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  1. Is there any way to get the "Black Hound" pet from Pillars 1 into 2? Edit: If there isn't any way to import the model or portrait, can someone rename an existing black dog and add the flavor text from POE1? Would also be nice if you could get it at the start of the game.
  2. Can anyone at Obsidian please respond to this? Did you intentionally cut this or don't you care that this quest has been bugged for over 3 months? (I mean, it should be easy to fix right?)
  3. Empowering Woedica, with the souls of the Dyrwood, like Thaos wanted (the whole plot of the first game), and making her powerful to restore her broken crown amounted to.... nothing. Absolutely nothing. Bravo Obsidian, Bravo!
  4. Wow, the main story (and ending) of this game was complete ****. Add to that the bad narrator and the joke of the legendary city... (which the game was hyping up). The best ending for this game is the one where Berath kill you in the beginning. Edit: They shouldn't have brought back Aloth in this, he didn't have anything interesting to say or have any connection to the main narrative/any of the side factions. Edit 2: Recommend checking out Smudboys videos on youtube about this game.
  5. He's supposed to talk to you after you side with him in the quest and return to Sayuka. Just search for "15_cv_galawain_post_dungeon_destruction.stringtable" in the game folder and open it with a text editor to see his dialogue. Edit: Maybe this comes into play later in the main story.. A developer clarifying when Galawain should give you his blessing occurs would be welcome. (To see if its bugged or not).
  6. I sided with Galawain in POE 1, still haven't gotten anything for it. I went to Boot-Suck Bog, and the only way to avoid combat was with a diplomacy check
  7. I'm having a similar problem, I haven't gotten the boon/blessing for siding with Galawain in the "Overgrowth" quest. I noticed in the game files that Galawain should talk to you if you destroy/hide the pylon in the ruins. Did you get any conversation with Galawain of this, if so when? After you turned in the quest? Before? After you completed "He Waits in Fire"? (Which I still haven't done yet)
  8. Yeah, I liked Ashley in The Last of Us, but she’s horrible (and miscast) as the narrator in this. She was alright as Ydwin though.
  9. Hi! I was able to solve this problem (Make a backup of the files you modify!) To make Atello and Martino not force the vault heist: Go to your game folder and then to "PillarsOfEternityII_Data\exported\design\conversations\03_neketaka_vailian_district". Open the files "03_cv_martino.conversationbundle" and "03_cv_atello.conversationbundle" Use Notepad++ to find the line: (search for "n_VD_The_Heist_Valera") "n_VD_The_Heist_Valera", "EqualTo", "1" in both of these files. Then change the "1" to "" (just remove the 1, not the quote marks) You can also forc
  10. I imported a save from Pillars of Eternity 1, with Caedman Azo dead and animancy banned in the Dyrwood. Now I just found him in the game alive. Are there any other people who experienced this? Edit: I ain't home atm, so can't attach any save file. Though it should be easy for the developers to check if the flag for an imported save is bugged in the game atm.
  11. Yeah, It would be cool if he did POE1 Pallegina and Aloth too.
  12. This is it! It's the same guy who did Eder a while back. Looks just like the original. Is there Aloth's watercolor portrait made by him out there somewhere? Not that I know of. I don't check every daily thread, only when I feel like it. (Don't think I have missed it though) He did ask if anyone wanted the Pallegina PoE1 portrait watercolored. I don't think anyone gave him an answer to that.
  13. Awesome looking watercolor portrait of Edér some guy on 4chan made.
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