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  1. I looked. Sadly all the search results were filled by stuff about y'alls April Fool's joke about turn-based combat. If I'd looked on the 31st, maybe I would have had an easier time finding it.
  2. Yes, this question sounds REALLY STUPID. It's not. In the stronghold, some stuff happens as time passes, but some things refer to "turns" which seem to have no stable relationship to game time. What the heck are these turns? Sometimes they pass hours apart from each other, sometimes there's a week-long gap. My best guess is that a turn changes whenever the PC completes a quest. (But what kind of a quest? Do Tasks count?) Stuff usually seems to happen right as you finish quests that would be awfully coincidental. That's not explained anywhere in-game that I can find. If this is the case, I'm
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