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Found 3 results

  1. EDIT: Zahua and DoC are great replacements for Hiravias and Eder surprisingly, so I am good for now Finally I did NOT restart again and entered White March. Just to get this out of the way, holy **** was the Crag Ogre battle intense. I thought you couldn't save in between skirmishes until the last 2 fights, which made it unnecessarily harder for me xD Now to the subject. Zahua is level 1 right now and I have absolutely no idea how to set him up in my party comp. I have Kana and Zahua on the front; priest-me, Aloth and Hiravias (who I regularly switch out for GM) in the back. Last slot is Sagani so far, but I may choose to ditch her for either DoC (in WM1) and then maybe for Maneha (in WM2). So, either 3 frontliner units or 4 backliners. I thought of following either or but as I have no experience with mid to high level monks, I am not sure what would best fit my party. The class is cool in concept, but the whole wounding mechanic never made sense to me, compared to spellcasters and 'normal' melee classes. I would like to focus on fists as my main weapon and hatchets as my secondary weapon, though I will use him as an alphastriker as well, with Molina's arbalest most likely, as I can get the peasant focus bonus with it. And lastly, with the aforementioned party of priest/Aloth/Hira-GM/Kana/Zahua /+???, would a 3rd frontliner even make sense? I find the idea of having 3 Aumaua from Rauatai pretty appealing, so Maneha would be more to my liking than DoC, at least during the second part of WM and then back in the main game. Rogue never clicked with me anyway...
  2. There is an ending where Maneha "Rediscovers her lust for battle, and her also having a lover, saying she had a life of violence, excitment, and passion. While there is an ending for Zahua saying that he took on a new apprentice, a female, trained her in everything he knew before she finally left for her own journey. Does anyone out there know how to achieve these endings? I've searched all over google and only know how to get every other ending on Pillars of Eternity EXCEPT those two. Has anyone ever got those two before? Thank you for your time reading this and hopefully having an answer to it.
  3. It appears that in my game, Maneha's talks with the Watcher are stuck, specifically on the instance that triggers after raiding the Iron Flail fort and meeting the Eyeless for the first time (when she reveals the memory she wants to be rid of). Every subsequent time that I've started a conversation with Maneha, this dialogue starts again (with previously chosen options dimmed, per usual), she reveals the memory again, etc. At first I wondered if it wasn't intentional, but then I brought her to Twin Elms for the first time and upon approaching the bridge to the building where the Gods are spoken to, the speech bubble indicating a new talk showed up on her portrait. Unfortunately, that same dialogue sequence was all I received. Here's a link to my quicksave. Just reached the bridge in Twin Elms, speech bubble icon active - https://www.dropbox.com/s/c8ci2h6bbwg0cah/934e3196-998b-479c-8f6c-5b8a13464637%20quicksave.savegame?dl=0 *edit - In case you'd rather have a save set before the bridge trigger, I've got one here. Simply approach the bridge until Maneha gives a bark about centuries of perfect memory - https://www.dropbox.com/s/19930eob4yofprw/934e3196998b479c8f6c5b8a13464637%2030834393%20ElmsReach.savegame?dl=0
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