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  1. Ohh, its an AoE on cast location... Feel like that could have been described better on the ability. There definitely isn't an extra bounce/jump like Boeroer said. I would have thought that it would have 2 bounces, or if a single target hit 3 times. Since with Fury the extra bounce is just added onto a solo target. I'm not too sure on the specifics of driving flight though, I didn't know it was based off of a cone. I thought it would just chain your shot to whoever was nearby. Driving flight and wounding shot not applying correctly seems like a bug. If it isn't for whatever reason, it needs to be described better on the ability.
  2. While in Druid Fury spiritshift, Wildstrike Frenzy - Freeze/shock/corrode/burn (third wildstrike upgrade) doesn't add their effect. For example, burn does not add 6 burn damage per 1.0 sec for 4.0 sec, at all. The upgrade seems to do nothing. In addition to that, Scion of Flame penetration isn't added to the Fury attack, even though a fire lash is on the attack from Wildstrike burn. When Fury is multiclassed with ranger, driving flight has no effect on the Fury auto attacks. There should be an extra bounce or 3 attacks hitting a solo enemy? Also while using wounding strike, only the primary target is affected by the bleed. However when multiclassed with a rogue, crippling strike, gouging strike, etc, will affect all targets hit by the Fury bounce attack. I'm not sure what is or isn't intended here, but Pathfinder bounce damage is far superior to Beastmaster. Haven't had time to try out other on hit effects with other classes, but ranger seems pretty broken.
  3. For my first play through in turn based I wanted to focus on bleeds/raw dots. Probably play on vet with deadly deadfire. Not sure how the duration works for bleeds in TB, do they just hit harder in less turns? How does INT work for duration, is there a certain threshold I would want to meet in TB? Does dot damage stack, or just refresh timer? After quickly checking the unique weapons list, I think the raw dot weapons are looking like; Oathbreakers End (2h axe, dot on crit) Lovers Embrace (dagger, dot on sneak) Effort (2h sword, dot on hit) Wicked Beast (pike, dot on crit) Stalkers Patience (spear, dot on hit) Mohora Tanga (spear, dot on crit) Rusts Poignard (stilleto, dot on hit) I'm not sure if I missed any that are upgraded on the weapon. Any unique axe will probably work also, since there's no reason to not use the dot modal, especially in TB. In regards to classes, I'm pretty much open to anything. Curious about a few things tho; How good is whirling strikes? Worth it to single class? Does brand enemy scale with might? Or is it a fixed damage?
  4. With the chant -50% aoe, is it plausible just to ignore buffing your allies and use targetable abilities so intel wouldn't be as required? I guess that would be negating a lot of what chanter is all about, but I feel that's what they were aiming for with the bellower. The summons would still last a reasonable amount with the +PL. For that reason, I was thinking that multi with a ranger or something, not much would be missed? This is all just theorycraft of course since I don't have much experience with chanters. Yeah I've definitely heard a lot about herald, but it doesn't look like what I would want.
  5. Anyone have experience with the Bellower sublass? With the -50% chant AoE, its a pretty different spin on Chanters. Is it even worth having maxed out intel like most Chanters would have? I imagine Eld Nary would be unreal with enhanced PL. As a side question; how are single class Chanters vs multiclass Chanters? Their PL8/9 look really strong. In regards to dps, would it be better to mix with either Barb/Fighter/Pally and go Skald? Is it ever worth it to be a ranged physical Chanter?
  6. Tried out a Steel Garrote paladin, the paralyze ability they start with does all the raw damage upfront. Which I thought was absurd. The downside being that it costs 2 zeal, but that doesn't seem so bad in turn based, granted what you get. The ability doesn't say what it's basing its damage off of (full, primary, or just base damage) , so not sure if it'll scale later on.
  7. Awesome, thanks. Yeah I've seen the different abilities greyed out on the ability bar. Loving the mod so far!
  8. Sounds good. As far as stats go for individual shifts, where can I find the details on that? The animal form descriptions seem kinda vague. Or are they the same stat wise, and the difference is just in abilities and passive (life steal wolf, +1 engagement bear, etc)
  9. I'm having a blast with it so far. I'm only level 7, playing on veteran with deadly deadfire (normal). Some fights really kick my ass and take a few tries, so it feels balanced I think. We'll see how it goes in later levels. I ended up adding another mod so all forms look like a regular bigger wolf, I liked that look better, and I'm sure I'm in the minority for that. I went with shifter/unbroken thinking I could decently tank, but I don't know if the stats are there to do it yet. I was thinking maybe I should have went with pally instead, but then there's the issue of engagement slots while in shifted form.
  10. That sounds pretty awesome then. I think I'm ok just using the melee abilities in shifter form lol, leave the casting for when it runs out. Are there any other mods you recommend? I'm essentially doing a blind run through the whole thing, and I really just wanted to be a wolf shifter (not very fond of the werewolf/other models) lol. Is Deadly Deadfire (normal) on veteran challenging enough? Without having any knowledge of upcoming battles/bosses. Or should I just start on PotD? Playing with the stock companions as well.
  11. I never really dabbled in mods for this game. Has anyone used this Shifter mod? Just curious how balanced it would be, probably will play veteran in conjunction with Deadly Deadfire mod (normal version, -20%xp). I never min/max, and I never fully completed the game either, let alone the DLCs (which I have). Been wanting to finally do a full run, but have been restarting/making characters way longer than I have actually played the game itself. https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/244
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