retaliation/lash build) and I switched ai on to cast them when wanted, rest was passives/models. Just read your witch doctor and sounds very cool and different from any monk build I've done. I agree having a few "fire and forget" characters is advisable or every battle can take ages and gets repetitive quickly. Fighter, paladin, ranger and chanter are my go to fire and forget classes. I tend to keep them simple with passives and modal abilities rather than trying to min/maxing every character in the group.
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