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  1. If you go to the machine to turn it off, Galawain should talk to you and try to persuade you out of it. After siding with Galawain though, I'm not quite sure what boon he even gives you. It doesn't seem to show up in the character sheet anywhere.
  2. I sided with Hylea. It could also be because I'm a godlike though that the people in Boot-suck Bog left me alone. Not sure.
  3. I think the blessing that Galawain gives you in the quest related to the giant coral in Sayuka is bugged. I sided with Galawain and flooded the temple initially, but then reloaded and wound up turning off the machine. However, I still seem to somehow have Galawain's blessing(an encounter in Boot-Suck Bog was bypassed when some hooded figures let me go without a fight b/c I had Galawain's blessing).
  4. Sorry to bump this back up, but is there a way to simply remove the ship hull damage noise from my game? Like a specific sound file I could delete? I searched around a bit and couldn't find where the sound files are stored.
  5. I'm experiencing a bug where the ship hull damage sound effect(from being hit by a cannon shot) is playing erratically during conversations with NPCs. Is this a known issue? If it's not, I can try to scrounge up some save files.
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