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  1. It would take even longer to play turn based if you had a literal translation of real time rules. Take a whole turn to reload your gun? No thanks. A better solution that was already posted here would be an action point system where more action speed == more action points and you retain any left-over action points on your next turn.
  2. I agree that spells should tick whenever you're moving into an effected area, as it does in pretty much every other turn based game. But to be fair, the enemy AI probably shouldn't be running into AOE's in the first place.
  3. Another issue I've noticed is that many of the enemies, at least on Veteran difficulty, are hp sponges. I'm sitting here filling this guy with pistol bullet and he won't die. How many shots can a guy take? If everyone had something like 25% less health, it would go lot of faster. Or maybe it's because I'm grazing half the time... yeah this mode needs a flat +5-10 or so to accuracy.
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