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  1. Boeroer! Go for it! I wanna see your name on the table in the first 12 Watchers!!! Btw This Ultimate Challenge its VERY hard, without blessings and ALL Gods Challenges.. Must you kill the Mega-Bosses too?
  2. Hi Watchers! Its a tought battle really, have you ideas how can i beat them in Ironclad Form with monk? Ty
  3. Holy **** Boeroer!! :D The Pulverizer is awesome, can he solo the PotD upscaled? Items and stats? Ty!
  4. Hi! I dont remember the names of the magranite Priests they make the bomb... Where can i find them?
  5. Hi! I really like thi Fire-Godlike Portrait. Can someone help me to make from this build the watercolor version?
  6. Hi! How can i counter the confusion-effect on Berserker? Devil of Caroc with upgrade or Svef has no effect...
  7. Thank you very much, i think i will start today my Dwarf Druid with Boar-form! Name: Boaroar Borskyr :D :D :D :D
  8. Thank you! Is possible to soloing PoTD with this Boar Druid build? CON or PER or DEX after MIG/INT? Best race for this build?
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