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  1. I discovered his companion quest right after posting. Based upon his tale, the monk class and his over the top personality I thought it tied in really well. But now that you mention it... I had another character and it didn't check out. It's a bug :/
  2. Good point, actually I was also v14 for WMII. I wouldn't put much effort into leveling the unlabored blade with a rogue until at least picking up Deathblows at lv11. As it was when I hit groups of 3+ I would use a cross bow to get a runner's wounding shot or hobbled to get sneak attack bonuses rolling faster and put off using up Shadowing Beyond and Killing Blow as long as possible. If I wanted the unlabored blade leveled even faster or any soul bound dps based req in a tougher situation I guess I'd just cut out other sources of dps in the party. So in my last party I'd first tr
  3. I leveled the Unlabored blade really quickly with a rogue by soloing sparser groups of enemies, resting with the stronghold might bonus. The patrols outside of The Iron Flail camp got me about halfway.
  4. Does it always say this for Zahua? Cause I'm pretty sure he has taken a finite amount of damage.
  5. First go Forgiveness toting Death Godlike / Ranger. Last go Aumaua / Rogue dual wield. In the middle tried out some other combo's to for story / dialogue options but my first and last toons have been my favorite just for having such incredible damage output. Nice since those two classes are lumped together eh!? :0{]
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