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  1. It's not just a UI thing. If I active Half-sword when in weapon set 1 which gives -15 Deflections, when I switch to Dagger + Large shield, my deflection still have -15 on it, and in fact I can toggle Half-sword even when not wielding any swords and have my deflection got +15/-15. I can also see it NOT deactivating in the combat log. Maybe that's a UI thing too?
  2. I wasn't sure if this is the correct forum for this. There's a bug with Modals not being removed from character if you dual wield weapons of the same type. For example, consider you have Modals for Swords, Daggers and Sabres and you have 4 weapon sets: 1) Sword + Sword 2) Dagger + Dagger 3) Sabre + Sabre 4) Hatchet + Shield If you are one weapon 1 set and enable the Half-sword modal you when you switch to weapons set 2 you will still have Half-sword then you can turn on Dagger switch to weapons set 3 now you can do Sword + Dagger + Sabre, and final on weapon set 4 you can have Sword + Dagger + Sabre + Hatchet + Shield all on character, these stick around when cycling through. This apparently only happens when you are dual wielding weapons of the same type. So if you did: 1) Sword + Sabre 2) Sword + Dagger 2) Sabre + Dagger 4) Hatchet + Shield The modals correctly toggle on and off when changing weapon sets just fine. Not sure if this is a Turn-Based issue or not, but that's where I noticed it.
  3. So, I had to replay the last fight A LOT before I got it. But I encountered a bug on several attempts. If I had a spell in the process of casting when the cut scene fires, the spell gets block from further use, gets grayed out and says "Currently active" when you hover over it. This happened to me during the final boss fight when he does his soul shield and the cut scene removes the UI and final boss says some words. This happened to me specifically when Aloth was casting Fan of Flames when the cut scene fired, and also when Durance (priest guy) was casting a heal. I can't recall other encounters that pull you out and force a cut scene mid battle, but imagine this would happen in those cases too. EDIT: I should mention that I could still use any other spell, just NOT the spells that were actively in the process of casting when the cut scene fired.
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