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  1. Any water portrait experts able to make these strong beautiful ladies into Watchers for Deadfire? I think many would find them worthy to be played in on PoE I hope. Credits to the artists which I'll post links below for those interested. 1st pic - https://www.deviantart.com/ynorka/art/Amarae-portrait-587823085 2nd pic - https://www.deviantart.com/bablar/art/Pretty-Parda-778447092 3rd pic - https://www.deviantart.com/rhytz/art/Freedom-isn-t-Free-v2-498393337
  2. Would either of these pics make good water portraits? And if so, can someone make it possible on here? Thank you. <3
  3. Found these awesome looking portraits for PoE. Can anyone make either of these into water portraits maybe? ^_^
  4. Some more pictures that I think would make great water portraits for PoE. <3
  5. Merry Christmas, could anyone possibly make portraits out of these? Specifically a water one lol. Moon God-Like. <3
  6. Quaenam - By any chance do you find this Imoen picture worthy of being turned into a water portrait?? lol I know I've asked a lot now, yet if you can at least test it and see if it looks good, I'd be very grateful. I have this feeling it would make a perfect water portrait to add, especially for fans of Baldur's Gate like me. It was such a beautiful alternative image of Imoen I found today. The artist, "CG-Zander" should remake all the BG portraits, they'd probably all look much better than the originals. <3
  7. With the new sub-classes that came out, is there any new dialogue info regarding that??
  8. Quaenam - This is going to sound very picky of me, yet could you make a 2nd version of the water portrait for the elf?? I don't mind the ears being cut off lol, so than the portrait can be more zoomed in to see it better while playing. I tried to do it myself in photoshop, yet because I had to change the image size the quality was downgraded. =( If you can replicate what I did on the link here I'd be very grateful. >> https://imgur.com/a/7Ue1faF Again I know it sounds very picky of me, especially when the quality of the one I did isn't so bad...but dang it I can't help but want the ear-less high quality version instead lol. Thank you for what you done so far, and if you're able to help with making the 2nd version too. <3
  9. Could anyone make a water portrait out of this picture below?? I'm sure many would like to use this one for their Watcher too. <3
  10. Quaenam, with your godly water-portrait making skills....could you make these pictures into them as well? I just found these recently, and I believe they're equally as good as default portraits in PoE. Hopefully you find them worthy to be made into water portraits, since I'm near positive you'd love to add them to your personal collection too. So please consider making these water portraits too. <3 Artist - Naddaya - https://twitter.com/itsnaddaya
  11. That Orlan portrait Balvenie17 has already been made into a water portrait from the creator himself. His name is Jason and he made a bunch of portraits including that one, you can get it all for free on the link below. <3 http://www.jasonseow.com/poeportraits
  12. Just thought I'd let you know that it was a BUG when you saw that a created save gets The god to talk about Glasvahl only. Because on the newest patch for Deadfire, you get both the god talking about him, and also you can talk to Glasvahl himself. So it shows to me that things like what you mentioned are all probably bugs. The patch fixed that and you get both like I bet we were suppose to at release of the game.
  13. Thank you Quaenam for making the water portrait versions of this, was beginning to lose all hope. As for the artist of the image, she can be found on her website link here. https://exmakina.tumblr.com <3
  14. Could anyone help make this picture below to those water portraits for the normal convo screen, and script adventure text? There is so little Island Aumaua Portraits out there, and this is one of the best I've seen, which I think many will love to use for their deadfire playthrough as well. Simply beautiful artwork. <3
  15. There is an ending where Maneha "Rediscovers her lust for battle, and her also having a lover, saying she had a life of violence, excitment, and passion. While there is an ending for Zahua saying that he took on a new apprentice, a female, trained her in everything he knew before she finally left for her own journey. Does anyone out there know how to achieve these endings? I've searched all over google and only know how to get every other ending on Pillars of Eternity EXCEPT those two. Has anyone ever got those two before? Thank you for your time reading this and hopefully having an answer to it.
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