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  1. And the written version of their guides: https://fextralife.com/5-turn-based-builds-for-pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire/
  2. The builds FextraLife presents are: 1) Psyblade Tank (Blackjacket/Cypher) - Tank 2) Forbidden Fist Votary (Monk/Paladin) - DPS, Disabler, Martial 3) Berserker Warlock (Barbarian/Wizard) - DPS Martial 4) Skirmishing Scout (Ranger/Rogue) - DPS Hybrid 5) Elemental Shifter (Helwalker/Shifter) - DPS Hybrid, Tank
  3. After some time thinking about it I really don't think these are even close to the strongest builds possible in TBM. The most powerful builds are IMO, still hold overs from RTwP. Helwalker/Ascendant, blunderbus shenanigans, etc.
  4. Fextralife just published a youtube video on five of the strongest turn-based builds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYEBAhMAxf0
  5. IMO, the caster classes benefit most from brilliant. I've run an extremely successful Cleric (Tactician/Priest of Eothis) multiple times. Getting multiple heals of the same level as a battle goes on is very helpful. The only problem is brilliant from tactician isn't especially reliable, even running a cypher in your party; I'm not sure why. The same idea should work for any class that has class level restricted abilities (Wizard, Priest, Druid). These classes have a limited number of uses of their skills per class level, thus there can be more benefit from getting those charges back. It ra
  6. Yeah, it's not 100%, it might be 30% of the time, but it still does trigger a disengagement on occasion, while always applying one of the strongest disables in the game. How triggering the disengagement might work, the Terrify grazes leaving a very short duration. While coming out of terrify the AI decides to change targets/activity and runs away. The engagement is restablished as soon as the terrify is over and triggers on the moving enemy.
  7. I just finished a run on Veteran with a Trickster/Fighter tank. I had four Magran's Fires challenges going, including Wael's challenge which hides most all numbers which prevents me from determining exactly how strong this build is, but suffice to say that I consider it to be one of the best tanks I've ever tried. The idea is to dump resolve and lower deflection in order to make him a juicy target for AI. Compensate with higher constitution, armor, damage mitigation skills, and a good healer at his back. You also make a lot of use of the fighters [get over here] skill to have at least two
  8. I've now completed all of Magran's Fires. I did it 3 runs, I think, and all on Veteran. Run 1: Eothes + Magran The was actually my first time to beat the game. The timer takes away a lot from the game, but it also helped me learn how to speed run the game and huge advantage that doing the main story first thru Magran's Teeth (Act 3 I think). This influenced how I played the next two runs a great deal. Run 2: Berath + Skaen + Galawain + Ondra + Woedica Woedica's and Ondra's are annoying. I barely noticed Galawain. Berath was difficult but I figured out a team comp that worked until I
  9. I tend to max perception for all characters that do anything offensive, plus I also like to use active skills with bonus accuracy, so I think I miss a lot less than others. TB really highlights how much missing costs you in combat. Also, at the beginning of the game you have much fewer abilities to mitigate misses.
  10. I just had this problem. I got the final kill of the battle from a chill fog tick, then the story never progressed after combat ended. I reloaded the auto-save then finished the battle with a weapon kill and the story progressed without issue.
  11. I finished the RTwP Magran challenge on veteran difficulty so I'm going to give TB a try again on PotD. There should be a lot fewer trivial fights, at least until much later in the game. I think I prefer "wih"'s solution, binding end turn to a mouse button. The game already was putting my default action speed at 5/5, so it was zipping straight thru enemy turns. My concern though was not with how long a fight took, but how many fights there were between quest progression, especially trash mob fights. A good fight feels great, for example the middle of the dig-site before you free the anim
  12. The double post was an accident. This was my first post of my account and I didn't read the part where the post was awaiting approval of a moderator so I assumed the post was somehow lost and re-posted. Magran's challenge is the opposite of TB, it's interesting switching between the two.
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