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  1. If you can have the tentacles GET THEM! They can block the way, deal lots of damage and are IMO the best thing to summon... even better than any rangerpet ever could be! But everything Else depends on the way you play
  2. Some strong feelings there lol. I sided with the Huana because I think the culture has strengths and the government wants to do right by its people, and I don't feel comfortable with helping a foreign power forcibly take over another group of people, potentially ruin that group of people's lives, and take away their culture and identity. It gives the group no choice in the matter, either. I don't think the caste system is fantastic, but when it works properly, it means everyone is taken care of. Which I think is a huge strength compared to some societies that just let people fall in
  3. Everyone who chooses the Huana is an enemy of mine. They are the faction with the least morally acceptable quest to do... I would never do anything that is bad for Castol! He's one of the nicest and friendliest persons hanging around in the Deadfire and that b**** of Onekaza is simply to weak to do anything at least a bit ok. Caste system... Lose of power... etc... All other factions are ok ^^ But I like Vailians and Furrante most!
  4. Me as a Chanter without subclass ^^ Eder as Fighter... Frontline is important! I cannot always have dragons to fight for me... Oh well yes, actually I do... But nevermind, I do not like rogues or any combination with them. Pallegina as Herald. Simply great! Takehu as Druid only, healing focus. Xoti as Priest as she also has her great uniqe to kill low health enemies. I have to say that I'm not the biggest multiclasser but I simply feel stronger when singleclassing. Anyway: This party is impossible to be beaten as I have three guys with resurrection and Eder with his armor and also
  5. What kind of computer do you use? Because I use an acceptable one and had in one month of playing three crashes and all of them were at the first day. So I guess it‘s definitely not the game‘s fault.
  6. The simple answer is: The writer of Durance/GM left Obsidian and so his Person would probanly develop into the wrong direction or whatever. Even though I loved Durance, I don‘t need him in Deadfire... just like Aloth, but nvm there is the option of the bloodpool ^^. Pallegina is part of the VTC so she is a good representative. Edér is simply the favorite of most of the players and he simply is funny and in my opinion kind of a symbol for pillars. I do miss Kana as his sister is the kind of companion I would never recruit again (except on cruel/stoic Charakters). All The others are fine to be n
  7. Did you feel like the game was generally getting easier when you got more levels and went into later game areas or did it stay similar to the early game/even get harder? The areas itself got easier. But difficult fights didn‘t. They are (more) challenging now but still possible. If they simply increase the stats of every single enemy a bit it should be ok. But we are still far from PotD or even veteran compared to PoE1.
  8. Well I have to say it depends on. Some fights are as easy as before just with some more enemies but sometimes in fights there are really strong enemies added to combats. (e.g. Surprise in front of the Poko Kahara temple ^^). But all in all I have to say its still possible to complete the game on PotD even though you now have to use equippables, scrolls or even the slow mode sometimes. Combined with Magrans Fires/Flames which will be availible (hope so) soon it should be a real challenge -for everybody.
  9. In my case there was an empty buttoon under „start“ in the menu with the difficulties. Just klick in that and enjoy playing without that annoying walk
  10. Of course Rekke! Konstanten and Fassina hardly have any potential and Mirke may be funny but I think she is one-dimensional (Drink and have fun) and so a good sidekick but no good companion, even though I like her multiclasses. Ydwin also offers some possibilities to work with but she has the same problem as Tekehu: 50% like/hate her. Rekke comes from an unknown location and learns aedyrian(?) so he could develope in an anti- or pro-eastern reach person. He already is a companion, just without a quest. If youd ask me for my second choice I‘d prefer simply a conpletely new character as th
  11. [Mini spoilers are possible] In the game there are some differences between importing a file or having the same decision choosen in a custom world state in the options. For example: Glasvahl? (the bleak elf) appears if left alive and imported while Rymrgand only talks about him when selecting The decision in a custom world state. Im wondering if there are more small differences like that, as I do not want to miss something as I really dont want to play POE another four times completely just to see some Mini changes in Deadfire. What do you think about that and did you have similar experience
  12. After you met with the queen and the two factions you can find her in the HQ of the Vailian Trading Company just in the south of the shore
  13. No they are not weak. That talent can in fights later be awesome as you lose agro and can reposition. 5 seconds should be enough if you train a bit.
  14. I‘ve never seen such childish behaviour before here... If you think rogue is too weak now, there might be one simple reason: you are too bad for playing it. Sorry I have to say so but they are everything else than underpowered. Of course chanter seems to be stronger, especially skald IMO but for real: if you wanna be OP play on “easy” or lower and I promise you: even you can have fun playing rogue :3
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