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  1. Any water portrait experts able to make these strong beautiful ladies into Watchers for Deadfire? I think many would find them worthy to be played in on PoE I hope. Credits to the artists which I'll post links below for those interested. 1st pic - https://www.deviantart.com/ynorka/art/Amarae-portrait-587823085 2nd pic - https://www.deviantart.com/bablar/art/Pretty-Parda-778447092 3rd pic - https://www.deviantart.com/rhytz/art/Freedom-isn-t-Free-v2-498393337
  2. Would either of these pics make good water portraits? And if so, can someone make it possible on here? Thank you. <3
  3. Found these awesome looking portraits for PoE. Can anyone make either of these into water portraits maybe? ^_^
  4. Some more pictures that I think would make great water portraits for PoE. <3
  5. Merry Christmas, could anyone possibly make portraits out of these? Specifically a water one lol. Moon God-Like. <3
  6. Quaenam - By any chance do you find this Imoen picture worthy of being turned into a water portrait?? lol I know I've asked a lot now, yet if you can at least test it and see if it looks good, I'd be very grateful. I have this feeling it would make a perfect water portrait to add, especially for fans of Baldur's Gate like me. It was such a beautiful alternative image of Imoen I found today. The artist, "CG-Zander" should remake all the BG portraits, they'd probably all look much better than the originals. <3
  7. With the new sub-classes that came out, is there any new dialogue info regarding that??
  8. Quaenam - This is going to sound very picky of me, yet could you make a 2nd version of the water portrait for the elf?? I don't mind the ears being cut off lol, so than the portrait can be more zoomed in to see it better while playing. I tried to do it myself in photoshop, yet because I had to change the image size the quality was downgraded. =( If you can replicate what I did on the link here I'd be very grateful. >> https://imgur.com/a/7Ue1faF Again I know it sounds very picky of me, especially when the quality of the one I did isn't so bad...but dang it I can't help but wa
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