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  1. I thoroughly enjoy going Devoted-Skald. Its built for crits. Choosing sabres and picking up monastic unarmed training, you should have all the weapon variety you need. The self-buff that Fights can pick up + their natural accuracy bonus can lead to a ton of melee crits to get chants back, and having that reliable and unconditional crit chance added to your offensive invocations like Thrice can make them crazy powerful. Later the Chanter can self buff with Energized, which makes the crit synergy even crazier. And theyre very sturdy. Between Armoured Grace + Sashas Singing Scimitar its pretty quick too.
  2. Speaking of clear out, does it also proc Heartbeat Drumming, or is limited to one ‘free’ hit per action? Seems like you could end up with a chain reaction attack explosion with a Monk-Fighter with Clear Out, Mob Stance, and the free hit on crit chances.
  3. Based on what you said in your opening post, I would also say to go for a Cipher/Monk. Between their raw fist damage, Swift Strikes, and a Cipher’s melee damaging passives (and buffs), you should be swimming in focus. Plus, those are the two classes youre missing in your party. Cipher has a lot of fast cast spells, so you can fire them off and then go back to your punching. I would recommend more but dont want to add to your analysis paralysis lol While Assassin is a fun sounding class, I too find it somewhat…formulaic starting all battles with stealth nukes. Imo the most fun classes are ones that feel almost ‘opportunistic’, where you have a lot of offensive tools and you can use best one when theres an opening.
  4. I dont recall there being a multi-hit ability on single enemies...Whispers of the Wind doesnt work on just one, right? I think your best bet might actually just be to slap on the Rushed Reload modal with Dual Wielding. If you can still reliably hit with the ACC penalty you should pile up shots pretty fast (particularly with other speed buffs like Frenzy or Swift Strikes), and by putting a melee weapon in your offhand youll only be shooting with Scordeo's Trophy. I forget if Blood Thirst from a Barbarian applies to reloading, might be kind of an interesting strategy to fire off shots every time you get a kill, speeding you up even more. Actually, can you use Riposte from Rogue to trigger shots from guns with the primary weapon trick? Could be kind of fun to speed up more and more as enemies miss your character. Combine with Toutilo's Palm for even more of a chance for a retaliatory full attack on a miss.
  5. Uh Im actually going to bump this because nothing appears to have changed? Lol
  6. Ah, maybe thats where the difference in our experiences are. As a SC Ascendant youre getting a ton of Damage and PL increases that interact multiplicatively with each other, so that would jack up its usefulness a lot. As a multiclass non-Ascendant Cipher its very underwhelming compared to other spells thatve been mentioned in this thread. I do enjoy the fast cast though for sure.
  7. Oh wow, didnt even consider Driving Flight in combination with Whirling Strikes...thats kind of nuts. I might have severely underestimated a SC Ranger lol 5x -10% stacks are not quite as good as one -50%, so not quite as amazing is it mightve first appeared. But that still has to be pretty crazy.
  8. Yeah, Whispers of the Wind is nuts lol. Late game Monk in general. I was thinking more along the lines of how it could work for multiclassing but the strategy you mention sure as hell works too haha
  9. I was doing some theorycrafting with this weapon (since its available pretty early), and want to see if I have this right… You can upgrade it to have a stacking -5% recovery for 30 sec, or a -10% stacking recovery for melee weapons only for 30 sec. Normally this is only so so because of the slower reload speed of pistols, but what if you combined it with the oddities of Clear Out, which as I understand actually can be made to work if you equip a ranged weapon in your primary hand a melee weapon in your offhand? It shouldnt be impossible at all to get a -50% recovery time bonus (possibly even more) with one use of Clear Out, and then you end up attacking like a pyscho with your offhand melee weapon. And as a weapon enchant, it should stack with other speed buffs like Frenzy, +dex buffs or even Streetfighter… Just how low can recovery go if this works as I imagine lol
  10. Mind Blades always seems...bad to me. I know it gains a jump per 2 PL, but each successive jump gets a larger damage debuff...so its not as nice as it would appear. And the base damage is so low it takes a lot for it to really add up. I feel like there are quite a few AoE abilities that are much more damaging, unless you get an 'ideal' scenario where its ping ponging between two enemies, or are getting some shenanigans like with Combusting Wounds (also that spell probably fits this thread with all its weird synergies lol). Soul Shock also does surprisingly little damage for how long the cast time is. It does have a nice radius and penetration score however. Phantom Foes is also an incredibly easy way of giving a Tactician Brilliant too, if you have that subclass on your team.
  11. Wow, I'd never considered casting Withdraw in combination with INT Afflictions. Now that's pretty entertaining. I usually skip on Chill Fog simply because I have Tekehu covering it, without having to worry about FF. But if you dont have him in the party and position things correctly its definitely powerful. Whispers of Treason seems better in Deadfire, since enemies arent debuffed in the process and for whatever weird reason in PoE1 enemies would constantly go out of the status for me after a few seconds even if WoT hit for a crit and had like 15+ seconds of the status.
  12. Thats true, I hadnt consider Fire Godlike because I like going Island Aumaua since they get the most story based responses (even if their gameplay passive is the worst of all lol), but Fire Godlike gets quite a few themselves, so that wouldn't be bad at all. If I remember correctly, Fire Godlike's retaliation passive doesnt scale (or does very very poorly compared to PoE1), so is normally pretty useless outside of the +1 to armor. But with Blood Frenzy, it actually has the potential to do some decent extra damage. I doubt it would count towards Interrupting Blows passive, but thatd be interesting too if so. And with Brute Force, itll target the lowest of Deflection and Fortitude, so should have good accuracy to get those crits.
  13. Appreciate the information! I think I might actually be rolling a Priest of Magran/Furyshaper Shaman now...sounds like it could be a lot of fun!
  14. Another random question in case anyone knows: do retaliation attacks from say Flame Shield proc this if they crit? If so, is it based on who was the caster, or who has the Flame Shield? I'd test myself but unfortunately at the moment don't have a high enough level character after clearing out some of my saved games lol
  15. With PL Bonuses and Spirit of Decay I dont recall running into this issue often at all, since Corrode is lightly resisted in many cases. And this is ignoring Armor reducing abilities/status you can apply to enemies. But this is a good point to make. Imo Tanglefoot takes too long to cast considering its also Friendly Fire, and Hobbled isnt that great an Affliction on its own, although it can have its uses with specific strategies/builds. Sunbeam does too little damage to look at it as anything except a blinding spell with a small AoE and has Friendly Fire. But not one that Insect Swarm or Autums Decay share, which do almost as much damage as Touch of Rot.
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